When did Dan Smyers get married?

Dan Smyers, one half of the country duo Dan + Shay, married his longtime sweetheart, Abby Law, on May 13, 2017. The two are one of country music’s sweetest romances, and it’s not just puppy love. After a three-and-a-half-year courtship, Smyers proposed to Law on a Waikiki, Hawaii, beach in November of 2016.

Where did Dan Smyers get married?

It’s only a matter of time.” Despite Smyers growing up in Pennsylvania, the couple got married in Nashville, an important city for their relationship.

Is Shay married to Dan?

Mooney and Billingsley were married on October 20, 2017, in Arkansas. On February 21, 2020, the couple welcomed their second son, Ames Alexander Mooney.

How long has Shay Mooney been married?

They Got Hitched Between Two Oak Trees Hannah grew up on the family cattle farm in the small town of Franklin too. So on October 20, 2017, the happy couple exchanged their vows between two oak trees on the Mooney family farm in Arkansas.

Where is Abby Smyers from?

Love and live in Nashville. Raised in KC.

Are Dan and Shay friends?

As they release their fourth studio album, Good Things, Grammy-winning country duo Dan + Shay — Dan Smyers, 34, and Shay Mooney, 29 — discuss home improvement, their close bond and how they stayed creative during the pandemic.

Who is Shay’s wife?

More Stories by Jessica. Dan + Shay vocalist and songwriter Shay Mooney and his wife Hannah Billingsley are expecting their third child and are set to add another boy to their family.

Did Dan and Shay break up?

Both Dan and Shay are married. Dan Smyers proposed to his now-wife Abby Law back in November 2016 after dating for more than three years. Dan and Abby Law got married on May 13, 2017.

What ethnicity is Dan and Shay?

Smyers, who hails from Pennsylvania, has an ethnic background that includes Japanese, Irish, Scottish, English, and German heritage, Country Fancast reports. Mooney, who is a few years younger than his songwriting partner, was raised in Arkansas and has Irish/English ancestors.

Is Dan Smyers vegan?

The couple met in 2013 both volunteering for an animal rescue center. They immediately hit it off over their mutual love for animals and they’re also both vegetarians! After three and a half years of dating, Smyers proposed while the couple was vacationing in Waikiki, Hawaii.

How did Dan and Shay meet their wives?

Shay first met Hannah in March of 2015, according to Brides. The former Miss Arkansas had been chatting with the performer for years, but officially met when he was giving a concert in his hometown. That night, Shay asked her to attend the ACM Awards with him. “I agreed, and the rest is history,” she told the outlet.

Where is Hannah Mooney from?

Hannah Mooney was born in Ramelton, Co. Donegal, Ireland and graduated in 2017 from Glasgow School of Art.

Are Dan & Shay related?

Although Dan and Shay may seem close now, they aren’t brothers, or even life-long friends. Both were already working in country music when they got together. Shay was a solo artist, and Dan was part of a band called Bonaventure. They met in December of 2012, and started working on music together almost immediately.

When did Shay meet Dan?

Dan + Shay barely knew each other at all when they started writing and performing together, but now Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney can’t imagine anything but being a duo. Smyers and Mooney met at a party at Smyers’ house in Nashville; in fact, Smyers recalls exactly that it was Dec. 7, 2012.

How tall is Dan and Shay?

Dan Smyers is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Shay Mooney is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Did Dan and Shay compete the voice?

Not all are built to last. But The Voice has been discovering big-name music stars for over a decade. Fans of Dan + Shay often wonder whether the popular country duo’s members got their start on the show. Although the two singers did not compete on The Voice, they were involved in the show.

Which member of Dan and Shay is from Pittsburgh?

The “Tequila” party continues for Dan + Shay. The Grammy-winning, chart-topping country duo featuring Pittsburgh native Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, picked up three nominations today for CMA Awards, including duo, single (“Speechless”) and album of the year for their self-titled third album.

Does Dan and Shay have a baby?

Dan + Shay singer Shay Mooney and his wife Hannah just revealed they’re expecting their third baby – and it’s another boy. The couple is already parents to sons Asher and Ames, both of whom wanted a sister. Hannah posted an adorable video on Instagram of her asking the brothers if they wanted a brother or a sister.

Are Brock and Shayna still together?

In April 2021, the twosome welcomed their daughter, Summer Moon Honey, and have since happily shared their little one’s milestones on Instagram. Three months later, Us confirmed that Scheana and Davies took the next big step in their relationship by getting engaged.

Who did Scheana date when married?

Eddie Cibrian The SURver unknowingly started seeing the actor during his marriage to Brandi Glanville. “Seven years ago I met Eddie, and six or eight months go by and I find out that he’s married and I call him out,” Scheana recalled to Us in 2013.

Is Mary Nolan still with Kenny Chesney?

Kenny and Mary have been together since 2012. Unfortunately, there is not a lot about their relationship that people know. The two often keep their personal life away from the spotlight and continue to do the same.

Who is the woman in Kenny Chesney’s video everyone she knows?

No. 22: Sara Evans. The sheer strength of Sara Evans’ powerful voice makes her a lock for this list of country music’s most powerful women.

Did Dan and Shay have a double wedding?

“Shay had just gotten married also, so we both had that feeling fresh on our minds and we wrote about it,” Dan says. “Shay and I were both in each other’s weddings as groomsmen, and there were some fun moments in there of us tying each other’s ties.”

Who discovered Dan Shay?

Mooney told the BobbyCast that T-Pain asked him to play a show with him in Memphis, which led to Mooney signing a record deal on T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment label. That record contract was shuttered once he met duo partner Dan Smyers and formed Dan + Shay. 5.

Who is Hannah Love?

Hannah Love is an actress and editor, known for The Covid Club (2020), Hispanic Actor (2021) and …

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