Who is Michael Bosstick?

Michael Bosstick is the CEO of Dear Media, founder of Bosstick Media, co-founder of Jetbed, Inc., co-host of the TSC podcast + much more.

When did Lauryn and Michael Bosstick get married?

Wedding Date on Nov 12, 2016 We are so excited to have one of our favorite influencers, Lauryn Bosstick Evarts’, wedding video on Love Stories TV! Lauryn Bosstick Evarts is the founder of a lifestyle blog, podcast, and brand for the girl who wants to be the best version of hersel…

Who hosts the skinny confidential?

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick has turned her passion for beauty, wellness and no-censor advice into one of the most distinctive blogs online today, The Skinny Confidential.

Are the skinny confidential married?

In partnership with her husband, Michael Bosstick, Lauryn hosts the cheeky entrepreneurial podcast, The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER, which just hit 81 million downloads.

How much does Lauryn Evarts make?

How much does this woman make a year? Lauryn: She is going to retire in 2 years she said, she can make up to $35,000 a night.

How old is Lauren Bosstick?

“enjoying every minute of skin-to-skin with no concept of time.” Because right now, family time is all that matters. “It’s truly wild that we met at 12 years old and now we are parents of two!” Lauryn, 36, and Michael, 35, shared with E!.

How did Lauryn and Michael Bosstick meet?

We immediately liked each other when we were 12 to like 16 years old, broke up, dated a bunch of different people and then ended up getting back together at the end of college. So the foundation was definitely built off the fact that we’ve known each other for so long and we have so much history.

Where did Michael Bosstick go to college?

I am a graduate of The University of Arizona (some call this the Harvard of the desert) and in 2008, got my start in the residential and commercial real estate space.

Who owns dear media studio?

Dear Media was launched in 2018 as a joint venture between Michael Bosstick, who also serves as CEO, and Raina Penchansky, founder of Digital Brand Architects (DBA), the top independent influencer management company (which was acquired by United Talent Agency in 2019).

Where does The Skinny Confidential live?

Lauryn Evarts is the blogger behind The Skinny Confidential, a lifestyle site about fitness, wellness, health, relationships, fashion, beauty, and everything in between. Today we’re taking a peek inside her San Diego home, whose glam-meets-bohemian vibe is sure to put a smile on your face.

Did Lauryn Bosstick attend college?

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick: I was attending San Diego State University, bartending from 3 p.m. to midnight, waking up teaching Pure Barre and pilates, and taking 19 units full-time at school. I was not fulfilled at all and realized that the reason I wasn’t fulfilled was because I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

How did The Skinny Confidential start?

From community to brand I started looking around at all the women that there were on campus, I wanted to create something cheeky, something where you could get the juice, get the confidential information and get the skinny. I really launched [the blog] as a brand.

How do I shave my face skinny and confidential?

Always ensure that your skin is pulled taut & that your razor is angled at 45-degrees. Then, start shaving downward in short, gentle, & light strokes. Be mindful not to drag it against your skin & not to use too much pressure.

What is dear media worth?

Dear Media Revenue and Competitors Dear Media’s total funding is $8M.

Where is dear media located?

Dear Media LLC, a podcast company that focuses on female hosts and voices, at the end of 2020 relocated its headquarters to Austin from Los Angeles. CEO Michael Bosstick in 2018 co-founded Dear Media with Raina Penchansky.

What is dear media studio?

A leading-edge podcasting network focused on strong female voices and stories.

How do you use skinny confidential pink balls?

WHEN TO USE. If using the ice roller, always use it first to de-puff the face. Then apply ICE QUEEN FACE OIL to ensure things roll smoothly. Next, gently roll PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER upwards along the cheeks and jawline, even the nose area.

Who should Dermaplaning?

Dermatologists say this treatment is effective for people looking to make their skin appear more youthful, smooth, and bright, but results typically only last three weeks.

How do you shave face?

  1. Before you shave, wet your skin and hair to soften it.
  2. Next, apply a shaving cream or gel.
  3. Shave in the direction that the hair grows.
  4. Rinse after each swipe of the razor.
  5. Store your razor in a dry area.

Who owns dear media podcast?

Michael Bosstick – Founder / Chief Executive Officer – Dear Media | LinkedIn.

Where can I watch Dear media?


Where can I listen to Back to the Beach podcast?

Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen Podcast on Amazon.

How do you pitch a podcast to Dear media?

If you want to promote your show on social media and submit it to the podcast directories, you’ll need high-quality cover art and a logo. These should be representative of your show’s content and include the name of the podcast loud and clear.

Does ice Rolling actually work?

Yes, ice rollers really work. Ice has the ability to encourage blood circulation, to reduce inflammation, and to drain lymphatic fluid, among many other benefits.

How do you use pink balls?

HOW TO USE: If using the ice roller, always use it first to de-puff the face. Then apply ICE QUEEN FACE OIL to ensure things roll smoothly. Next, gently roll your PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER upwards along the cheeks and jawline, even the nose area.

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