Who is Nell Diamond husband?

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If things went according to plan, Diamond, founder of luxury linen brand Hill House Home, and husband Teddy Wasserman, a private equity investor, would be comfortably settled into their abode before bringing home a newborn (that would be Henry).

Where did Nell Diamond get married?

Nell Diamond and Teddy Wasserman’s Wedding at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes.

Who is Nell Diamond?

Nell Diamond is the Founder and CEO of Hill House Home, a digital-first lifestyle brand offering bedding, bath, baby, accessories and apparel, including their widely beloved Nap Dress™️. Nell received a BA from Princeton University and MBA from the Yale School of Management.

How did Nell Diamond meet Teddy Wasserman?

In 2014, Nell married financer Teddy Wasserman, who is 10 years her senior. The pair met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, and quickly fell in love. They tied the knot at the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc in the South of France.

Where does Nellie Diamond live?

Diamond, a Princeton and Yale Business School graduate, grew up in London but now considers herself a New Yorker as she lives close to her Bleecker Street store with her husband and son, often documenting her enviable commute to work on Instagram.

Who is Teddy Wasserman?

Teddy Wasserman is the founder and managing partner of Cloverhill Group, a holding company for real estate, private equity and venture investment funds. Cloverhill has over US$500m deployed capital since inception. Cloverhill is an advisor and investor in Afiniti, a data science software company.

Who is Nell diamonds father?

His parents were Rose (née Rapoport; 1918–2019) and Akeeba “Kieve” Diamond (1917–1985), a dry-goods merchant. He grew up in several homes in Brooklyn, having also spent four years in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where his father was stationed in the army.

Who invented the NAP dress?

Since its launch in August 2019, the Nap Dress, created by founder and CEO Nell Diamond for her direct-to-consumer brand Hill House, has become one of the biggest word-of-mouth clothing items to ever come out of Instagram.

Who started Hill House Home?

Nell Diamond founded Hill House Home with a dream to make happy things for happy places. customer-centric approach has helped build a fiercely loyal and engaged Hill House Home community. Born and raised in London, Nell lives in New York City with her husband and three children, Henry, Willow and Sebastian.

What is the nap dress?

Often the only fitted part of the dress is around the bust, and other key features include “heavy smocking, over-exaggerated puff sleeves and a typically long, slightly pleated skirt.” While nap dresses may be comfortable enough to sleep in, their purpose goes far beyond that of a nightgown.

Can you wear a nap dress to a wedding?

Now, while you certainly could nap in them, we take it as more of a suggestion. The nap dress is so much more than a nightgown. It’s a comfortable, well-fit dress that can take you from morning to night, and now, even down the aisle!! The Hill House Bridal Collection is here and frankly, we’re head over heels!

Where did Nell Diamond go to high school?

She studied at the $25,000-a-year Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith, before going to Princeton, where she was president of the Pi Phi sorority.

How do you have a luxury wedding?

  1. TAKE YOUR TIME. A long engagement gives couples ample time to research, seek out deals, and book early.
  2. BE FLEXIBLE ON DATES. Choose your date wisely.

When did Hill House Home launch?

The first iterations launched in 2019, so when the pandemic hit and we started spending a lot more time in our homes, it was a natural choice for consumers. On top of that, it’s crafted for a whole range of body types. That means it can cater to a much broader margin of consumers.

Where is Hill House Home located?

Hill House Home is making a new venture into retail. The five-year-old brand best known for its hugely popular Nap Dress styles is opening its first holiday pop-up shop on Thursday, which will be open through Jan. 15 and will be located at 112 Mercer Street in New York’s SoHo neighborhood.

Where are Hill House clothes made?

Hill House Shoes Handcrafted in Italy by skilled shoemakers in a family-owned factory, each pair is entirely customized from heel to toe.

Where is Hill House Home based?

Where is Hill House Home ‘s headquarters? Hill House Home is located in New York, New York, United States .

How much does Neil Diamond earn from Sweet Caroline?

Diamond has sold 1.75 million copies of “Sweet Caroline” since he wrote it in 1969, which earns him “$300,000 to $500,000 a year, depending on how much licensing there is,” estimates a music executive.

What does Micah Diamond do?

Micah Diamond is a freelance commercial photographer based in Los Angeles.

Can you sleep in a nap dress?

While you could theoretically wear a nap dress to bed, it’s not solely a nightgown. The idea is that these dresses can be slipped on without fuss, are comfortable and nonrestrictive, and can be worn without a bra. They blur the line between what you might wear to bed and what you might wear to a fancy brunch.

How did nap dress get its name?

What is a nap dress? The dress got its name because it’s so comfortable, wearers can take a nap in it. Also because it resembles an old-fashioned nightgown, prioritising comfort without compromising on style.

How do you layer a nap dress?

Layer it. As the weather starts to transition, get more wear out of your flowy dresses by layering them. One option is to throw a jean or leather jacket or a cardigan over the nap dress. Another option is to put a blouse or tissue turtleneck under to add interest and warmth.

Is the mansion in the movie The Haunting a real place?

Harlaxton Manor is a Victorian country house in Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, England. It was built for Gregory Gregory, a local squire and businessman. Gregory employed two of the leading architects of Victorian England, Anthony Salvin and William Burn and consulted a third, Edward Blore, during its construction.

Is Hill House fast fashion?

Hill House styles tend to go fast, so shop the new-in colors and styles before they sell out.

Where did they film the 1999 movie The Haunting?

Filming of The Haunting began in the fall of 1998, with some location shoots occurring in England at Harlaxton Manor and Belvoir Castle, though the majority of the film was shot in specially-crafted sets in Los Angeles by esteemed Argentine production designer Eugenio Zanetti.

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