Where does Emily Riedel live?

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As captain of the “Eroica,” Riedel spends nearly half her year dredging for gold in the Bering Sea off the coast of Nome, Alaska, where she currently resides.

Why did Emily leave Bering Sea Gold?

Emily is absent from the current series of Bering Sea Gold due to complications after contracting Covid-19. In January this year, the star contracted the virus which started with mild symptoms before she was left with an unbearable chest pain.

What is Emily’s net worth on Bering Sea Gold?

As of this year, Riedel currently has a net worth of $250,000, as reported by Wealthy Genius.

Who owns pomrenke mining?

Co-owner of Pomrenke Mining, Shawn Pomrenke, confirmed in July, 2022 that he had dropped the plans to rebuild the Tulvi 160, which he called the Mega Dredge, due to costs involved.

Where does Vernon Adkison get his money?

Vernon has made a living off using his fleet of boats for dredging to find gold and turn that gold into money. And he has done well for himself.

How much do the Kellys get paid on Bering Sea Gold?

Shawn’s Bering Sea Gold salary His co-star Kris Kelly is thought to get paid around $15K per episode, but each cast member’s salary ranges between $10,000 to $25,000. Brad Kelly is thought to make more though, at $65K.

What is Shawn Pomrenkes net worth?

His net worth is… As reported by TV Over Mind, Pomrenke’s net worth is currently $3M. He also earns around $200,000 per season for starring on ‘Bering Sea Gold’.

Did Bering Sea Gold get Cancelled?

Yes, Bering Sea Gold has finished for the year as of December 28th 2021. The Discovery show usually airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm but the show aired its finale just before the end of the year.

How long is the gold dredging season in Nome Alaska?

Ahlgren said the dredging season ranges from early June until October, with some vessels dredging longer into November, depending on the ice formation in the Nome Harbor.

How much does Mr gold make per episode?

He joined the Bering Sea Gold cast in 2012 in its second season and has appeared in most seasons. He is the father of gold miners Kris and Andy Kelly, who also feature in the reality series. His salary per episode in the series is about $65,000. As of 2019, the enthusiastic miner had a net worth of $2.2 million.

What is Juan Ibarra worth?

Juan’s net worth According to networthpost, in 2020 Juan was estimated to be worth around $6 million. He has earned this working with various crews as well as his hard work ethic in general.

Did Shawn buy the Myrtle Irene?

But Ken Kerr is nowhere to be seen so far in Season 10, and many of us are wondering what happened to him. Ken Kerr and Shawn Pomrenke have been adversaries for years, but now Shawn is taking over Ken’s beloved (albeit sometimes finicky) Myrtle Irene.

Did the Myrtle Irene sink?

We’re sunk.” It was revealed that “over 75,000 gallons of water rushed in through an open hatch” as backhoes tried to get it safely on land.

Who owns the Myrtle Irene now?

It is owned by Arctic Sea Mining, LLC and its registered home port is Nome, Alaska, USA. This excavator dredge mining barge is introduced and featured since the 2018 season 10 in Bering Sea Gold, a Discovery Channel USA reality TV show on sea mining for gold in Alaska.

Who owns tomcod claim?

Tomcod is the largest lease tract portrayed on the show. It’s a whopping 2000 acres and apparently is actually made up of a number of smaller leases combined into one. It’s currently owned by Shawn Pomrenke.

How much gold is in the Bering Sea?

WestGold estimates 1.1 million ounces of gold are mixed up in its 21,000 acres of underwater sands leased from the state.

How much does Shawn pomrenke make per episode of Bering Sea Gold?

Shawn’s Bering Sea Gold salary Shawn is thought to earn around $200,000 per season! And that’s on top of the money he makes from gold mining alone. Usually, there are around ten episodes in each season, meaning he gets around $20,000 per episode that he appears in.

How much does Fred make on Gold Rush?

In 2018, he starred in Gold Rush: White Water. He was also featured in the Amazon Prime Video documentary “Gold Blooded”. It is reported that Dakota Fred makes $22,000 per episode on Gold Rush. It can also be assumed that he earns a similar figure on the spin-off series that he is featured in.

What happened pomrenke mining?

The Bankruptcy Court on June 28, 2019, sold the assets of Pomrenke Mining, LLC, free and clear of liens to Northwest Gold Diggers, LLC, owned by Shawn Pomrenke, Steven Pomrenke and Christine Pomrenke.

What happened to Shawn’s dad on Bering Sea Gold?

Steve disappeared from ‘Bering Sea Gold’ a few years ago. He spent some six years working on Bering Sea Gold. According to his IMDb page, his last episode aired in 2018. Steve has no Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profiles, and it’s uncertain what he has been up to in the past few years.

How much does gold rush pay the miners?

He explains that most people start at $28 per hour, but the work itself sounds pretty intense. He mentions that people often work roughly 75 hours each week, so when you factor in overtime, people bring in approximately $2,590 gross pay.

What happened to the Myrtle Irene?

The incident occurred at the end of October 2018, when a pair of sisters, and their friend, were driving along the Port Road in Nome and struck a cable extended across the road. One end of the cable was attached to a construction loader, the other was attached to an iconic Bering Sea Gold dredge, the Myrtle Irene.

Did Emily Riedel have her baby?

Baby Evelyn Isobel Trokey was born at home to Emily Trokey (Riedel) and Alex Trokey in Homer, Alaska on March 29th at 9:00 PM. We usually call her “Evie” or “Evie Bell” or “Baby Bear.” She was 8 lb 8 oz when born and is objectively the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in my life.

Is Emily Riedel on Bering Sea Gold this season?

The last episode of The Alaska Show came out in September 2020. While Emily is sitting out on the current season of Bering Sea Gold because of persisting health issues resulting from her battle with COVID-19, the Eroica captain assured her fans that she will be back on the screen for the next summer dredging season.

Where is Bering Sea Gold filmed?

Bering Sea Gold (also known as Gold Divers in the UK) is a reality television series set in Nome, Alaska, on Norton Sound, that airs on Discovery Channel. It is from the creators of the Deadliest Catch reality TV show.

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