Who is Naymaps maphalala?

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Nkosinathi ‘Nay Maps’ Maphalala is a South African actor, model, singer, and entrepreneur. To most people, he is known for his portrayal of Mxolisi Mdletshe on the South African hit television series Uzalo. He has also had prominent roles in The Queen and Isibaya.

Is Naymaps a Zulu?

PLEASE SHARE WITH US WHO NAY MAPS IS? I have roots in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng but mostly I grew up in Pretoria and come from humble beginnings. I am the first-born and the only son in the family, followed by my two gorgeous younger sisters whom I love with my whole heart.

Who is the father of nay maps?

This prolific actor, popularly known as Mxolisi Mdletshe from Uzalo, a popular SABC 1 action-drama series, decided to remember his father, Bishop Simeon Maphalala who passed away in July 2020 at the age of 56.

How old is Ayanda from Uzalo?

Khumbulani Kay Sibiya, born on 20 January 1988, is a 34-year-old South African actor and television presenter well known for playing the role of Ayanda Mdletshe on Uzalo. He has played a number of other roles, including a lead in the 2019 Netflix drama Agent, which also aired on SABC1.

What is Naymaps real name?

Nkosinathi Maphalala popularly known as Nay Maps is a South African actor and singer who is best known for his role in the hit TV series, Uzalo. He has fast become a fan favourite, gaining a following for himself from the show. Nay Maps has also revealed plans to venture into the music industry.

Why did nay maps leave Uzalo?

“We had to make changes in the storyline. It’s not like we took our viewers for a ride. Nay Maps was too busy. His busy schedule couldn’t allow him to come for a shoot.”

Is nay maps coming back to Uzalo?

Some of the ‘Uzalo’ breakout stars who became household names when the soapie started are set to make their return when the show’s new season starts today.

Can nay maps sing?

This has been a long time coming, Nay Maps’ music has been highly anticipated by fans as he has been giving them snippets of his great talent in music, be it on the Piano, or Vocals on the microphone.

Is mxolisi from Uzalo dead?

Mxolisi’s pyscho ex-girlfriend let him go and he was found alive on the beach. It turns out Nokuthula didn’t poison Mxolisi, she claims she gave him a harmless tranquilizer.

How old is Mbatha from Uzalo?

Thabo William Mnguni was born on 28 August 1965. He is a 56-year-old South African actor well known for playing Mr Mbatha on SABC 1 tv series Uzalo.

How old is Hlelo from Uzalo?

The South African actress was born on the 1st of November 1994, making her age 28 years to date.

How old is Hleziphi from Uzalo?

secrets you do not know about Sibongiseni Shezi aka Hleziphi Hleziphi from Uzalo’s real name is Sibongiseni Shezi she was born on seventeen March 1993 in KwaZulu Natal and is twenty eight years previous.

What is Njeza real name from Uzalo?

Njeza was born on May 23, 1993, in KZN, South Africa. His real name is Nkanyiso Makhanya. He was raised together with his siblings in KZN. After completing his primary education, he joined the University of Zululand, where he graduated with a degree in communication sciences.

Will mxolisi and mastermind come back to Uzalo?

Therefore Moxilisi will not be returning. She further explained that Mxolisi was only set to return for a few episodes like Mastermind. “Just like Mastermind (Ntokozo “TK” Dlamini), he was going to help MaNgcobo (Dawn Thandeka King) with her heist.

Who is the richest actor on Uzalo?

In addition to her acting, poetry, and music, Masoja Josiah Msiza is also a poet. As “Nkunzi Mhlongo” in the award-winning soap Uzalo, his most famous role. His estimated net worth is $300,000 at this time.

How old is Zama magubane?

Zama Magubane’s age She was born on June 18, 1983, in Newcastle Madadeni and grew up in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal. Thus, she is 39 years as of 2022.

Is Mbatha from Uzalo a Millionaire?

Uzalo Actor Thaboka Mnguni (Pastor Mbatha) Is A Millionaire In Real Life, See His Business Empire. Actor and writer Thaboka Mnguni portrays Mbatha in Uzalo. Mbatha plays a crooked former church leader who tries every scam, use of photoshop, and trick to get into the KwaMashu Kingdom Church.

How old is nosipho from Uzalo?

How old is Nosipho from Uzalo? At the moment, Nompilo Maphumulo age is 37.

How old is Mamlambo and Zekhethelo from Uzalo?

Zekethelo (Nyalleng Thibedi) is currently 40 years old and was born on the 4th of September 1980. Mamlambo (Gugu Gumede) is 27 years old (turning 28 in December).

Who is SBU from Uzalo?

He is one of the most loved actors on TV at the moment. Simphiwe Majozi has made a name for himself as the funny thug called Sbu on Uzalo.

Who is nyawo from Uzalo?

Cebolenkosi Mthembu: he’s a singer, a runner, an electrician and your favourite cop on Uzalo. Uzalo actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu is a man of many talents. It’s been five years since he started playing the role of police officer Nyawo on the SABC 1 popular drama series, Uzalo.

Who is Mumsy from Uzalo?

This is the case with Nomcebo Gumede, who keeps on making a comeback to SABC1 drama, Uzalo. 1. Nomcebo Gumede never saw herself acting on TV. This is because to one has to be well-composed and there are dos and don’ts.

How old is nkululeko from Uzalo?

Nkululeko, known by many as Njeza, is a 20-year-old young man who is very troubled. He has just been released from prison for the murder of his father.

Who is Njeza’s girlfriend?

Uzalo Njeza’s Girlfriend Is The Queen Actress Ntando Duma’s Sister.

Did Mamlambo leave Uzalo?

The actor apparently left the show after producers could no longer work with him. But both Uzalo and TK cleared the air and said he would be making more appearances in future. Hence his return again this month. Gugu lost her mother in 2021 and she promised to carry on her legacy.

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