Where does Heather Headley live now?

Who Is Heather Headley? She’s a 45-year-old Trinidadian-American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress who currently resides in Chicago. Headley is married to retired NFL player, Brian Musso, with whom she shares three kids.

Who is Heather Headley husband?

Heather Headley, Brian Musso, and their three children in the yard connecting the coach house to the main house. “I got played,” jokes Tony winner Heather Headley of the coach house her husband, retired New York Jets player Brian Musso, suggested they build next to their home in the suburbs of Chicago.

Why did Heather Headley leave Chicago Med?

It was later revealed that Garrett and her husband were divorcing as a result. Given Headley’s busy schedule and wide range of roles, it’s safe to assume that she will not be reprising her role as Garrett anytime soon.

Where did Heather Headley grow up?

Headley was born into a music-loving family in Barataria, Trinidad. When she was just two years old, she entered a radio talent show for children and took second place. Two years later, she began taking piano lessons and began to dream of a career as a singer.

What happened to Dr Reese in Chicago Med?

In Chicago Med season 4, episode 1 “Be My Better Half,” Rachel DiPillo’s Dr. Reese decided to leave Gaffney Chicago Medical Center for good to begin a new life in Texas. This was Rachel DiPillo’s last appearance on the show.

What did Gwen do to her baby on Chicago Med?

Season Five When Natalie passes by her car later, she notices a baby has been left to freeze in the back seat. She takes the baby into the ED and it is quickly discovered to be Gwen’s 8 month old son Devon, who is severely hypothermic.

What Broadway show was Heather Headley in?

Headley, a Notherwestern University alum, won the role of Nala in the original Broadway cast of the Elton John and Tim Rice’s hit Tony winning musical The Lion King.

Is Heather Headley still on Chicago Med?

Film & TV News Heather Headley Lands Recurring Role in NBC’s Chicago Med The Tony-winning actor will return to the role of Gwen Garrett.

Who discovered Heather Headley?

On how she and the role Shug Avery found each HH: Shug Avery found me. I was kind of sitting at home, I was very excited. I had a busy year last year, doing the tours, I did some shows. We had a baby; my second child is turning 2 in about three weeks.

Is Helen on Sweet Magnolias pregnant?

And while Helen obviously enjoyed their friendship, she was more focused on first love Ryan, with whom she has so much history. That history is even more evident when—spoilers ahead—she becomes pregnant with Ryan’s baby early in season two.

Who does Connor Rhodes end up with?

5. Connor and Robyn. Robyn Charles (Mekia Cox) makes her “Chicago Med” debut in Season 2’s “Brother’s Keeper.” The epidemiologist is revealed to be the daughter of Dr.

Does Natalie survive in Chicago Med?

Thankfully, she did. The season 5 premiere revealed that, while she had suffered a brain injury as a result of the accident, she was ultimately okay and was able to make a full recovery. The character has avoided close calls since then, and remained safe until she departed the series at the start of season 7.

What happened to Danny in Chicago Med?

He was beaten to death, presumably by his pimps/captors who he ran back to after he had no where to stay.

What does going to Baghdad mean on Chicago Med?

“Baghdad” is the name given to the trauma bay where gunshot victims are treated. Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) originated the term, which helps to distinguish it from the rest of the ED.

Does Connor return to Chicago Med?

While things turned out decently for the character, Rhodes decided to leave Chicago at the end of the aforementioned episode, and based on the little we do know about his life post-show, he has never returned. This makes bringing him back into the fold very unlikely.

What is April on Chicago Med?

Similarly, at least one viewer was not quite critical but confused about one aspect of the fact that, in Season 1, April is revealed to have contracted tuberculosis — a seemingly rare diagnosis during the present day in which “Chicago Med” takes place.

Why did Bert leave Sharon?

Unfortunately, this season has been one where Goodwin is back mostly on the sidelines. Her biggest storyline in the first nine episodes was that she’s getting back together with her ex-husband, Bert Goodwin (recurring guest star GregAlan Williams), after he cheated on her and left her during the first season.

Does Sharon Get Fired Chicago Med?

So, is Merkerson exiting the show? Luckily, the Chicago Med star is not leaving the show anytime soon. While Goodwin may face some difficulty in Chicago Med Season 7, the character and the actor are staying put. Moreover, Merkerson’s role in Law & Order does not conflict with her commitment to Chicago Med.

Is Sharon leaving Chicago Med?

She had a lengthy tenure as Anita Van Buren on Law & Order before she made the jump to Chicago Med, and when the former returned to the air waves, there was speculation that she would leave Med to rejoin the cast. Thankfully, for the One Chicago faithful, she decided to stay put.

Do Bill and Noreen stay together?

The two split after Bill had an affair with his nurse at Serenity Family Physicians, Noreen, who is now pregnant. By the end of Season 1, he has split with Noreen and asked Maddie to consider reuniting their family.

Do Isaac and Noreen get together?

Isaac has grown close with Noreen, and was with her during the last days of her pregnancy with Bill’s illegitimate child. After the birth of her daughter, they even live together now.

What is Cal’s Secret on Sweet Magnolias?

Sweet Magnolias season 2 Cal’s secret As Maddie learns firsthand in the second season, Cal has something of a temper and admits to having a history of anger issues. In order to combat these issues, Cal says he went to treatment when his life was getting a little too out of control.

Do Dr Manning and Dr Rhodes get together?

They break up in finale of season 2 because he still has feelings for Dr. Manning. In the first episode of season 3 “Nothing To Fear”, she returns from a three-month sabbatical and tells him she also has feelings for him too and they became a couple.

Does April Sexton have a baby?

April has endured losing two of the three most important people in her life—her unborn child and Tate (Deron J. Powell), whom she thought she was going to marry. Particularly in the former, that’s an incredibly important storyline for viewers, especially women, who don’t see that depicted often.

Who does Dr Manning end up with in Chicago Med?

Not all “One Chicago” couples are given the same treatment, though. In “Chicago Med,” fans were hoping Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) would get together every since the series debuted, and they finally did in Season 3.

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