What is a Marathi wedding called?

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Varat. Varat is a Maharashtrian post-wedding ritual involving the bride’s farewell from her house. This ritual is modified now as the bride’s family is expected to take a procession from the bride’s house to the groom’s house. But these days the procession is not carried out.

What is Kelvan in Marathi wedding?

Kelvan ceremony is one of the important marriage traditions followed in the Marathi wedding. In this ceremony, the parents of the soon-to-be bride and the groom invite each other’s family for a meal or snacks and gifts are given as a token of love.

What are the rituals of Maharashtra?

Halad Chadavane: This is the Maharashtrian version of the Haldi ceremony. In a Maharashtrian wedding ritual, mango leaves are immersed turmeric paste and then applied on the body of the bride. The same happens at the groom’s house. Close family members are invited to attend the event.

What is Haldi ceremony?

The Haldi ceremony is a ritual holy bath also known as pithi ceremony, which is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Turmeric (haldi), oil and water are applied to both the bride and groom by married women on the morning of the wedding. The mixture is believed to bless the couple before the wedding.

How many sarees do you need for a Brahmin wedding?

During the auspicious time, the hand of the bride is held by the father and given to the groom. After the ritual, the bride is handed over a nine year saree as gift from groom’s family. The Bride changes into the nine yard saree called the Madisaaru and is she has to sit on her Father’s lap.

Why do Maharashtrians wear green bangles?

One of the first things that differentiate a Marathi Bride from others is her traditional bangles. In the Marathi culture, green is considered a special colour with multiple positive meanings like fertility, auspicious and good luck. Furthermore, Marathi brides also wear red or maroon coloured bangles as well.

Why do Marathi brides wear yellow saree?

Traditionally, Maharashtrian brides wear outfits in yellow and green as they are a sign of happiness and prosperity.

Why do brides wear Chura?

The bride’s chura is said to bring good luck to the newlyweds. It is a symbol of fertility, fortune and prosperity. It is believed that it strengthens the bond between the newly-wed couple.

Why do Maharashtrians wear Mundavalya?

The Mundavalya is tied on bride’s forehead when she is ready to step towards the mandap. It means that she is happily ready to marriage. The Maharashtrian wedding is incomplete without Mundavalya.

How can I plan my wedding in Maharashtrian?

After completion of all the marriage rituals, the final celebration party is arranged. Here the bride and the groom are introduced to all the guests. The bride wears the saree, which the wedding family gives her and the groom wears the outfit that the parents of the bride give him.

What is the famous dress of Maharashtra?

Choli. The Maharashtrian women wear choli or blouse underneath the saree. It is the ‘top’ or shirt that they wear to cover their upper body. The choli covers half of the torso.

What is Marathi tradition?

The folk music and dances of Maharashtra are Koli, Powada, Banjara Holi and Lavani dance. Lavani dance form showcases many topics such as romance, tragedy, politics, society,etc. The word ‘Lavani’ derived from Marathi word Lavanya meaning beautiful and beauty. Powada dance form shows achievements of Shivaji.

Which comes first Haldi or mehendi?

As per Hindu traditions Haldi ceremony is done before mehendi because mehendi color should not look dull in the marriage. But it is upon you Whenever you want you can perform the ritual as per your convenience.

Why do Indian brides wear yellow?

Haldi is the Hindi word for turmeric. It has been an age old tradition for the bride and the groom to wear yellow coloured outfits during the ceremony for two reasons. One, the colour is considered to be auspicious and two, it serves the practical purpose of the turmeric stain not being too evident on the clothes.

What is a Pithi?

Pithi is a paste made from a variety of elements, mainly turmeric, chickpea flour and rose water. During the ceremony, the bride and groom typically wear white clothing (that they don’t mind getting ruined).

What are the rituals of Brahmin marriage?

The bride and groom sit on a marriage Pandal in front of a Havan Kund, while a priest chants many prayers to unite their souls. The couple must take seven Pheras around the fire at the auspicious time. With this ceremony, the two are considered married.

What is Viratham in Brahmin marriage?

Viratham. The vratham, also known as jadaga namakaranam, is the first function that takes place after the bride’s family welcomes the groom and his family to the wedding venue. Both families do it separately, with each praying to the kula deivam for wealth, fertility, and protection from the evil eye.

What is Vratham in Brahmin marriage?

Vratham: Vratham is the fast that happens generally a day before the wedding. In this rituals, both the bride and groom’s families fast for prosperity of their children and their new married life. On this day, a clay pot filled with nine varieties of grains is kept aside.

How many bangles should a Maharashtrian bride wear?

Maharashtrian bride The bride wears uneven number of bangles – 20 and 21 – in her hands. They are teamed with gold kadas and thin bangles. The green bangles are not supposed to be ever removed, unless as a widow.

How long do brides wear Chura?

It is now normal for the bride to wear her choora for a month and a quarter (40 days). As the choora is made of fragile materials, Punjabi custom has it that the bride may refrain from heavy housework in her marital home to keep it intact for the 40 days, as a kind of honeymoon.

Why do brides wear Kalire?

The bride’s sisters and friends tie the kalire to her chooda. They are golden or silver in colour. The significance is to provide good wishes to the bride and to remind her of her cousins and friends whom she is going to leave behind when she gets married.

Which Colour is best for Nauvari?

Whether is a lehenga, a normal saree or a nauvari saree, a green and pink combination is a total winner.

How many types of Nauvari are there?

There are 150+ styles of draping Readymade Nauvari Saree by Nakshtra- Nauvari Saree Store. The draping style of Readymade Nauvari Saree is the same as Nauvari Saree traditional drape style.

What should I wear in Maharashtrian engagement?

The brides usually wear beautiful glass green bangles for Marathi Sakharpuda. They also pick up matching jewellery with the bangles which include a Maang tikka, a Marathi Nath and a pair of gold earrings with a necklace. Most brides-to-be wear a saree on their Sakharpuda ceremony.

Who ties Kalire to bride?

Tied to the bride by her siblings, Mamas and loved ones these are tokens of good luck and blessings as well. In the old days, they were generally made up of either gold or silver or with strings of dry fruits like coconuts, foxnuts and more. After the wedding, the bride does two things.

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