Who is in the Luke Combs wedding video?

Luke Combs’ wedding to his wife, Nicole, is featured in the video for his latest hit single, “Forever After All.” The video premiered tonight.

Did Luke Combs cry at his wedding?

Although, he says that he was caught off guard by how much he cried during the first look at Nicole when she walked down the aisle. “I didn’t know I was gonna cry that much,” Combs added, “but I did, I did. I was like doubled-over crying guy.”

Is that Luke Combs wife in the video Forever After All?

Luke Combs has dropped a romantic video for his latest single “Forever After All.” Luke wrote the tune for his now-wife Nicole, so it only makes sense that she’s featured prominently in the clip. As Luke shared on Instagram, the clip “features footage from the best day of my life; the day I got to marry my best friend.

What was Luke Combs wedding song?

Luke Combs’ “Better Together” is a top wedding song, and Dan + Shay, Chris Stapleton are popular choices too. “Better Together,” Luke Combs’ romantic hit single from 2019, is one of the top choices for newlyweds picking wedding and first dance songs.

What did Adam church do to help Luke Combs?

He helped me out back when I didn’t have anything going on. We kind of just started playing together, and we played so many shows together, three-hour sets in a bar, on stools, setting up our own little PA systems. He’d let me borrow his guitar sometimes and vice versa.

Is Nicole Hocking in Luke Combs When It Rains It Pours video?

The song’s music video retells the story, featuring Combs encountering his ex-girlfriend, and then driving, celebrating with his friends, getting a phone number from a waitress (played by his then-girlfriend, now wife Nicole Hocking), and celebrating over winning money on a lottery ticket.

How did Nicole Hocking meet Luke Combs?

January 2016: Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking meet at a music festival. Combs and Hocking are both from Nashville, but they met by chance at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Soon after they returned to their home city, they started dating.

Where in Florida did Luke Combs get married?

Luke married wife Nicole on Aug. 1, 2020, at their home in southern Florida. “Yesterday was the best day of my life. I got to marry my best friend.

How much is Luke Combs worth 2020?

Luke Combs net worth: Luke Combs is an American country music singe rand songwriter who has a net worth of $5 million.

Is Forever After All Luke Combs wedding?

Luke Combs Turns His Wedding Day Into New ‘Forever After All’ Music Video. Luke Combs turned footage from his actual wedding into a music video for a song inspired by his wife, Nicole. The new “Forever After All” video finds Combs at his most vulnerable and jubilant.

What is Luke Combs famous song?

  • “One Number Away” From ‘This One’s for You’ (2017)
  • “Beer Can” From ‘This One’s for You’ (2017)
  • “Must’ve Never Met You” From ‘This One’s for You Too’ (2018)
  • “What You See Is What You Get”
  • “Let the Moonshine”
  • “She Got the Best of Me”
  • “Beer Never Broke My Heart”
  • “Beautiful Crazy”

Is Beautiful Crazy a wedding song?

Luke Combs’ Acoustic Version Of “Beautiful Crazy” Is The Perfect Wedding Song. Once again, Luke Combs continues to give his fans everything they ask for.

How long has Luke Combs been married?

Combs and Hocking married five months ago in an intimate ceremony at their beachside South Florida home on August 1, 2020. The couple started dating in 2016 and were married after spending nearly three years engaged.

What kind of accident did Adam Church have?

Church is a musician breaking out in country music Instead, he kept working hard, but an accident set him back. Church broke his leg while attending an Avenged Sevenfold concert.

How much is Adam Church worth?

Net Worth: $365 Million.

Did Luke Combs go to Appalachian State?

Combs, a North Carolina native, attended Appalachian State before dropping out just a semester shy of graduation to pursue a music career. He won’t be the first country superstar who has jetted out of Green Bay between shows on Packers home opener weekend to be guest picker on “College GameDay.”

Is Luke Combs left handed?

Unfortunately for the left-handed Combs, he didn’t take to it easily, giving up after only one lesson. The instrument then sat collecting dust in the back of Comb’s closet for roughly eight years until a lonesome summer came around.

What does Nicole Hocking do for a living?

While she’s not a celeb herself, Hocking was the one with the big career when she and Combs met. In fact, she holds a degree in civil engineering from Florida Coast University (she’s a Sunshine State native who grew up in Fort Myers). She currently works as a recruiting coordinator at Broadcast Music Inc.

Is Luke Combs mom in his video?

Combs’ mom, Rhonda, made her own appearance in the music video. She was seen working as a waitress in the diner and even gave some advice to the lead male, McNeil. Fans will notice that the secret bar seen in the music video is Whiskey River Saloon, which belongs to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Did Luke Combs win The Voice?

Country musician Luke Combs revealed in an interview that he auditioned for The Voice before achieving success, and say the show called him “boring.” Grammy-nominated country singer and reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Combs revealed that he was once rejected from the NBC singing competition The Voice.

Who is Luke Combs touring with 2022?

Joining Combs are openers Jordan Davis, Mitchell Tenpenny, Morgan Wade and Lainey Wilson.

Does Luke Combs have a tattoo?

Luke Combs Talks About Not Having A Tattoo, His Rap Name & His Voice Warm Ups. Final Part. Luke Combs Talks About Not Having A Tattoo, His Rap Name & His Voice Warm Ups.

How many songs did Luke Combs write?

Luke Albert Combs is an American country music singer and songwriter who has written approximately 19 known songs.

What was Luke Combs first hit?

“Hurricane” is the debut single of American country music singer Luke Combs.

How many children does Luke Combs have?

Luke Combs is a dad! The “Doin’ This” singer and his wife Nicole welcomed their first child, a son named Tex, on Father’s Day. “Welp he decided that Fathers Day would be a good time to show up. I couldn’t agree more,” Combs, 32, captioned a photo of his newly-expanded family on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

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