What does Okielant Nkosi do for a living?

Okielant Nkosi’s wife Besides starring in the long-running Muvhango, she has also starred in hits like Soul City, Sarafina, Khululeka, and The River. She’s also a musician.

Who is Thandaza husband?

She likes to keep her private life private South African born actress and musician Sindi Dlathu is best known for portraying the role of ‘Thandaza’, Ranthumeng Mokoena’s wife in a South African soap opera ‘Muvhango’.

How old is Thandaza from Muvhango?

Sindi Dlathu who was born on 4 January 1974 is a 48-year-old South African actress and musician. She is best known for playing the role of Lindiwe Dlamini on The River and for Thandaza Mokoena on Muvhango since its inception in 1997 until 2018.

Is khwezi from The River Lindiwe’s daughter?

Image of Tina Dlathu with her sister Sindi Dlathu. Tina is known as Khwezi Hlophe from The River. Acting in The River means that Tina is working alongside her sister Sindi Dlathu who plays Lindiwe Dlaminu Dikana.

How much is Sindi Dlathu earning?

It is estimated that she earns a monthly salary of between R80,000 to R85,000, which makes her among the highest-paid actresses in South Africa.

How old is Sindi from the estate?

The actress was born on 4th January 1974, in Meadowlands in Soweto, in the Gauteng province of Johannesburg. She is 48 years old (as of 2022).

Who is Sindi Dlathu’s younger sister?

Rising star Tina Dlathu, who is legendary actress’s Sindi Dlathu’s younger sister will be making her debut on 1Magic’s telenovela, The River tonight. Tina’s sister is lead actress, Sindi Dlathu, who portrays the villain role of Lindiwe Dikana.

Who is Sindi Dlathu’s twin?

Sindi Dlathu twin sister is called Zanele Sangweni and she is happily married to local businessman, Matome Meela.

How old is Sindi Dlathu in real life?

Sindi Dlathu Age Sindi was born on the 4th of January 1974 in Meadowlands, Soweto Johannesburg (JHB) in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Sindi Dlathu is 47 years old as of 2021.

Who is Ranthumeng on Muvhango?

Brian Temba (born December 9, 1977) is a South African actor, performer, singer, songwriter and producer. He was born in the Eastern Cape province. He speaks four languages. He is known for his role as Ranthumeng Mokoena in the South African soap opera Muvhango and his role as Simba in the West End musical The […]

Is Tina Dlathu Sindi Dlathu’s daughter?

Tina Dlathu, who is Sindi Dlathu’s sister, joined the crew recently and plays Khwezi Hlophe. She says it is challenging for her but she’s embracing it.

Who is Lindiwe in The River?

Lindiwe is an enigmatic mining magnate who owns Khanyisa Diamond Mine. She has had to sacrifice a great deal to have accomplished her level of success. Not one to be taken for a ride, she buries secrets with the same singlemindedness she buries bodies. She is devoted to her husband.

How old is Madongwe from Uzalo in real life?

Zama Magubane’s age Mugubane, known as Madongwe on Uzalo, is a celebrated South African actress. She was born on June 18, 1983, in Newcastle Madadeni and grew up in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal. Thus, she is 39 years as of 2022.

What does the name khwezi mean?

A submission from South Africa says the name Khwezi means “Gift if God. A Loving person. And a caring friend. A morning star” and is of African origin. According to 2 people from South Africa and Zimbabwe, the name Khwezi is of African origin and means “Brightest Morning Star”.

Who is the new girl in The River?

Sindi Dlathu’s real-life younger sister Tina is joining the cast of popular show The River. The former Muvhango actor plays lead character and villain Lindiwe Dikana on the 1Magic daily drama. Sindi also serves as executive producer for the show. Tina is making her television acting debut with the role.

Who is Nomafu in The River?

But for the first time in telenovela The River’s history, Lindiwe has met her match in a woman just as ruthless, cunning and vindictive as she is: Nomafu Hlophe (Brenda Mhlongo). These women are like two bulls in a kraal, and they won’t rest until one of them is dead.

How old is dimpho from The River?

Matshepo Sekgopi, born on 18 November 1996, is a 25-year-old South African actress best known for portraying a bossy young woman Dimpho in The River from season one to season five.

How old is Morena from The River?

The talented actor was born in South Africa on the 26th of September 2003. As of August 2022, Thabiso is eighteen years of age.

Who is Larona moagi?

Larona Moagi is a South African actress, lawyer, and Instagram personality. She gained fame after her portrayal as Itumelang in the famous Mzansi series The River. Since her debut, her fame and net worth have skyrocketed.

How much does Lindiwe from the River Earn?

She once said she doesn’t recognize herself on TV when she plays the character of Lindiwe. Sindi Dlathu (46) who has been in the film industry for well over a decade, reportedly earns about 85 000 per month. The actress was born on the 4th of January 1974 in Meadowlands, Soweto Johannesburg.

Who is the most paid actor in South Africa?

  1. Charlize Theron.
  2. Trevor Noah.
  3. Sharlto Copley.
  4. Sello Maake kaNcube.
  5. Moshidi Motshegwa.
  6. Bonang Matheba.
  7. Jamie Bartlett.
  8. Minnie Dlamini.

How much do the river actors earn per month?

The lowest-paid actors on the show due to their experience are Tinah Mnumzana (Flora), Thapelo Sebogodi (Khabzela), and Matshepo Sekgopi (Dimpho) and their salaries range from R18 000 to R25 000 per month. Followed by Lunga Shabalala who plays Lindani, earns between R20 000 and R25 000. Larona is getting R25 000.

How old is Zeno Maseko?

Zenokuhle Maseko age is 23 years. She was born on the 2nd of February, 1998.

Who is leaving The Estate 2022?

“S3 and Clive Morris Productions announce that the character of Mmakoena Molefe, played by TV personality Dineo Langa, will be on air until late September 2022 in the third season of this popular telenovela. After this, she will exit the show for the remainder of the season.

How old is tshiamo from Gomora?

†Kealeboga Masango He is currently playing Tshepo on The Queen but is best known for his role as Lefa on Rhythm City. Tshiamo was born on the 17th May 2003 making him 17 years old.

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