What is the job of Basheer Bashi?

Basheer Bashi is a multi-talented person – a businessman, musician, DJ, actor, and director. He entered the house of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 in 2018 to earn fame.

Why did Basheer married Mashura?

Later, he married an entrepreneur, Mashura Mash after an affair. “My first wife is my best friend. When I got attracted to a second woman, I couldn’t hide it from her.

Is polygamy legal in India?

Legal developments Thus polygamy became illegal in India in 1956, uniformly for all of its citizens except for Muslims, who are permitted to have four wives and for Hindus in Goa and along the western coast where bigamy is legal. A polygamous Hindu marriage is null and void.

Which day is Basheer day?

It is our tribute to the ‘Beypore Sulthan’ Sri. Vaikom Muhammad Basheer (21 January 1908 – 5 July 1994) on his death anniversary.

How many wives did Basheer Bashi have?

His popularity rose after he revealed that he has two wives-Suhana and Mashua. The model already has two children with his wife Suhana, whom he married in 2009. Basheer then tied the knot with Mashura in 2018.

What is husband’s second wife called?

Second marriage while the first marriage is in subsistence is called Bigamy. Bigamy, in simple words, means a person marries for the second time while his first marriage is in subsistence. Under the marriage laws in India, Bigamy is said to be an offence if the first husband or wife is still alive.

Can a Hindu have 2 wives?

As for a Hindu or a person who practices Hinduism, polygamy is both prohibited and illegal. Both under the Indian Law and as per the Hindu Marriage Act. Now, it’s illegal for a Hindu to marry more than one person or keeping two spouses at the same time.

Is it legal to marry your sister?

Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act bans, among other things, marriage between a brother and sister, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, or children of brother and sister or of two brothers or of two sisters. The marriage is void, unless the custom of the community permits it.

Which is the most famous work of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer?

The cult classics of Basheer earned him a reputed position in the Indian Literature. Translations of his works have won worldwide acclaim. The major literary contributions of this artistic genius include Pathummayude Aadu, Balyakalasakhi, Mathilukal, Premalekhanam, Anargha Nimisham and so forth.

Which is the drama written by Basheer?

Kathabeejam (The Germ of a Story) is a one-act play written by Malayalam language author Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The play was written by Basheer in a period of few weeks and was conceived for the 16th anniversary of Samastha Kerala Sahitya Parishath. It was published as a book in May 1945 and was Basheer’s only play.

Who called Basheer as Beypore Sultan?

It was during an encounter with a visitor that Vaikom Muhammad Basheer famously described himself as the ‘Sultan of Beypore’, showing his love for the port town that had been his home after marriage. Two decades after his demise, the plan to build a memorial there for the writer is now taking baby steps.

Why is Basheer Day celebrated?

It is our tribute to the ‘Beypore Sulthan’ Sri. Vaikom Muhammad Basheer (21 January 1908 – 5 July 1994) on his death anniversary.

What is the autobiography of Basheer?

Ormayude Arakal (The Cells of Memory) is a collection of memoirs by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer originally serialised in Chandrika Weekly and published as a book by National Book Stall in 1973. It is a rambling, incomplete kind of autobiography by the noted Malayalam author.

Which is the first novel of Basheer?

Premalekhanam (The Love Letter) is Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s first work (1943) to be published as a book. The novel is a humorous story of love.

Which is Athmakadha of Basheer?

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, was born on 21st January 1908 and he is one of the prominent literary figures of Malayalam literature. He was also a freedom fighter, novelist and a humanist. His works are translated in many languages and got him worldwide acclaim.

What is the girlfriend of a married man called?

In modern times, the word “mistress” is used primarily to refer to the female lover of a man who is married to another woman; in the case of an unmarried man, it is usual to speak of a “girlfriend” or “partner”. The term “mistress” was originally used as a neutral feminine counterpart to “mister” or “master”.

What religion allows multiple wives?

Pathummayude Aadu (Pathumma’s Goat; 1959) is a humorous novel by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The characters of the novel are members of his family and the action takes place at his home in Thalayolaparambu. The goat in the story belongs to his sister Pathumma.

How many Muslims have two Indian wives?

Who Practices Polygamy. In the United States, polygyny is perhaps most closely associated with the Mormon faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, founded by Joseph Smith in the 1830s.

Which king has the most wives in world?

The latest NFHS data from 2019-20 shows the prevalence of polygyny was 1.9% among Muslims, 1.3% among Hindus and 1.6% among other religious groups.

What is the punishment for second marriage?

Abumbi II, the 11th fon, or king, of Bafut, Cameroon, has close to 100 wives. They weren’t all his to start. According to local tradition, when a fon dies, his successor inherits all his wives and then marries his own queens.

In which country brother can marry sister?

The punishment for bigamy is imprisonment, which may extend till 7 years or fine or both. In case the person charged of bigamy has performed the second marriage by hiding the fact of first marriage, then he shall be punished with imprisonment of up to 10 years or fine or both.

Can I marry my mother?

There is a country where you can marry your sibling, and in fact, there are a few. The countries where you can marry your sibling under certain circumstances are Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, and the Netherlands, with some exceptions in the laws of those two last countries.

Can brother and sister have baby?

See as per Hindu law you can marry someone who is beyond five generations from your father’s side and beyond three generations from your mother’s side. As the relation you are mentioning is within the prohibited degree of relationship for marriage, you cannot marry her as you both are sapindas of each other.

Who is fondly remembered as Beypore Sultan and is a legend in Malayalam literature?

According to Wikipedia stats, even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, between January and July 2020, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, fondly remembered as “Sultan of Beypore” owing to his love for the ancient port town in Kerala, was the fourth most searched item (in Malayalam) on the Internet with his Wikipedia page viewed over 3, …

What is the relationship between Zainaba and Mandan Muthapa?

Mandan Muthapa, a sidekick of Ottakannan, challenges Pokker’s three-card trick and also vows to marry his daughter Zainaba.

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