Is there a dress code for the Detroit Princess?

What is the dress code? We recommend business casual, but you are more than welcome to go above and beyond that! Nothing is too fancy for a night on the Detroit Princess.

How much does the Detroit Princess cost?


Is the Detroit Princess the old Boblo boat?

The Boblo Boat is now the Detroit Princess. My parents went on a sunset motown dinner cruise on it just last week.

How deep is the Detroit River?

The river ranges from about 18 to 52 feet deep, and police say the areas where they search are frequently between 20 and 35 feet deep. The river is 28 miles long, and the Detroit shoreline comprises roughly 10 miles of it.

How old do you have to be to get on the princess boat?

Passangers under the age of 21 must be accompanied by passengers 21 years or older. Please note that several countries may have special entry requirements for visitors under the age of 18. Additional beds for babies must be requested before departure.

How dressy is formal nights on Princess Cruises?

Princess Cruise Line has formal and smart-casual nights. The dress code for formal nights on a Princess Cruise is tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits for men and evening gowns, cocktail dresses or elegant pantsuits for women.

Do Princess Cruises have formal evenings?

Number of Formal Nights: Four- to six-night cruises have one formal evening; seven- to 13-night cruises have two; 14- to 20-night cruises have three; 21- to 28-night cruises have four; cruises of 29 nights or more have a minimum of five.

What does formal night mean on a cruise?

Just as the name implies, formal night is the evening on the cruise when the dress code goes from the casual style that’s normal around the ship to more elegant.

Are Princess Cruises child friendly?

Princess welcomes babies, toddlers and preschoolers to the world of cruising with services and amenities that make life easier for their families as well. These young guests are welcome in Camp Discovery when accompanied by a parent.

How big is the Detroit Princess Boat?

Three Unique Experiences From a magnificent, five deck boat capable of chartering 1500 passengers to a charming, single deck cruiser ideal for smaller crowds, our family of boats can accommodate any party size.

When was the Detroit Princess boat built?

Until the Detroit Princess Riverboat’s arrival in 2005 the riverfront felt a tad bit empty, and we have happily filled the role as Detroit’s premier riverboat experience ever since.

What happened to the Bob Lo boats?

Boblo Island Amusement Park is an abandoned amusement park which operated from 1898 until its closure on September 30, 1993. Its amusement rides were sold in 1994. The park was located on Bois Blanc Island, Ontario, just above the mouth of the Detroit River.

Can you still visit Boblo Island?

The park has been closed since 1993 Boblo (or Bob-Lo) sparks memories for many adults who spent summers riding the ferry to Boblo Island, visiting its amusement park or just enjoying a picnic. The park has been closed since 1993, but the legend of Boblo is still strong.

How long was the boat ride from Detroit to Boblo Island?

The ferry is a short four minute ride to the island. It runs every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at a fee of $10 each way. After the short ferry ride, residents simply drive right onto the island onto Boblo Island Blvd.

Are there sharks in the Detroit River?

WYANDOTTE – Yesterday morning fishermen spotted what they estimated to be a 21-foot-long great white shark swimming in the Detroit River.

Can you swim in the Detroit River?

You can swim in the Detroit River, with a view of the Detroit skyline, from Belle Isle’s beach. The island, which sits right on the river in between the United States and Canada, became Michigan’s 102nd state park in 2014 as part of a lease agreement with the City of Detroit.

What is the temperature of the Detroit River?

The water temperature in Detroit River today is higher than the average temperature of 24.25° C (75.65° F) and the temperature on this day last year, 24th August 2021, was 26.12° C (79.02° F).

What is not allowed on a Princess cruise ship?

Hookah and Water Hookah Pipes, candles and incense, strike-anywhere matches, clothing irons, heating pads, hot plates, kettles, coffee makers, toasters and other electronic cooking appliances. Alcohol in violation of the company alcohol policy. All illegal drugs, including medications without proper prescriptions.

Can you drink at 18 on a cruise in international waters?

Most notably, many travelers may not realize that although the minimum legal drinking age in all 50 states is 21, the rules of most cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, allow 18-year-olds to order alcohol once their ships are in international waters.

Can you drink on a cruise at 18?

Yes. The rules vary by cruise line, but most allow 18-year-olds to hang out at bars or nightclubs on their own, or with family and friends who are also 18+. But do note that the drinking age on all ships that visit the U.S., as well as on many U.S.-based cruise lines sailing anywhere in the world, is 21.

Are Princess Cruises very formal?

Evening Attire on a Princess Cruise Ship The dress code on a Princess cruise is referred to as “Smart Casual” for most evenings. For the main dining room, gentlemen will feel most comfortable in casual slacks (Dockers, khaki’s) –no tears, rips or holes. A polo / sports shirt or a button-down shirt is appropriate.

Can I wear jeans on Princess Cruise?

Princess Cruise Line Princess has both smart casual and formal dress codes for evening dining. Smart casual options include casual dresses and skirts, or pants and a nice top. Nice jeans (clean and not torn) are permitted in Princess’ main dining room and specialty restaurants on smart casual evenings.

How many formal nights Does Princess have?

Dress Code Princess Cruise Lines has two formal nights per cruise. The first one is usually during the second week at sea and the second one is the last night of your cruise. You must wear long pants and collared shirts or turtlenecks with ties if you are male, and dresses or skirts with heels if female.

What is the dress code for anytime dining on Princess Cruises?

Smart casual: Skirts, dresses or trousers with t-shirt or blouse for ladies, trousers and shirt or poloshirt for gentlemen. Shorts and swimwear are not allowed in the restaurant.

What should I wear on a Princess Cruise?

Princess Cruises is smart casual, so pack clothing that adheres to that guideline. On the informal side of things, both men and women may want to pack away breezy shirts, comfortable sandals and shorts for the day, while they can opt for a sweatshirt or windbreaker to help them stay warm if temperatures drop.

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