Who is Paul Teutul Jr wife?

On August 20, 2010, Teutul Jr. married Rachael Biester. They were on the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress. On February 3, 2015, his wife gave birth to their first son, Hudson Seven Teutul.

How much did Paul Jr get in settlement?

Junior,” pretty bad. As of Monday night’s episode, the father and son did manage to settle a $100 million lawsuit, stemming from the son’s firing.

Is Paul Jr. Designs still open?

Designs – The shop is now open to the public. Address is 157 Ward St, Montgomery, NY 12549. Phone: (845) 769-7362 | Facebook.

Who owns OCC Roadhouse?

Rick Petko net worth: Rick Petko is a motorbike enthusiast and reality TV star who has a net worth of $3 million. Rick Petko gained fame and a large chunk of his fortune when he became part of the reality TV show American Chopper.

Where are the teutuls now?

Departure from OCC From the VForceCustoms website “FAQ” Vinnie responds to the question stating: I had gone as far as I could there. I really didn’t have any chance for advancement, and I had always wanted to have my own shop, so the natural progression was to leave and start my own place.

How much is Rick from OCC worth?

Average cost of each American Chopper bike ranges between $50K to $100K. According to a report from Top Gear, motorcycle builds commissioned through Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs have ranged between $50,000 to $100,000 depending on what work needs to be done to the bikes.

Why did Vinnie leave Paul Jr. Designs?

The father-son team was known for their conflicting styles and were often caught fighting on cameras. However, in 2008 an explosive argument led to Paul Jr.’s termination — which prompted him to open a competing shop named Paul Jr. Designs. It all happened when Junior was late to work one too many times.

How much does a Paul Jr. Designs bike cost?

“American Chopper” star Paul Tuetul Sr. is in more financial turmoil. Having already filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the former reality TV star also owes $22,364.60 in state taxes for his Newburgh, N.Y. based restaurant, Orange County Choppers Cafe, the New York Post confirmed on March 21.

Why did senior and junior fall out?

The entrepreneur currently works as the assistant general manager and runs the Facebook page for OCC. He’s also the founder of FarQueue Products LLC, which offers consumers a variety of different homemade pasta sauces. Looks like Paul Jr., who went and built his own business, Paul Jr.

How much money did Paul teutul lose?

Paul John Teutul (born May 1, 1949) is the founder of Orange County Choppers, a manufacturer of custom motorcycles and the focus of the reality television series American Chopper. Teutul first appeared on the show with his sons Paul Teutul Jr.

What does Mikey Teutul do now?

The “Black Widow Bike” was the bike central to the first two episodes of American Chopper. This bike was the first sign to fans of the show of Paul Jr.’s obsession with spiders and spider webs as well as the capabilities of OCC. The bike is now at home at Paul Jr.

What did Paul from American Chopper do?

Paul Teutul Sr. moved the custom motorcycle brand and operations to Florida in 2021. Orange County Choppers starred in the Discovery Channel’s series American Chopper, a show that depicted the process of making custom bikes that were at times better than a mainstream Harley-Davidson.

Where is the Black Widow bike?

He now works for Dassault Systèmes and is a Brand Ambassador for SOLIDWORKS. Jason is a father of four, one being born just this year in 2021. He currently resides in the great state of New York with his wife and kids, where he has lived for quite some time.

Are the Tuttles still building motorcycles?

The new location, named OCC Road House & Museum, will include a bike-building shop and retail section, museum, restaurant, billiard hall, and concert pavilion. The building opened in late June, 2021.

Where is Jason from OCC now?

Jesse James was CEO of West Coast Choppers before it closed in 2010, and was in a heavily publicized relationship with actress Sandra Bullock.

What ever happened to OCC?

Sells New York Mansion For $1.9 Million, Throws in Farm Animals to Close Deal. “American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr. finally found a buyer for the New York mansion he has been trying to unload for the last year, and he had to throw in some farm animals to lock the deal down.

What’s the going on with Paul Senior American Chopper?

Is West Coast Choppers still in business?

Orange County Choppers is in Newburgh, New York. The contrasting work and creative styles of the father-and-son team and their resulting verbal arguments were the series’ hallmark until 2008 when an explosive argument led to Paul Jr.’s termination and departure to start a competing chopper company, Paul Jr. Designs.

Did Paul teutul sell his house?

Vinnie and Cody were former workers at OCC, and they always got along great, so the change wasn’t all that surprising at the time. Today, he can still be found at both Vinnie’s shop as well as Paul Jr.’s shop as a fabricator, continuing to do what he loves.

Why did they end American Chopper?

The case was settled in 2011 and all charges were dropped. Cody briefly returned to American Chopper, working at Paulie Jr.’s shop, PJD custom shop, even appearing on American Chopper: Senior vs.

Where is Cody from American Chopper now?

And what of the Long Way Round bikes – what happened to them? Ewan’s GS was auctioned at a UNICEF charity event for no less than £85,000. Charley’s went back to BMW to be used as a (very muddy) promotional tool.

Did Cody win his lawsuit against Orange County Choppers?

Paul Teutul, Sr., and his son Paul of Orange County Choppers create an incredible Black Widow theme motorcycle. They battle an impossible deadline, last minute problems and each other as they race to complete this one of a kind masterpiece. Paul Teutul Sr.

What sunglasses does paul jr wear?

Many of you have asked what brand of sunglasses I wear. I wear Gatorz Eyewear and now I’m building a bike for them on American Chopper!

What happened to the bikes from Long Way Round?

After more than 160 episodes, American Chopper motored off into the sunset. In 2018 — after six years off the air — the show came racing back to the Discovery Channel for two abbreviated seven-season episodes in 2018 and 2019.

Who owns the OCC Black Widow bike?

Reports say OCC had allegedly missed several mortgage payments, one for $96,400 and another for $14,000. Paul Sr. reportedly didn’t make the payments due to the terms of the loan, not because lack of money.

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