Why did Monica’s wedding dress change?

After winning the day at Kleinman’s, Monica learns that Megan has booked the Swing Kings, the band Chandler wanted to perform, for the same day as the wedding. Monica wants to make Chandler happy, so she decides to trade Megan the dress for the band — but first, she wants to try the dress on … Read more

Do Prince Albert and Princess Charlene have a happy marriage?

10 years together. On July 2, 2021 the royal couple celebrated 10 years of marriage and marked the occasion with a series of loved-up videos. Charlene shared one to Instagram with the caption: “Happy anniversary, Albert. What happened to Prince of Monaco’s wife? She had had a sinus lift and bone grafting procedure earlier in … Read more

Who is Mark Wallace married to?

In 2016, he was awarded an honorary doctorate of laws by his alma mater. Velshi was married briefly in his twenties. In 2009, he married his second wife, New York–born hedge fund manager Lori Wachs, the president of Philadelphia-based Cross Ledge Investments, whom he met when she was a guest on his show. Who is … Read more

Can you take pictures at the Muttart Conservatory?

Visitors are welcome to take casual individual photographs for their own personal use. Photos can be taken with hand-held cameras or cellphones. The use of Tripods can only be used for plant photography during low admission times and must not impact other guests visiting the facility. What do you do at the Muttart Conservatory? The … Read more

What do you give a older couple to get married?

Engraved Cutting Board. Custom Name Pillow. Wedding Photo Plaque. Custom Couple Mug. Song Lyrics Canvas. Initials Throw Blanket. Custom Luggage Tag. Whiskey Decanter Set. What are the latest trends in wedding photography? More Relaxed Weddings. Documentary Wedding Photography. Second Shooters & Videography. First Look Photos. Unplugged Ceremonies. Social Media. Selfie Shots. Proposal Shots. How do … Read more

How do you make a dreamy wedding picture?

What are the most important pictures in a wedding? Getting ready. These photos are effortlessly casual and make for the most fun photo ops. Personality pic. Bouquet. Invitation suite. Generational photo. Shoes. Individual bridal party shots. The reception space (empty) What photos should be taken at a wedding? Details and room decor shots, including table … Read more

What does an unplugged wedding mean?

An unplugged wedding ceremony is a ceremony in which the couple requests that guests put away cell phones, cameras, and any other devices in order for them to be present in the moment. We spoke with Toronto-based photographer Jennifer van Son, who actually promotes unplugged weddings to her couples. How do you tell guests no … Read more

Why do my professional photos look blurry?

The most common reason for a blurry photo is an incorrect use of shutter speed. The faster your shutter speed is, the less chance there is for camera shake. This is particularly true when shooting handheld. There is no way that anyone will be able to handhold a camera steady enough at slow shutter speeds. … Read more

How do I put the initials on my wedding cake?

What is a monogram on a cake? The definition of a monogram involves a letter, either on its own or combined with another. Our rule of thumb is: if the cake is letter shaped, it’s a monogram; If It’s number shaped, it’s a number cake (great for birthdays or anniversaries.) How do you make a … Read more

What happened to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon marriage?

In 2014, the couple shocked fans when they called it quits after six years of marriage. Despite a contentious divorce, Carey and Cannon are now on good terms, and their main focus is co-parenting their children. How long were Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey married? Carey and Cannon tied the knot in the Bahamas in … Read more

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