What is Igbo traditional marriage called?

In Igbo culture, the traditional wedding is called Igba Nkwu (The Wine Carrying Ceremony) and it’s an important part of the wedding process when the bride carries the wine from her father to look for her groom.

How is Igbo traditional wedding done?

The traditional ceremony is called Igbankwu, or wine carrying, because it involves the bride carrying a cup of palm wine to her groom. Igbokwe said that prior to the ceremony itself the groom must visit the bride’s compound with his father and ask the bride’s father’s permission to marry her.

What are key aspects of a traditional Igbo wedding?

Igbo Weddings The men come bearing gifts such as kola nuts and alcoholic beverages, which Nigerians sometimes refer to as “hot drinks.” The second stage of an Igbo wedding is Ime Ego, which is the payment of the dowry or bride price. The final traditional ceremony is called Igba Nkwu or “wine carrying”.

What is bride price called in Igbo language?

Once her parents give their consent, the groom can then proceed to complete the rest of the traditional marriage rites, which includes: the bride price payment (Ime Ego) with a presentation of the engagement list, and the formal traditional wedding party (the Igba Nkwu).

Who pays for the Igbo wedding?

After settling the father, mother, Umunna (men) and Umuada (women), the next and crucial stage is the payment of dowry which is regarded as bride price. This is not done outside, but inside the room. The man and two members of his family will go inside to meet his father in-law and discuss the bride price (dowry).

Who pays for Nigerian wedding?

In many Nigerian families, the parents of the bride and groom foot the bill for most of the wedding expenses. But some couples and cultures choose to split the cost in different ways. Sometimes the bride’s family is responsible for one day, while the groom’s family pays for another.

Can Igbo marry two wives?

While traditions and customs allows polygamy, monogamy has been the norm since the advent of religion (Christianity to be specific). Outside religious reasons, Igbo men can marry as many wives as they like.

Can a pregnant woman bride price be paid in Igbo land?

In many parts of Igboland, marriage rites/ traditional weddings are not performed when the bride is pregnant. Bride price payments are not accepted from a groom-to-be if the bride is carrying a baby (pregnant).

Why do Nigerians spray money at weddings?

Nigerian Money Spray Originated by the Yoruba people in Nigeria’s Southwest, it’s is a tradition loved by many Nigerians. Money Spraying symbolizes a showering of happiness, good fortune, and a display of the guest’s affection for the couple. The bride and groom are ushered in and dance behind the wedding party.

How many times does an Igbo bride change?

Many Igbo brides do two outfit changes during their Igba Nkwu/ traditional wedding ceremony. Some ladies choose to change into 3 different outfits.

What do Igbo brides wear?

Igbo Marriage Dress Code The traditional outfit worn by the bride is usually a blouse and wrapper or dress. They have a wide range of choices of materials from silk, George, damask, print, machine print, lace, or any others they’d like.

What are important traditions in the Igbo culture?

Traditional Igbo religion includes belief in a creator god (Chukwu or Chineke), an earth goddess (Ala), and numerous other deities and spirits as well as a belief in ancestors who protect their living descendants. Revelation of the will of the deities is sought by divination and oracles.

Who pays a dowry?

A dowry is a payment, such as property or money, paid by the bride’s family to the groom or his family at the time of marriage. Dowry contrasts with the related concepts of bride price and dower.

How is bride price paid in Igbo land?

Culturally, this aspect (bride price) differs slightly amongst different parts of Igboland. Usually, the amount of money paid as bride price is relatively small, and can be as little as 20 – 40 Naira, part of which would be handed back to the groom by the bride’s father.

Do Americans pay bride price?

There is no Bride Price traditionally at American weddings. Wedding expenses can be paid different way… couple, couple and Bride’s parents, couple and Groom’s parents, couple and both sets of parents, Bride’s parents only, Bride’s parents with Groom’s parents paying for rehearsal dinner. Groom pays for engagement ring.

Are Igbo marriages arranged?

Along the River Niger and dispersed across southeastern Nigeria, the Igbo people have thrived for centuries. Their traditions have remained prominent in their culture to this day, including arranged marriage.

What language do the Igbo speak?

Igbo (Asụsụ Igbo), or Ibo , one of the largest languages of West Africa, is spoken by 18 million people in Nigeria. It belongs to the Benue-Congo group of the Niger-Congo language family.

What is the bride price?

Bride Price is when the family of the groom pay their future in-laws at the start of their marriage. The payment can be made up of money, presents, or a mixture of both. It’s sometimes paid in one go, but instalments aren’t uncommon.

What is a Nigerian bride price?

Bride price is a Nigerian wedding custom. Bride price is often confused with a dowry, but they are essentially the opposites of a single notion. A dowry is a property the bride invests in marriage, and a bride price is a collection of goods a husband-to-be brings to the bride’s family.

How much does a typical Nigerian wedding cost?

Getting married in Africa’s most populous country is big business and said to be worth millions of dollars, according to market research group, TNS Global. Nigerian wedding can cost up to $9,460-$13,515 with guest lists matching the super-sized budgets. Some weddings in the country cater for an average of 1000 guests.

How should I dress for a Nigerian wedding?

The nigerian bridesmaid dresses (Iyawo) would wear uniform Aso-Ebi dresses, Gele head-wraps, and even beaded necklaces while the groomsmen would wear their Nigerian wedding guest dresses in a single colour scheme and design. Even ordinary guests could wear the same Aso-Ebi colours or patterns.

What are Igbo girls known for?

The dominant role of Igbo women is to make pure wives for their honourable husbands. In marriage, they are expected to be submissive to their husbands, do housework and domestic chores, farming and bear children. All these behavioural traits were the social, economic and family norm Igbo women found themselves in.

How many husbands can a woman have in Nigeria?

Despite the four-wife limitation, there have been numerous indications that many Nigerians bypass this law, such as with Muhammadu Bello Masaba, an 84-year-old Islamic cleric who was accused of illegal marriage due to his exceeding number of spouses, in which he had 86 wives.

Can a woman have 2 husbands?

polyandry, marriage of a woman to two or more men at the same time; the term derives from the Greek polys, “many,” and anēr, andros, “man.” When the husbands in a polyandrous marriage are brothers or are said to be brothers, the institution is called adelphic, or fraternal, polyandry.

What is it called when you are pregnant before marriage?

Those whose first birth occurred within seven months after their first marriage were said to have had a premarital conception. Women whose first child was born eight months or more after their first marriage were classified as having had a postmarital conception.

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