What do you say at a Chinese wedding tea ceremony?

Address the family members you are serving tea to in kinship terms, and hand them the teacup with both hands. When serving, you must say, “[kinship term], please drink the tea.”

How do you set up a Chinese tea ceremony?

  1. Step 1: Prepare Tea Set.
  2. Step 2: Rinse Teapot and Teacups.
  3. Step 3: Heat Water.
  4. Step 4: Put Tea Leaves into Teapot.
  5. Step 5: Wash Tea Leaves.
  6. Step 6: Brew Tea.
  7. Step 7: Pour Tea Soup into Tea Cups.
  8. Step 8: Offer Tea Cups.

What is a traditional Chinese tea ceremony?

A tea ceremony is a Chinese tradition wherein the bride and groom serve tea to their respective families, including parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and other esteemed elders. The couple receives well wishes and gifts, and it’s an act of welcoming either the bride or the groom, thereby unifying both families.

How much do you give for a Chinese tea ceremony?

You should allocate 4 cups per couple you serve (or 2 cups per person you serve) and have enough tea to make 3 pots of tea.

How long is a Chinese wedding tea ceremony?

On average, it should take about 3-4 mins for a single person or 6-8 minutes for a pair. Do the math and add an extra 15-20 minutes on top of that to get the total time to budget for the tea ceremony.

Do I need to kneel for tea ceremony?

You need to kneel while serving the tea. You may even kneel with your heads touching the ground as a sign of respect. Some couples choose to do this only for their parents while serving the tea, but this is something that will need consensus with their families.

What parents say during tea ceremony?

For example, the groom will offer to his dad first, “Father, please drink the tea”. After drinking the groom’s, the bride will then offer to the dad also saying, “Father, please drink the tea”. Next the groom will serve his mom, “Mother, please drink the tea”.

How do you incorporate Chinese tea ceremony at a wedding?

Traditionally, the wedding tea ceremony is hosted the morning of the wedding at the groom’s home and then in the afternoon at the bride’s home. Couples nowadays typically combine these into one tea ceremony, held in the morning. The groom’s family gets served tea first, and then the bride’s.

Who pays for a Chinese wedding?

Traditionally, the groom’s family pays for most of the wedding expenses, including the wedding rings, ceremony, and the Chinese wedding banquet.

What do you wear for tea ceremony?

In the case of tea ceremony, usually a plain or undecorated kimono is worn. Patterns are acceptable as long as the kimono is not flashy. For men, hakama are worn. White split-toe socks are worn by both men and women, and are taken off and changed out before heading into the tea ceremony room.

Why do people tap their fingers when pouring tea?

Light finger tapping is an informal way to thank the tea master or tea server for tea. While or after one’s cup is filled, the receiver of the tea may tap the index and middle fingers (one or more in combination) to express gratitude to the person who served the tea.

Can guests wear red to a Chinese wedding?

Just as donning an all-white dress to a Western wedding is frowned upon, wearing red is best avoided at a Chinese wedding. The bride will change into a red dress at some point in the festivities, so it’s best not to upstage her.

What should you not bring to a Chinese wedding?

Some items are taboo in Chinese wedding culture, such as clocks and knives. “Clock” in Chinese is “钟”, which indicates death and ending. Kitchen knives, even though they sound like a practical wedding gift, are considered bad-luck items to give because knives are related to blood and death in Chinese culture.

How much money do you give for a 2022 wedding gift?

2022 isn’t much different! We’re seeing the same general amount to give for a wedding gift of cash: anywhere within the $75 to $200 range is the norm. On average, most wedding guests give a gift of around $150 to $160 as a wedding present. According to etiquette experts, though, the minimum amount is around $75.

How much do you put in a red envelope for a Chinese wedding?

It is best to note that, as odd numbers are typically associated with funeral donations, the amount of money in red envelopes should be of an even number. The numbers 6 and 8 are considered to mean good luck in Chinese culture, so you’d do well to gift an amount such as 60 Yuan or 80 Yuan.

Who sits at the head table at a Chinese wedding?

The Head Table. Both, the bride and groom, should have one head table each for their families. They should be right in front of the main stage as this is the key position in the room. Usually, the direct family members (grandparents and siblings) and elder relatives, such as uncles and aunts, are at this table.

Who hosts Chinese tea ceremony?

Tea Ceremonies Nowadays Today, many couples choose to show respect to both the bride’s and groom’s families by hosting a tea ceremony for both sides at the same time, instead of hosting two separate ceremonies as in the past. Most families nowadays will organize a common wedding banquet in a hotel or restaurant.

What does the groom wear at a Chinese wedding?

“The groom often wears a Tang Suit, which is typically a long sheath paired with a jacket. The groom’s jacket traditionally is also red and adorned with dragon symbols, the counterpart to the bride’s phoenix,” explains Qiao.

What do parents wear to Chinese tea ceremony?

What should the Mother of the Bride/Groom wear to their son or daughter’s Chinese Wedding Tea ceremony? Since the Mother plays such an important role in the ceremony rundown, you’ll want to go in a dress or more formal pantsuit.

How long are tea ceremonies?

There are countless types; a full-length formal event lasts about 4 hours and includes a meal and two servings of tea. Rooted in Chinese Zen philosophy, the tea ceremony is a spiritual process, in which the participants remove themselves from the mundane world, seeking harmony and inner peace.

Can I wear cheongsam for tea ceremony?

It’s a cultural tradition for brides to wear a cheongsam dress at their Chinese wedding or tea ceremony to honor their heritage. Traditionally, the dress is a red hip-hugging sheath style with symbols of phoenix and dragon embroidery to represent a happy union between the bride and groom.

How much do parents give for tea ceremony?

If you have younger siblings or relatives serving you tea during your tea ceremony, it’s customary to give them an ang bao each. How much you give is up to you, although many tea ceremony ang bao contain smaller amounts. “Any of the auspicious denominations, such as $38, $88, $138, would do,” says June.

What does the tea ceremony symbolize?

The tea ceremony represents purity, tranquillity, respect and harmony and a lot of preparation goes into this important event.

What beverages are typically served at a Chinese wedding?

Baijiu is the traditional drink of choice for Chinese wedding banquets. Baijiu is distilled from fermented sorghum and sometimes other grains. It is a very strong liquor (between 80 and 120 proof) and can be a bit of an acquired taste, so sip carefully.

What are the main Colours used at a Chinese wedding?

Because of this, decorations at Chinese weddings are generally in red, and so is the bride’s dress. Gold is also commonly used, as it portrays wealth and fortune. White, is commonly associated with funerals in old tradition , so not often used. Dark colors, such as black, gray, and dark blue, are also best avoided.

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