Who is Diamond on Elvis Duran?

Diamond Cooper – Phone Producer for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show – iHeartMedia | LinkedIn.

Is Elvis Duran still married to Alex?

Duran and his partner Alex Carr were engaged on July 13, 2018. They were married in a civil ceremony at the Richmond County Surrogate Court on Carr’s native Staten Island on August 22, 2019, and had a wedding ceremony on September 14, 2019, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Where is Elvis Duran’s studio?

Owned by iHeartMedia, WHTZ is the flagship station for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. The WHTZ studios are located at 32 Avenue of the Americas in the Tribeca neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, while the station’s transmitter is located at the Empire State Building.

Who is the Elvis Duran cast?

  • Elvis Duran.
  • Danielle Monaro.
  • Skeery Jones.
  • Garret.
  • Sam.
  • Straight Nate.

Who is straight Nate?

Bio: Nate Marino is the Senior Executive Producer of the top-rated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show – the most-listened-to Top 40 morning show in America. He joined the program in 2013 from 104.3 MYfm/KBIG in Los Angeles, where he executive produced the popular “Valentine in the Morning” show.

How much does Elvis Duran get paid?

In 2017 he signed a new 5-year contract with iHeartMedia that pays $6 million per year.

Is Uncle Johnny related to Elvis Duran?

Uncle Johnny is the World’s Oldest Intern and the inventor of Elvis’ trademark saying “HELLO LADY” as well as “WHAT ARE YA, BANANAS?”!!! You can catch him every other Friday on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show mixing his favorite cocktails!

What is Froggy’s real name from Z100?

‘Thank God I found this when I did’: Radio star Froggy has brain surgery in Florida. Froggy fans, fear not, because the Y-100 radio star is on the mend. The “Elvis Duran & the Morning Show” personality, real name Scot Langley, underwent brain surgery Monday for an aneurysm.

Who created Z100?

Worst to First: The True Story of Z100 New York Documentary Debuts Friday. In 1983, Scott Shannon created one of the most successful radio stations and music formats in the history of the business. In just 74 days, he took New York City’s Z100 from Worst to First in 1983 and it has dominated the market for 39 years.

Is Elvis Duran back in the studio?

Elvis Duran is back in the studio for the first time since the show went into quarantine in mid-march. Elvis joins Nate, Skeery and Scotty B who have all remained going into the office to keep the show running since the start.

What is Danielle Monaro salary?

Monaro was responsible for the Entertainment Minute and the show’s horoscope segment. Her current net worth is estimated to be about $2 million. She continues to work with Z100 and is believed to have a contract that has her earning about $100,000 per year.

What is Bethany from Elvis Duran doing now?

Bethany then got the incredible opportunity to co-host the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & the Morning Show, which she did until February 2018. Currently, Bethany can be seen in the horror/comedy short film “Lonely Hearts” as well as “Pet Peeved,” the web series from Writers Guild Award Winner Daryn Strauss.

Did straight Nate have a stroke?

Straight Nate suffered a stroke in October 2018. The stroke was caused by heart complications from a surgery he underwent years prior.

Is straight Nate married?

Congratulations are in order for Straight Nate and his now WIFE Heather! The two decided to get married with their family over the vacation we took last week.

How long has Elvis Duran been on air?

Duran’s radio career has spanned 30 years and has included both host and program director duties at Philadelphia’s WIOQ and Austin’s KBTS, as well as stints at Z-93 in Atlanta and KRBEHouston. He began hosting his daily radio show on New York’s Z100 in April 1996.

What station is Elvis Duran on in Virginia?

The new format, called 100.5 The Vibe, ends the 14-year reign of Hot 100, known for playing mainstream pop hits and syndicated shows such as Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Virginia Beach-based Max Media still owns the station, despite the format flip.

Who was Uncle Johnny?

Uncle Jonny inspired both Beyoncé and Solange as young girls. In a moving Instagram post, Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, shared memories of her close friendship with her nephew Jonny. “Johnny was the closest human being in the world to me we were inseparable growing up!

What surgery did froggy from z100 have?

Froggy went into surgery Monday, October 12th to take care of a brain aneurysm they found after he was experiencing severe headaches.

Who is Nate Marino?

Biography. Nate Marino is the Senior Executive Producer of the top-rated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show – the most-listened-to Top 40 morning show in America. He joined the program in 2013 from 104.3 MYfm/KBIG in Los Angeles, where he executive produced the popular “Valentine in the Morning” show.

Where did Elvis Duran get his name?

In an interview, he allows that “Elvis Duran” is a pseudonym (he was born Barry Brian Cope) but he also states that nowhere in the book. The first name, “Elvis,” he says now, “was given to me. I didn’t choose it at all. It was the name given to me if I wanted the job” at KIKM (now KATH) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

How popular is Z100?

Z100 is a super popular station as it attracts thousands of listeners every day. In fact, there are over 2.5 million listeners per week – that’s a huge number!

When did Z100 start NYC?

In 1983, Z100 launched from the swamps of New Jersey, where no artist would venture, and the DJs had to buy their own records just to have music to play on air.

What station is Z100 in Florida?

WZJZ (100.1 FM) is a commercial radio station licensed to Port Charlotte, Florida, and broadcasting to the Fort Myers/Southwest Florida media market.

How can I listen to Z100 in NYC?

Download the Free iHeartRadio Music App | Z100 New York.

Where is Z100 on Sirius XM?

KIIS-FM, a Top 40 station based in Los Angeles, CA is now simulcasting on XM Channel 11; Z100, the nation’s largest CHR/Top 40 station based in New York City, is now simulcasting on XM Channel 12; WLTW Lite FM, an adult contemporary station in NYC, is now simulcasting on XM Channel 13; WSIX, a country station based in …

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