What baby did Edwina Bartholomew have?

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Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew has shared an adorable new photo of her baby boy Thomas with her followers on social media. Edwina and her husband Neil Varcoe welcomed their son into the world on March 1, prompting an outpouring of love and well wishes.

What happened to Edwina from Sunrise?

Edwina “Eddy” Bartholomew has returned to Sunrise after giving birth to her second child earlier this year. The mother of two presented her first show in five months after having left for maternity leave. Eddy and her husband Neil Varcoe welcomed a baby boy, Thomas Donald Elliott Varcoe, in March.

Who dresses Edwina Bartholomew on Sunrise?

“More than twenty women in my family have now worn this dress and veil over the past 100 years,” Edwina revealed. The sentimental gown was reimagined by Cappellazzo Couture. The popular Sunrise star and Neil chose the specific date as it’s exactly one year since he proposed at the same location.

How old is Edwina?

So how old is Edwina Sharma? According to the books, Edwina is 17 years old. While her age isn’t explicitly stated in Netflix’s Bridgerton adaptation, it’s safe to assume that the Edwina in the TV series is around the same age.

How many children does Edwina Bartholomew have?

Sunrise newsreader Edwina Bartholomew recently welcomed her second child, a baby boy, with her husband Neil Varcoe, making their two-year-old daughter Molly a big sister. The family of four announced the exciting news in March this year, posting a heartwarming photo of their son Thomas.

Is Eddy from Sunrise having twins?

The charming name has Hebrew roots and means “twin” – perhaps a reflection of Edwina’s hope that her second child will be much like daughter Molly? The Sunrise star first announced she was expecting her second child in August 2021, much to the delight of her friends and family.

Who is Neil Varcoe?

Neil Varcoe is a Fairfax-trained Australian writer, journalist and social media strategist who has worked for some of the world’s largest and most respected media organisation. He lives his life with a digital layer, and understands that something did not happen, unless it is on Instagram.

Did Edwina have her second baby?

Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew has given birth to her second child, sharing pictures to Instagram on Thursday. The Channel 7 star shared a picture of young Thomas Bartholomew, who was welcomed to the world on Tuesday. “Some small news from our family,” Bartholomew wrote on Thursday.

Is Edwina on maternity leave?

Sunrise newsreader Edwina Bartholomew returned to Brekky Central on Monday after taking five months’ maternity leave. The 39-year-old and husband Neil Varcoe welcomed baby son Thomas during her absence. They are also parents to daughter Molly, born in late 2019.

Has Eddie had her second baby yet?

The gorgeous tot is Eddy and Neil’s second child, after they had a daughter called Molly in December 2019. Tom took his time to come into the world, arriving eight days after he was due to be born on February 21. “Some small news from our family,” Edwina wrote when announcing the birth via Instagram on Thursday.

Does Edwina have kids?

The presenter, who is married to Neil Varcoe, announced her pregnancy with her daughter Molly while on television in 2019, and again when she was expecting her son in 2021. Finally on March 1, 2022 the 39-year-old welcomed her newest bub, Thomas, and announced the news on Instagram.

How old is Edwina bridgerton?

According to Julia Quinn’s novels, Edwina is 17 years old.

Why is Eddie not on Sunrise?

Edwina Bartholomew returns to Sunrise alongside Natalie Barr and David Koch after five months maternity leave.

Who does Edwina marry?

Edwina getting a happily ever after is something that happens in Quinn’s novel, though it is not Prince Friedrich she marries because he is a character who appears solely in the Bridgerton series. In the books, Edwina ends up marrying Mr. Bagwell, a scholar and second son in his family.

What nationality is Edwina?

Born in Bombay, India. Edwina grew up with parents that met in a scandalous way. Her mother, a lady in London, ran away to India to marry her lower class, shopkeeper father who already had a daughter of his own. Edwina’s mother adopted Kate and raised her alongside Edwina.

Does Edwina marry Anthony?

Edwina does not marry Anthony. Fans do get a small teaser when Queen Charlotte says she has a prince nephew who is single. Bridgerton Season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

Is Eddie on Sunrise pregnant again?

Eddy’s second child is due in February 2022.

Why does Edwina call off the wedding?

Despite his uncertainty, he proposes to Edwina believing it to be the right thing to do. However on their big day, Edwina realises that he is actually madly in love with her sister Kate when he returns her bracelet, and decides to call things off. Drama.

Who does Eloise bridgerton marry?

This is also a departure from Book 5, To Sir Phillip, With Love, where Eloise marries Sir Phillip Crane.

Is Eloise older than Daphne?

Eloise Bridgerton age Eloise, Daphne’s younger sister, is 17 in the first series of the show, making her four years younger than her sister. The actress that plays her, Claudia Jessie, is 32 in real life (she was born in October 1989) making her 14 years older than the character she plays.

Are Edwina and Kate full sisters?

Viewers learn that Kate and Edwina are half-sisters, with Edwina being the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Sharma.

How old is Eloise in Bridgerton?

Eloise Bridgerton age The second daughter of Lady Bridgerton, Eloise, who is already thinking and worrying about her path to marriage, is just 18 years old in the show. Actress Claudia Jessie, however, is 14 years old than her Bridgerton character at the age of 32.

How old is violet Bridgerton?

The Bridgerton matriarch, Violet Hastings, is 48. Lady Bridgerton was widowed at a young age — her husband died roughly 10 years before the events of season one.

Is Eddie still on Sunrise?

Beloved Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew has officially returned to the breakfast show after welcoming her son Thomas in March. The mother-of-two, who announced her pregnancy on-air in August last year and went on maternity leave in January, said it was a great feeling being back at the desk.

Does Eloise marry Theo?

According to the novels Eloise and Theo do not end up together. In fact, Theo doesn’t feature in the books at all. Theo is a brand new character made for the TV show and probably to give Eloise more of a storyline this season.

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