Where did Nicole Warne get married?

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“We chose a place called Rippon Hall in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, which is a biodynamic vineyard,” says Warne of her wedding venue. “We chose this venue because it has the best view of Lake Wanaka and is essentially built to host weddings.

How did Nicole Warne get famous?

In 2013, Warne bagged the honour of becoming the first blogger in the world to be signed to IMG. Since then, there’s been no stopping Warne’s ascent to prominence.

Did Shane Warne live in Thailand?

Traversing The House Shane Warne Lived In Thailand: The Sanujana Villas Resort In Koh Samui. Each room in the villa contained a king-size bed and an infinity pool. The Samujana resort is situated into a picturesque hillside approximately 10 minutes from the airport in the Cheong Mon region.

Is Shane Warne still married to Liz Hurley?

Unfortunately, Shane and Liz’s romance came to an end in 2013 when they broke off their engagement, but their separation caused no animosity between the friendly exes. In an interview with The Mirror, the sporting legend revealed his years with Liz “were the happiest of (his) life,” and they simply grew apart.

Did Shane Warne have a family?

In honour of the cricket star’s legacy we look back at his best family photos. Shane was married to Simone Callahan from 1995 until 2005. The two briefly reconciled but part ways again in 2010. The couple share three children, Brooke, Summer and Jackson.

What was found in Warnes room?

Thailand police have reportedly found “blood stains” on the floor of Shane Warne’s room and on bath towels while searching the villa where the legendary Australian cricketer died while holidaying.

What was in Shane Warnes Hotel?

Reports in local media said that there was blood on the floor and bath towels in the room Warne was staying. “A large amount of blood was found in the room,” Satit Polpinit, a commander of the local provincial police, told Thai media. “When CPR was started, the deceased had coughed up liquid and was bleeding.”

What was Warne doing in Koh Samui?

It is believed Warne had ventured out and spent almost an hour at the Briony Tailor where he was fitted for new suits. Just hours later at 5.15pm, the sports legend was found face down and unresponsive on his bed following a heart attack.

Who was with Shane Warne in Thailand?

The woman, who identified herself as Barbara from Munich and who had lived in Koh Samui for two years, was carrying a bunch of flowers and was allowed to spend about 40 seconds alone in the van, raising serious questions about security surrounding the transportation of Warne’s body.

How long was Shane Warne with Liz?

The couple were together for three years. From there, the relationship they forged moved quickly as they embraced life together and eventually got engaged on a yacht in 2013. Unfortunately, the pair broke up that same year, but their separation caused no animosity.

What did Liz Hurley say about Shane Warne?

Hurley mourned Warne following his death on March 4 with photos from their engagement. “I feel like the sun has gone behind a cloud forever. RIP my beloved Lionheart,” she wrote. A post announcing she could not make it to Melbourne for Warne’s private funeral last month showed her continued grief.

How long was Shane Warne and Simone married?

Simone met Shane in 1992 at a celebrity event in Melbourne, and they married three blissful years later. The couple then welcomed three kids together; Brooke, 24, Jackson, 23, and Summer 20, before parting ways in 2005.

Did Shane Warne and Simone stay friends?

Shane shares three kids with Simone. Despite their public split, Shane and Simone remained friends and co-parented their three kids over the years. “Co-parenting is never easy but you’ve got to be a grown up and if you put your kids first you can do it,” Shane told Confidential in 2020.

Did Simone attend Warnies funeral?

Tens of thousands of fans attended the state memorial service honouring Shane Warne on March 30, including his ex-wife Simone Callahan.

Why was there blood in Warnes room?

Thai police find blood stains in Shane Warne’s luxury villa, confirm the cricket legend had chest pains before death. Thai police have said blood stains were found in Shane Warne’s hotel room and have confirmed the cricketing legend was experiencing chest pains prior to his tragic death.

Why was Warne in Thailand?

The leg-spinner was holidaying at a resort in Koh Samui as part of a rare extended holiday before travelling to the UK to commentate the English summer of cricket. “They were meant to meet some people at 5pm. Neo was next door, he’s always on time,” Warne’s long-time manager James Erskine said.

Why did Warne go to Thailand?

Shane Warne died of a suspected heart attack in his villa in Koh Samui in Thailand on March 4, Friday. He went there for a holiday and his family members said that the legend complained of chest pain before leaving for his trip to Thailand. Warne’s death has taken the entire cricketing fraternity by shock and surprise.

What hotel was Shane Warne in when he died?

Shane Warne had travelled with friends to a luxury island villa with a games room, infinity pool and stunning views of Thailand just hours before his shock death. The 52-year-old spin king was found unconscious at the Samujana Villas resort on the island of Koh Samui in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Does Shane Warne own villa in Thailand?

The Samujana Villa resort is the third-largest in Thailand. Shane Warne had travelled with his friends to a luxury island villa that comprises a games room, infinity pool and stunning views of the place. The group travelled to the island before settling into the villa on the northwest part of the land.

Who was with Warne Koh Samui?

Along with two other travelling companions – Hong Kong-based sports website owner and fellow poker enthusiast Tom Hall and Fred Witherow, another of Warne’s mates, they had been less than 24 hours into a five-day stay with the cricket great when Neophitou found him in his room unresponsive.

What was Warne doing when he died?

Warne’s family revealed he had been suffering with heart troubles and asthma in the weeks leading up to his death, while his manager James Erskine said the spinner had just completed a 14-day liquid only diet.

Where was Shane Warne staying in Thailand?

CCTV image shows Shane Warne at Thailand’s Samujana Villas hours before his death from a heart attack. The haunting final images of Shane Warne alive show the spin king appearing relaxed on his way into the luxury villa where he would die just hours later.

Who was the German woman with Warne?

The woman who managed to enter the van carrying Shane Warne’s body after his shock death in Thailand has been identified as German national Barbara Woinke. She was at the centre of an investigation over a potential security breach involving the body of the cricketing legend, which was captured on video.

Did Liz Hurley speak at Shane Warnes funeral?

But the British actress, who spent two years engaged to Shane in the early 2010s, never arrived – in fact, there was no mention of her all night. Liz never arrived at the MCG – which was packed with stars like Dannii Minogue and even the prime minister – nor did she appear in any video tributes on the evening.

Who is Liz Hurley married to now?

In late 2002, Hurley started dating Indian textile heir Arun Nayar, who has run a small software company since 1998. They married in 2007. Hurley lived on a 400-acre (1.6 km2) organic farm in Barnsley, Gloucestershire, with her son and husband.

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