Was Chelsea pregnant at her wedding to Cole?

The couple officially tied the knot on Oct. 1, 2016, according to Us Weekly, in a super intimate ceremony all while Houska was pregnant with the couple’s first child. But this wedding ceremony was small, with only the couple’s parents, siblings, and Aubree in attendance, according to Us Weekly.

Did Chelsea and Cole have a big wedding?

(DeBoer even adorably asked Houska’s seven-year-old daughter, Aubree, for permission to marry her mom!) But after getting pregnant with their first child together, the couple decided to put their large wedding on hold until after their child was born.

How long have Chelsea and Cole been married?

After tying the knot in October 2016, Chelsea and Cole started a family of their own. The aesthetician gave birth to their son, Waston Cole, in January 2017. Less than two years later, they became a family of five when Chelsea and Cole welcomed daughter Layne on her 27th birthday.

What does Chelsea and Cole do for a living?

All of these men have at least a supplemental income thanks to MTV — but child support isn’t going to pay itself! For example, Chelsea Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer works as a traffic control specialist, which means he deals with the roads and highways for the state of South Dakota.

How old was Aubree when Chelsea met Cole?

Cole was soon introduced to Teen Mom 2 viewers and he moved in with Chelsea and her daughter Aubree, now 12, in 2015. His first appearance on the show took place during a season 6 episode, which was filmed after the couple had already been dating for a few months. 🍼 Follow all our latest news & stories on Teen Mom.

What is Chelsea’s 4th baby?

The former Teen Mom 2 star gave birth on Monday to her fourth child, daughter Walker June, she announced on Instagram. Chelsea shared two adorable pictures of Walker, noting that she has the same birthday as their 3-year-old son, Watson.

Where is Chelsea Houska’s cabin?

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska shows fans inside family cabin in Nebraska after revealing plans to ‘fix it up’ CHELSEA Houska is having an open house, giving fans a special look inside her family’s cabin in Nebraska.

Is Chelsea and Cole getting a divorce?

Not long after, Chelsea shared her own confirmation of the news on November 10, 2020. “After much thought and discussion with my family and friends, Cole and I have decided that this season will be our last,” she said. Keep scrolling to see Chelsea and Cole’s picture-perfect relationship timeline.

What are Chelsea and Cole doing now?

HGTV has announced a new series, Farmhouse Fabulous (wt), starring our favorites from MTV’s Teen Mom 2 Chelsea and Cole DeBoer. The series will follow Chelsea and Cole as they launch a design business in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Season one is slated to premiere in the spring of 2023.

When did Chelsea and Adam finally break up?

Ep 4 – Life Goes On – Chelsea is invited to a concert to take her mind off Adam. Ep 5 – Second Chances – Chelsea and Adam officially call it quits.

Does Chelsea move out of South Dakota?

TEEN Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska has secretly sold her former South Dakota home featuring six acres of farmland and stunning country views for $45,000 under asking price. Listing the home comes after Chelsea, 30, and her husband Cole DeBoer, built their dream farm home that they moved into in December 2020.

Where Does Chelsea and Cole live?

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and husband Cole DeBoer had quite a journey building their dream farmhouse in South Dakota from the ground up. Of course, it turned out to be absolutely stunning and is a perfect fit for their busy family.

Is Corey still with Miranda?

Corey Simms Is Still Married to Miranda Patterson After he and Leah called it quits for good in 2011, Corey later married Miranda Patterson in June 2013. In addition to coparenting his and Leah’s twins, he also shares daughter Remington Simms with Miranda. The couple appear to still be together in 2022.

How much does Jenelle Evans make per episode?

After years of controversy, Jenelle was fired from MTV in 2019. Prior to that, CheatSheet reported she was making a similar salary to her Teen Mom 2 costars at a whopping $300,000 per season.

What did Adam do to Chelsea 16 and pregnant?

As Chelsea was getting the news that she was pregnant, Adam was texting her to break up with her. It’s hard to take this conversation seriously because . . . Chelsea said suddenly Adam was really nice and happy. Chelsea says, “It’s going to turn out fine.”

Why did Chelsea leave Teen Mom?

Houska, who first made her MTV debut on 16 and Pregnant in 2009 before joining Teen Mom 2 in 2011, recently told E! News that her daughter Aubree, now 11, was a key reason for the departure. (Houska’s time on 16 and Pregnant chronicled Aubree’s birth, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind).

Why did Chelsea’s son have surgery?

TEEN Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is raising her three young children in a country-style home on six acres of land! Chelsea, 28, and her husband Cole DeBoer, 31, purchased their South Dakota home in July 2018 for $418,000.

What are Chelsea and Coles kids name?

A registered nurse, Mary split from Chelsea’s dad Randy many years ago. Randy, a denist in South Dakota, is now remarried but remains close with his daughter.

How much was Chelsea Deboers new house?

The two separated in 2010 after Leah had doubts about their relationship, but eventually reunited and got engaged later in 2010. They married in October shortly before the twins’ first birthday. However in April 2011, Leah admitted to having cheated on Corey, which led to their divorce in June 2011.

What does Chelsea’s mom do for a living?

Before 2020 came to an end, Delp was arrested again on October 27 of that year. A Pennsylvania prison confirmed to The Sun in November that he was booked for a parole violation for his 2018 meth lab operation case. Five months later, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed he was released from prison on March 19, 2021.

Why did Leah and Jeremy divorce?

What is this? While Adam no longer has parental rights for Paislee, he has retained those rights for Aubree, despite being quite inconsistent when it comes to his involvement in Aubree’s life – both physically and financially.

Where is Kieffer Delp now?

Chelsea and Cole met in 2014 and wed by October 2016. They have three children together, son Watson and daughters Layne and Walker.

Did Adam give up rights to Aubree?

In 2018, the troubled dad shockingly signed away his parental rights of Paislee, then 5. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Taylor revealed she and Chelsea continue to get the sisters together even after Adam gave up his rights. Taylor said: “With Covid and everything, it threw a wrench in everybody’s schedules.

Did Chelsea date anyone between Adam and Cole?

TEEN Mom star Gary Shirley revealed his wife Kristina is going to nursing school as he made sure to let her know he has “the house covered” while she’s gone.

Are Chelsea and Taylor friends?

He even said the rent would go towards their daughter and not to him. Though Amber and Gary share 50/50 custody of Leah, she primarily resides with her father.

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