Who is Bobby O’Jays wife?

Who is the wife of Bobby O’Jay? Bobby O’Jay’s wife is Kim Ojayrleda. Bobby O’Jay was aged 68 when he died on May 3rd, 2022.

What was Bobby O’Jays real name?

Bobby’s real name was Joe Louis Jones. He made his career debut in 1972 in Montgomery, Alabama, and got his dream job in February 1983. He attracted millions of listeners by speaking about his personal life and topics close to his heart.

How old is Bobby OJAY?

WDIA Memphis mainstay Bobby O’Jay passed away of unknown causes on Tuesday (May 3). He was 68. Before joining WDIA — the country’s first Black radio station — as an air personality in 1983, O’Jay launched his radio career in 1972 in Milwaukee.

What caused Bobby O’Jays death?

He suffered a fatal massive heart attack. Only minutes after midnight, early Wednesday morning, O’Jay’s colleague, author, and award-winning photographer, Mark Stansbury, confirmed that the official cause of death had been ruled as a “massive heart attack.”

When was WDIA founded?

History. WDIA went on the air June 7, 1947, from studios on Union Avenue. The owners, John Pepper and Bert Ferguson, were both white, and the format was a mix of country and western and light pop, as well as “homemaker shows”, network shows and block programming that included soap operas and classical music.

How old is Stan Bell?

He was 68-years-old. Bell will continue his on-air show at iHeartMedia Memphis’ sister station V101, iHeartMedia Memphis said.

When was Bobby OJAY born?

Born in Batesville, Mississippi on August 8, 1953, O’Jay began his dream career as radio host in 1972 in Milwaukee. He had a brief on-air stint in Montgomery, Alabama, but returned to Milwaukee prior to landing the hosting gig at WDIA in 1983.

Where was Bobby OJAY born?

Bobby O’Jay was born in Batesville, Mississippi in 1953, inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame in 2021, honored by the Living Legends Foundation in 2000, and iHeartMedia Memphis in 2018. He would also become an inductee into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

What was the most powerful black radio station in Memphis?

WDIA was the nation’s first radio station that catered to a Black audience. More than just a radio station, WDIA was the heart that pumped life into the very soul of Memphis. The story of WDIA began on June 7, 1947.

Who was the DJ at WDIA?

Known as the king of Memphis radio, Bobby O’Jay was the program director and morning DJ host of the “Fun Morning Show” at IHeartMedia’s WDIA.

Where does Stan Bell teach?

He currently teaches Broadcasting @ Wooddale High. He began his teaching profession at Northside High, (his alma mater), where he taught English and Applied Economics.

Where was Bobby OJAY laid to rest?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The King of Memphis radio, Bobby O’Jay, will be remembered next weekend. A funeral service will take place at World Overcomers Church on Winchester Road on Saturday, May 14, iHeartRadio confirmed.

How old is Bev Johnson on WDIA?

Memphis broadcaster Bev Johnson is headed to the Hall of Fame. Johnson, the veteran WDIA host and personality, is among members of the 2019 class that will be inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. The 65-year-old Johnson will be the first African-American woman inducted into the hall.

What is the significance of the WDIA radio station?

The first radio station in the United States programmed by and for African Americans, WDIA was one of only six stations broadcasting in Memphis, Tennessee when it hit the airwaves in 1947.

Where is WDIA radio station located?

1070 WDIA, 2650 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Memphis, TN, Radio Stations – MapQuest.

Did Bobby OJ passed away?

It’s a tremendous loss because we’re just going to miss hearing about Bobby OJ.” “We pray for the family and mourn the passing of radio icon Bobby O’jay.

How old was Bobby OJAY when he passed away?

Memphis Radio Legend At the Country’s First Black Radio Station, Bobby O’Jay Dead at 68. A radio personality at the country’s first Black radio station in Memphis has recently passed away. According to The Memphis Commercial Appeal, radio personality Bobby O’Jay, who was on Memphis’ WDIA, died at 68.

What is the black radio station in Tennessee?

WFSK is the first African American FM radio station on the dial in Nashville, Tennessee.

What is the R&B station in Memphis Tennessee?

K97 – Memphis’ Only Hip-Hop and R&B.

What is the R&B station in Nashville?

1011 The Beat – Nashville’s Home for Hip Hop and R&B.

What station is R&B in Tennessee?

92 Q – Nashville’s Best Mix Of R&B – LISTEN LIVE | Audacy.

What is the R&B station in Knoxville Tennessee?


What is a jazz station in Memphis Tennessee?

Riffin’ on Jazz | WYXR 91.7 FM Memphis, TN.

What radio station is Steve Harvey on in Memphis Tennessee?


What famous radio station comes from Nashville?

Started by the National Life and Accident Insurance Company in 1925, WSM has been one of the most influential and exceptional radio stations in the history of broadcasting and country music. The driving force behind the creation of the station was National Life and Accident Insurance Company executive Edwin W.

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