What are the rituals of Bengali marriage?

The wedding rituals are: The Bor Jatri, Bor Boron, Potto Bostro, Saanth Paak, Subho Drishti, Mala Badal, Sampradan, Yagna, Saptabadi, Anjali and Sindoor Dhan. The post wedding rituals are: Bashor Ghar, Bashi Bye, Bidai, Kaal Ratri, Bou Bhat and Dira Gaman.

What is Bashi BIYE?

The meaning of the word Bashi is Stale, and Biye stands for wedding. Hence, the term bashi biye means “Stale wedding.” This is a unique ritual, or a kind of second round of marriage that takes place between the married couple the morning after the marriage.

What is Nandimukh in Bengali?

The wedding Pandit performs a Puja dedicated to the seven ancestral generations of the bride asking for their blessings, along with Lord Narayan. That’s precisely a Nandi Mukh in Bengali wedding. This same Puja is performed at the groom’s house, followed by a few steps.

What is Totto in Bengali wedding?

The Bride and the Groom’s family also need to send Bengali Wedding Trays to each other. The one sent from the Groom’s end is called, Gayatri Haritdra Totto. Which is sent on the day of the wedding, during the Haldi Ceremony.

Why do Bengali brides wear Loha?

The mother-in-law gives her a special gift – the loha – a special kind of bangle made with iron. She is supposed to wear this on her left wrist always. The loha is a very important symbol of marriage in the Bengali Hindu community. Once this ceremony is over, the bride and groom are required to stay separate.

Do Bengali wear Mangalsutra?

Bengali – Bengalis have no tradition of mangalsutra. Married Bengali women wear Shakha Paula bangles mandatorily. Shakha comes from Shankha, meaning conch while the Paula is made of corals. One set of the bangles is worn on each hand by every married woman.

What happens when sindoor falls on nose?

There’s a saying in Hindu culture that while applying vermillion, if a bit of it falls on the nose, then it is a sign of your husband’s love. Honestly, really didn’t need to know that after having invested thirty minutes on doing my own makeup!

What happens in a Bou Bhaat?

A Bou bhat (Bengali: বউ ভাত lit: “bride feast”) is a post-wedding ritual held usually one or two days after a Bengali wedding. In this ceremony a party is hosted by the groom’s father or family, where both the bride’s and groom’s family members and friends are invited.

Is it necessary to wear shakha Pola?

Being from Bengal it was mandatory to wear ‘shakha pola’. Shakha is a white bangle made of “conch shell” and pola is a red coral bangle. As customs have it, one has to wear a pair of each in both the hands. Shakha pola forms an integral part of the wedding trousseau.

What Bengali bride holds in hand?

Similar to the mangalsutra which signifies that a woman is married, the ‘Sankha’ and ‘Pola’ are conch shell bangles that are worn by married Bengali women. After the Holud ceremony, the bride has to wear these bangles after they have been dipped in turmeric water during the ‘Sankha Porano’ ritual.

Why fish is given in Bengali wedding?

This ritual is called Tattva. Fish symbolises good luck and prosperity, the gesture of groom’s family gifting the bride is their way of extending their wishes for her happiness as she embarks upon this new journey.

Why do Bengali brides wear Mukut?

Why do Bengali brides wear Mukut? The Topor or Mukut is a quintessential element of the Bengali bridal trousseau. This crown that Bengali brides don for their wedding ceremony is considered to be a good-luck charm. It symbolises good luck, prosperity and balance in the bride’s future matrimonial life.

What is Dodhi Mangal?

Dodhi Mongol Just before sunrise, both the bride and the groom are made to eat a blend of various food items like rice flakes, bananas, Sandesh and sweet curd. This is done on the day of the marriage.

How many days is a Bengali wedding?

Unlike American weddings with bridesmaids and cakes, or North Indian weddings with sangeet and cocktail hours, Bengali weddings are an almost three day-long procession of ritual after ritual. Historically, it was designed to involve all the members of a family and bring everyone together for a few days.

What do Bengali brides wear?

The Bengali brides wear red, maroon, pink color saree on their wedding day. The banarasi silk in widely used and is common and most popular. The traditional saree is generally in white with red or maroon or pink border. The bengali bride might prefer a completely bright red silk saree with gold zari or buta work on it.

How long do you wear Chura?

It is now normal for the bride to wear her choora for a month and a quarter (40 days). As the choora is made of fragile materials, Punjabi custom has it that the bride may refrain from heavy housework in her marital home to keep it intact for the 40 days, as a kind of honeymoon.

Why do Bengalis wear white bangles?

According to mythology, This sankha-pola custom has come from a fishermen s story. As they can t afford costly jewellery they use to wear these kind of white and red bangles. It is also believed that these bangles and loha has that power to handle negative and positive vibes together.

Why do Bengali brides wear Alta?

The vibrant red of aalta signified fertility and if you look carefully, the red benaroshi saree and those intricate gold jewellery which are THE look for a blushing Bengali bride would welcome a clean glowing hand with bright red designs rather than a mehendi wala hand.

Why do Bengali wear Noa?

A Noa or also known as Shona bandhano is a simple gold plated iron bangle that every Bengali married woman wears to ward off evil. As a part of Bengali wedding traditions, the mother-in-law gifts a Noa to the bride when she enters her new home.

What are Bengali bangles called?

Shaka Paula: An accessory that is well known across the Indian subcontinent, the bridal shaka paula is a set of white and red bangles that are worn only by married women in Bengal.

Can I wear two thali?

Of course yes. Sarees, Bangles, Toe Rings along with Mangalsutra is commonly used by Muslims and Christians as a traditional female attire. You would find this precedence in full in South India and scanty in the north of India.

Which colour sindoor is best?

Sindoor is not always red. It comes in three different colours; maroon, blood red and orange. So ladies, you have so many choices in your hands. Maroon sindoor looks amazing on dusky complexion while blood red looks nice on the fairer women.

Can we put sindoor during periods?

During menstruation, some women refrain from wearing sindoor. The positioning of the bindi in between the eyes is significant. According to the Indian sages, the area between the eyebrows is the seat of latent wisdom.

Which finger should be used to apply Kumkum?

Applying tilak with the ring finger is considered very auspicious. If you want to apply tilak to yourself, then you can also use the ring finger for yourself, because this finger is related to the sun, so apply tilak with this finger.

What is Bhaath?

Bhaat. Bhaat is a very important Agarwal wedding tradition. The Mama or the maternal uncles of the bride plays an important role in the wedding. The custom is, for the Mama to bestow lavish gifts on the bride.

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