What’s the true story behind Dirty John?

Like the first season, which told the story of real-life conman John Meehan and his last victim Debra Newell, this season is also based on a true story—this time about the Brodericks and how their seemingly picture-perfect marriage deteriorated and ended with Betty murdering Dan and his second wife, Linda Kolkena.

How long was Debra Newell married to John?

In late 2014, Debra Newell first met John Meehan. Enamored with his charm, good looks and apparent love for her, she fell for him and they married only two months later.

Where is Debra Newell now?

Since the events documented in Dirty John, Newell left California and now lives in Las Vegas where she runs her own interior design business, Ambrosia Home.

Is Dirty John and Betty connected?

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story is a dramatization of the harrowing true story of Betty Broderick, who shot her ex-husband and his new fiancée dead while they slept in the early hours of November 5, 1989. Betty and Dan Broderick married in April 1969 and had four children together: Kim, Lee, Daniel and Rhett.

What happens to Dirty John at the end?

The ending of Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story was never in doubt: The real-life case ended as USA’s true crime anthology depicts it, with Broderick (Amanda Peet) sentenced to more than 30 years in prison for murdering her ex-husband, Dan (Christian Slater), and his second wife, Linda (Rachel Keller).

Who was John Meehan first wife?

But there was an overlooked story that’s now being told, in full, for the first time. In The First Wife: John Meehan’s Reign of Terror, Tonia Bales recounts her harrowing experiences as John’s wife of 10 years and the mother of their daughters, Emily and Abby.

Did Dirty John have MS?

He also claimed that the eight cyanide capsules hidden in his storage shed were there because he had multiple sclerosis and wanted to be able to end things quickly if his health took a turn for the worst. In April 2016, though, Newell was finally convinced of Meehan’s past, and filed to annul their marriage.

Where is dirty Johns first wife?

Their union came to an end in 2000, and the couple divorced. She later contacted some of Meehan’s family members for the first time, and she learned more about his past run-ins with the law and his battles with drug addiction. Tonia Bales has since gotten remarried, and her two daughters are now adults.

How many kids does Deb have in Dirty John?

Finally, she had an operation that worked, and she went on to have three daughters and a son.

How much money did Dirty John steal?

The Ex-Girlfriend ‘Dirty John’ Meehan Nearly Swindled For $37 Million. John Meehan became irate and stalked his ex-girlfriend when the transaction of the money was canceled.

What did John Meehan do for a living?

Newell first Meehan through a dating app for older singles. She was instantly charmed by the man sitting across from her at dinner. Newell was impressed by his career as an anesthesiologist and his time serving in Doctors Without Borders in Iraq.

What should I watch after Dirty John?

  • 6 0. Murder for Hire.
  • 6 0. The Act.
  • 13 3. Secret Obsession.
  • 9 1. Safe.
  • 8 1. The Sinner.
  • 16 9. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
  • 41 29. You.
  • 11 6.

What is the difference between Dirty John season 1 and 2?

While season one told the story John Meehan (Eric Bana), a conman and pathological liar who wormed his way into the life of Debra Newell (Connie Britton), season two focuses on the life of Betty Broderick.

How did Dan Broderick treat Betty?

In the face of Betty’s emotional harangues, Dan was businesslike, sending Betty formal letters addressed to “Elisabeth Anne.” In 1986, court records show, he wrote a letter to explain that he would begin fining Betty for her actions, withholding from her monthly allowance $100 for every obscene word she used, $250 for …

Who was Betty talking to on the phone?

The only two friends who speak up on her behalf are her friend who is a widow and the HALT leader Tonia (Sprague Grayden), who realizes just how mentally ill Betty is.

What crimes Did Dirty John commit?

Meehan was arrested. In February 2014, he pled guilty to stalking and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was released that summer, but then jailed again for violating his restraining order the Laguna Beach woman had filed.

When did Dirty John actually happen?

From 2005 to 2014 — from about the time he got out of prison in Michigan for drug theft to the time he met Debra Newell in California—he had seduced, swindled and terrorized multiple women, many of whom he had met on dating sites while posing as a doctor, court records showed.

What happened to Tanya in Dirty John?

“Dirty John”—real name: John Meehan—was a criminal, con artist and master manipulator known for preying upon women in various states who he considered easy targets. A former nurse anesthesiologist, Meehan was also accused of stealing drugs from hospitals in four states: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky.

Will there be season 3 of Dirty John?

As for the name changes, it was done to be “respectful. I let it be known that I would do whatever Debra’s other daughter wanted me to do, and she did want us to change her first name. It was all about being respectful to their experience.”

What did Dirty John do to his patients?

Yep – Veronica “please don’t call me Ronnie” Newell isn’t actually real. She’s based on a woman called Jacquelyn. Like Veronica, Jacquelyn, who was 24-years-old when John first came into her family’s life, was an assertive figure throughout the saga.

Why did they change Jacqueline’s name in Dirty John?

Arlane Hart (Jean Smart) Jean Smart plays Debra Newell’s loving mother Arlane. More than 30 years before John entered her family’s life, Arlane dealt with another huge family crisis when Debra’s older sister Cindi was killed by her own husband Billy Vickers.

Who broke into the house on Dirty John?

At the start of “Red Flags and Parades,” episode 2 of Dirty John, danger quite literally enters the lavish beachside house that Debra and John share. An intruder (Lindsey Kraft of Grace and Frankie) walks into the Balboa Island home through the back door, which looks out onto the pier.

How old is Veronica in Dirty John?

Temple, 29, and Garner, 24, play characters close to their ages, notable in the era of the 30-year-old TV teen.

Who is arlane in Dirty John?

John, 55, met wealthy Newport Beach, Calif., interior designer Debra Newell, 59, on the OurTime dating website. He said he just returned from a year of dodging RPG’s with Doctors Without Borders in Iraq.

How old is Ronnie in Dirty John?

He got a five-year sentence, but ended up spending just under three years in jail. And while Billy didn’t agree to be interviewed by Goffard, these days he’s reportedly remarried and living in Orange County.

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