Who is Mi Casa married to?

Mi Casa frontman J’Something and his wife Cordelia Godi celebrated 10 years together on Thursday.

Is J Something still married?

The star wrote a beautiful tribute to his wife for their 6th wedding anniversary, saying marrying her was the best decision he has made. Congratulations are in order for J’Something and his wife Cordelia on their six-year wedding anniversary.

What does J’s wife do?

She comes from Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga in South Africa. So, what does J Something’s wife do for a living? Unfortunately, there is no information about her occupation and what she does for a living, but she helps her husband in his restaurant from time to time. J something’s wife tries to keep her life private.

Is Cordelia divorced?

Anna Cordelia, who is on TikTok as @kitkatsclarte, shared her story, as she gave advice to others on the red flags she now knows after parting ways with her husband of 14 years. The social media user told her 15,400 followers: “I’m going to go with five things I would never do now I’ve got divorced.

Is Jsomething a dad?

J’Something and his wife Coco welcomed their first child together in 2017. From launching a book, to opening a restaurant and being a judge on My Kitchen Rules SA, J’Something had an epic 2017.

Is Jay something a chef?

J Something Instagram He is a successful member of the Mi Casa, a band that has transformed South African music. He is also a chef who seems to be proud of what he does and is successfully running a restaurant. The other reason that has made his fans fall in love with him is his personality.

What is mica SA?

English Translation. my home. More meanings for mi casa. my house. mi casa.

Does J Something have a restaurant?

Musician and businessman J’Something has closed his Pretoria restaurant, Something’s Cooking by J – but only because he wants to give another city the opportunity to enjoy what he has to offer.

Where was Jay something born?

At a young age, James fell in love with Cordelia, though unaware of his feelings or that she returned them. Before James was even able to admit these feelings to himself, Grace Blackthorn had given him a bracelet that allowed her siren-like abilities to work on him, and that masked his feelings for Cordelia.

Is James in love with Cordelia?

In order to save it, the two announced that they were engaged, much to Matthew’s dismay as he had realized he was in love with Cordelia.

Is Matthew in love with Cordelia?

For his travel year, Alastair chose to go to Paris because he remembered the city as somewhere he and Cordelia had been happy growing up. There he met Charles Fairchild, who was managing the Paris Institute at the time, and fell in love with him.

Who does Alastair Carstairs end up with?

Micasa’s J’ Something and Wife Cordelia Godi Surprise Fans With First Look at Adorable Son.

Does Jsomething wife have a child?

Mi-casa-su-casa definition Friendly expression for “what’s mine is yours””.

What does Mi Casa you CASA mean?

English translation:”mi casa es su casa”: “my house is your house”, or “feel at home”

What does mi casa su casa mean?

From the Spanish mi casa es su casa (“make yourself at home”, literally “my house is your house”).

What does Mikasa Sukasa mean?

Local Afrikaans songbird Cordelia Nienaber is working on a new TV progamme which she believes will give hope to many children. Speaking to Rekord, the 35-year-old Centurion singer said music had given her a platform to give back and touch people’s lives.

How old is the singer Cordelia?

Emma Cordelia Carstairs (born 1995) is the daughter of John and Cordelia Carstairs, a distant relative of Jem Carstairs, the parabati of Julian Blackthorn, a supporting character in The Mortal Instruments book “City of Heavenly Fire” and the main protagonist of The Dark Artifices series (which takes place five years …

Is Emma Carstairs related to Jem Carstairs?

Emma was born in 1995 to Cordelia and John Carstairs. Living in Los Angeles, the Carstairs family maintained good relations with the Blackthorns.

How is Emma Carstairs related to Cordelia Carstairs?

James, not wanting to see her ruined, proposed a marriage blanc; the two of them would get married for a year and then divorce. Cordelia accepted, deciding she would rather a year of fake love with James than a lifetime never knowing what it would be like.

Do James and Cordelia stay married?

Grace Blackthorn (fiancée)

Who does Lucie Herondale marry?

According to a found family tree, she went on to marry Jesse Blackthorn, with whom she continued the Blackthorn line, and died in 1959 at the age of 71 or 72.

Who does Charles Fairchild marry?

Taiana didn’t come to see him while he died until he took his last breath, which she captured in the Blackthorn family locket. Jesse soon came back as a ghost and learned that his mother had invoked a warlock’s help to get him to his current state.

Does Jesse Blackthorn come back to life?

–You are not alone in your surprise. 😉 Actually, Alastair is not annoyed by Thomas: Alastair likes Thomas. (Yes, Thomas is Number Four in the list of people Alastair likes, along with Cordelia, Charles, and Alastair’s mom.

Who does grace Blackthorn end up with?

According to a “found” family tree, Grace was born in 1886, went on to marry Christopher Lightwood and had a son named Isidore with him, and died in 1940.

Does Alastair love Thomas?

Literally, “my house is your house”.

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