Who is Pete from Gogglebox married to?

Pete Sandiford from Gogglebox is married to Paige Yeomans, an emergency services call handler with a degree in English and linguistics from Queen Mary University of London.

Is Sophie Sandiford single?

Sophie has previously spoken about her love life in 2020, when she shared a picture of herself with a friend. When asked about ‘romantic offers’, she told Metro : “So no, definitely single.

Do Pete and Sophie Gogglebox live together?

Gogglebox star Sophie Sandiford lives in Blackpool, in a property she bought from her brother. It is believed she now lives with brother Pete, his wife Paige and their child Jimmy. The property was originally purchased by Pete, but his sister bought the home off him after she “sneakily” moved in.

What does Pete from Gogglebox do for a living?

Despite him and Sophie being paid £1,500 per month together for their appearances on Gogglebox, Pete also has his own everyday job with his job in the insurance industry.

Which girl is pregnant on Gogglebox?

Gogglebox star Georgia Bell headed out over the weekend to celebrate the impending arrival of her first child. The 21-year-old is expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend Josh in July.

What does Sophie Sandiford do for a living?

The reality star confirmed in late 2020 that she had left her job at Debenhams, and subsequently embarked on training as a florist. Well, it seems to have all paid off now, as Sophie has unveiled her brand new floristry business, named Petali Floristry, on her Instagram Stories.

Who is Sophie’s new boyfriend?

Sophie Sandiford revealed her new fella on Instagram last week. Sophie launched her boyfriend on Instagram last week when she attended a family wedding with Pete and Paige. Meet Irish heartthrob Ben McKeown.

Are Pete and Sophie Sandiford twins?

Are Sophie and Pete on Gogglebox twins? Pete and Sophie are not twins, even though they pretty much look identical! Sophie’s birthday is 3rd November, and she’s currently 26-years-old, whilst Pete is two years older at 28.

Who is Ellie from Gogglebox boyfriend?

Gogglebox star Ellie Warner’s boyfriend Nat Eddlestone has been seen out and about for the first time since his horrifying accident in March. Nat was rushed to intensive care on March 18 after he was hit by a vehicle in the early hours of the morning in Leeds.

What does Giles and Mary from Gogglebox do for a living?

What do Giles and Mary do for work? Giles has dedicated his life to art and is an acclaimed artist. Mary is a journalist and Spectator’s resident agony aunt.

Is Mica married Marcus?

Gogglebox stars Mica and Marcus with their children Marcus also has a son from a previous relationship, named Shiloh. Mica and Marcus, who are not married but have been in a long-term relationship for a while now, also share a son named Yash.

Are Ellie and Izzie twins?

Hilarious sister duo Ellie, 31, and Izzi Warner, 29, are both based in Leeds. They used to film scenes at their family home, but Ellie has since moved into a semi-detached Leeds house with boyfriend Nat Eddleston – who is currently in hospital after a horror car crash.

What do the Siddiqui brothers do?

What do the Siddiqui family do for a living? Retired Sid qualified as a Power Engineer from the University of Derby and previously worked for the NHS for 37 years. Umar has worked in the NHS as a Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology at the Royal Derby Hospital for close to 17 years.

Does Jenny live with Lee Gogglebox?

They did live together temporarily during the first lockdown in spring 2020, just to ensure they could continue filming while Lee’s partner Steve was in Cyprus. They tweeted their news from their shared account, Lee writing: “Well what can we say it’s Friday and it’s still on #Gogglebox.

What does Sophie from Gogglebox do for a job?

After sadly revealing she’d lost her job at Debenhams in December 2020 when the company went into administration, Sophie Sandiford began retraining as a florist and appears to have launched her own company called Petali Floristry.

What age is Georgia from Gogglebox?

The 22-year-old reality TV personality shared the first picture and happy news to her Instagram page on Wednesday. Hugh James Newby was born at 12.31pm on 12 July 2022 and weighs 7lb 7.5oz.

Is Abbie or Georgia from Gogglebox pregnant?

In January this year, Georgia – who’s been on the Channel 4 show since 2018 with her best friend, Abbie Lynn – revealed that she was pregnant with her first child. The 21-year-old has now shared a first look at her son, who she shares with boyfriend Josh Newby, 23.

Who has been on Gogglebox the longest?

Who has been on Gogglebox the longest? Hairdresser Stephen Webb is one of the longest standing cast members on Gogglebox. He’s been on the show since series 1 which kicked off way back in 2013.

Do Peter and Sophie live with parents?

And it seems that 26-year-old Pete and 24-year-old Sophie also have a close relationship off-camera as well as onscreen. The pair have given fans a glimpse at their home in Blackpool where they live with their parents.

Who is older Ellie or Izzy?

Ellie and Izzi Warner are the sisters who make us laugh with their brilliant remarks on Gogglebox. Ellie turned 32-years-old on 19th April 2022, and younger sister Izzi’s birthday is 23rd December and she’s thought to be three years younger than Ellie, making her 29.

Do Pete and Sophie have the same parents?

While it is Pete and Sophie who appear on-screen together, they’re not the only Sandiford siblings. The duo have a brother and sister who don’t appear on screen. Mum Julie and dad Paul are also parents to Lucy and Harry.

Who is Sophie from Gogglebox going out with?

Gogglebox’s Sophie Sandiford has taken her first holiday with her Irish hunk boyfriend Ben McKeown. The Channel 4 favourite posed with her beau at a gin factory as they enjoyed their time together in Belfast. The couple looked very happy as they cuddled up together for a sweet picture.

How old is Pete Sandiford?

Pete, 27, and Sophie, 26, first appeared on their sofa – and bright yellow chair – in 2017 for the 10th season of Gogglebox. They quickly became popular with fans of the show for their quick wit and hilarious interactions.

Who are Sophie and Pete from Gogglebox related to?

It turns out Sophie and Pete are the niece and nephew of the one and only Chuckle Brothers – Paul Chuckle, and the late Barry Chuckle! When a fan asked Paul if he was related to the Gogglebox stars, the actor replied saying, ‘We most certainly are’.

How much do they get paid to be on Gogglebox?

However, an insider previously told The Sun that each family get a monthly allowance of £1,500 between them. This is then split between the stars however they sit fit. As well as that, the families are also said to be provided with a free takeaway of their choice while they’re watching TV.

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