Where did Dede Raad get married?

We got married at Chateau Cocomar the opening weekend and shortly after I started to work there as a wedding planner for a couple of years. The venue takes my breathe away every time I step foot in the castle.

What ethnicity is Dede Raad?

I am half German and half Palestinian, so I can understand Arabic and speak a little bit. My mom was a flight attendant so traveling will always have my heart!

Where does Dede Raad live in Texas?

“I’m a normal person from Houston, Texas that shares my life on the Internet,” says Dede Raad, better known by many as @DressUpButtercup, a young mom from the Houston suburbs with more than a million Instagram followers.

What does Ted Raad do?

Ted Raad is the founder of Trend Management and Trend Social, one of the fastest growing influencer management and influencer marketing companies in the US.

What is Dede Raads first name?

Dede Birkelbach Raad – Founder & Editor – Dress Up Buttercup | LinkedIn.

Why do so many influencers live in Texas?

Many streamers choose to live in Texas for two main reasons: no state income tax and a relatively low cost of living. Not having to pay income taxes can save a streamer a lot of money. Couple that with the low cost of living and you can understand why many streamers choose to live in Texas.

What influencers are managed by Trend?

  • dressupbuttercup. Verified. Dede Raad. Follow.
  • katybirkelbach. katybirkelbach. Follow.
  • sarahknuth. Sarah Knuth. Follow.
  • champagneandchanel. Emily Herren Travis. Follow.
  • holliewdwrd. Hollie Woodward. Follow.
  • masseya. amber. Follow.
  • raadted. Ted Raad. Follow.
  • laurabeverlin. Laura Beverlin. Follow.

What is trend management?

Trend management is a process-based approach which enables companies to detect technological and societal trends and developments early on, evaluate the specific opportunities and risks, and derive concrete recommendations for action.

What is Dede short for?

Short form of names beginning with D, particularly Deirdre or Dorothy. Dee. 1. Determined and independent, 1s are born leaders headed for success.

Why are people leaving California and moving to Texas?

The affordability of California’s housing market is another key driver in the mass migration of Californians to Texas. Californian home prices have skyrocketed in recent years and while Texas prices are on the rise, there’s no arguing that your money will get you more in Austin than it will Los Angeles.

Why are influencers leaving California?

For him, high income taxes, worsening crime and homelessness, a high cost of living, wildfires, air quality, and business tax and regulation are all reason to leave. However, COVID-19 and its shift to remote working was the breaking point that made moving an easier decision.

Why is Texas so rich?

The Texas economy today relies largely on information technology, oil and natural gas, aerospace, defense, biomedical research, fuel processing, electric power, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Who is the number 1 social media influencer?

First on the list is Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently has a total of 484.3 million followers across three social media sites. Next is Justin Bieber with 420.54 million follower count; Ariana Grande, 398.3 followers; Selena Gomez, 380.75 million followers; and Taylor Swift with 354.4 million followers.

Who is the top influencer?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – @cristiano.
  • Selena Gomez – @selenagomez.
  • Kylie – @kyliejenner.
  • Leo Messi – @leomessi.
  • Kendall – @kendalljenner.
  • Beyoncé – @beyonce.
  • BILLIE EILISH – @billieeilish.
  • Ariana Grande – @arianagrande.

Where do most social media influencers live?

  • California – 207,290.
  • New York – 104,829.
  • Florida – 94,396.
  • Texas – 51,304.
  • Georgia – 36,289.
  • Illinois – 18,571.
  • Pennsylvania – 17,293.
  • Nevada – 16,790.

What are the five global trends?

Our world is constantly changing, and businesses need to adapt to these changes in order to thrive. Here we look at the 5 biggest global trends: Focus on our environment, economic power shifts, growing divergence and polarization, shifting demographics, and social, cultural and workplace shifts.

What is trend scouting?

Trend scouts often deploy a variety of methods to identify possible future trends. These include gauging consumer tastes; engaging with innovation centers and innovation leaders; monitoring news reports, industry publications, websites, and social media; and data mining of key databases such as patent registrations.

What is Trend ventures?

Trend Ventures is the premier resource for getting influencer-backed businesses off the drawing board and into reality. Focused on providing unique investment vehicles and branding opportunities for individuals in the influencer space.

Is Dede a male or female name?

The name Dede is girl’s name .

How do you pronounce Dede?

What state are most Californians moving to?

More people move to Texas from California than any other state. But… why? 37 percent of Californians say they’ve seriously considered leaving because of high housing costs. Texas doesn’t have that problem.

What is the most moved to state in 2022?

The state with the most new residents in 2022 is Texas, with 294,036 people moving in.

What is the best city to live in Texas?

  1. Austin. Drum roll please—the best place to live in Texas (at least according to this subjective list) is its own state capital: Austin!
  2. Dallas-Fort Worth. Coming in second place is the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
  3. Houston.
  4. San Antonio.
  5. Killeen.
  6. Beaumont.
  7. Corpus Christi.
  8. El Paso.

How are Californians so rich?

Forty-four percent of California’s billionaires made their fortunes in tech, followed by 23 percent in finance and 7 percent in real estate, according to Forbes. The three richest Californians are tech titans: The Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and the Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Why are celebrities leaving LA?

With LA’s punishing pace of life or its ever-increasing wildfires, it seems that some celebrities are definitely over it. From a quiet life in a remote location or a change-up to another city, Hollywood stars are leaving Los Angeles in their droves.

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