Is Juliana Olayode married to Lateef Adedimeji?

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Nollywood actor Lateef Oladimeji is taken. For those curious about the identity of his beautiful movie wife, her name is Juliana Olayode, a very popular face in the entertainment world.

Is toyosi still in jenifa’s diary?

Actress Juliana Olayode aka Toyo Baby has opened on how she was dropped from hit series Jenifa’s Diary. Juliana, who is also an author, is famed for her role in ‘Jenifa’s Diary’, a comedy series by Funke Akindele-Bello. But she stopped featuring in the show from May 2016.

What happened between Funke Akindele and Toyo Baby?

According to reports and several sources, Funke Akindele removed Toyo’s baby from the series because she demanded more pay. Akindele, via her production manager and younger sister Abimbola, pays actors between N3,000 and N150,000 (per episode/season of the show), depending on their role.

Why did Toyosi leave jenifa?

Timi also claimed that he knew some secrets about the actress but would not want to expose her. With things spiraling out of control, Juliana was forced to put out a statement on Wednesday, January 26 revealing that Timi was in fact the reason she got fired from the show.

What caused jenifa and Toyosi fight?

Nigerian Actress, Juliana, popularly known as Toyosi in Jenifa’s diary has accused a pastor, Timi Adigun of sexually abusing her sister. Juliana had in an earlier post called out the pastor who was her ‘Spiritual father’ for taking control of her Facebook and other social media accounts.

Is adebimpe Lateef Adedimeji wife?

Actress, Adebimpe Oyebade-Adedimeji, popularly known as Mo Bimpe, has said life has become more beautiful since she got married to her actor colleague, Lateef Adedimeji. In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “Life has been more beautiful for me since I got married.

How old is Iyabo Ojo now?

Iyabo Ojo was born on 21 December 1977 in Lagos, Nigeria. Going by this, she is currently 44 years old and would be 45-year-old in December 2022.

Did Odunlade Adekola marry Eniola Ajao?

It is no longer news that Odunlade Adekola is very instrumental in the acting career of Eniola Ajao, and their close friendship had made people speculate that they are dating, but the duo had repeatedly denied it.

Who is Marcus in jenifa’s diary?

JJC Skillz (Marcus) – Abdul Rasheed Bello He opens a beauty salon for her in season 5. His real name is Abdul Rasheed Bello. In reality, he is the husband of Funke Akindele. Other than featuring in Jenifa’s diary, Abdul Rasheed Bello is a music rapper and producer.

Who is Laide in jenifa’s diary?

Nollywood actress, Motunrayo Adegboye, widely known as Laide in Jenifa’s Diary, is known for her funny roles in movies.

What is the meaning of Toyo?

Toyo is a Filipino slang typically used to refer to one’s neediness, emotional immaturity, or a mixture of the two. While it’s present in many aspects of life, having ‘toyo’ is generally associated with romantic relationships. Both men and women exhibit ‘toyoin’ behavior.

Who was the bald guy in demon slayer?

Appearance. Toyo is a man of average height and build, with a bald head and closed eyes. Toyo wears a dull-yellow-and-black striped kimono, light pants, and dark shoes. His first appearance shows him smoking a kiseru.

Where is Toyo made?

Toyo has a manufacturing facility in China designed to produce high-performance tires by adopting the marque’s distinctive modern production techniques. Hence, Toyo tires made in china come with the same improved quality this brand is known for and supplies durable and top-performing products.

Who is Juliana Olayode father?

Nigerian actress Juliana Olayode wey many pipo sabi as ‘Toyo baby’ and her former spiritual father and manager, Pastor Timilehin Adigun don continue to call themselves out on social media.

Where is Olayode Juliana from?

Juliana Olayode popularly known as Toyo Baby, an alias she got from starring as Toyosi in the series, Jenifa’s Diary, is an actress and sexual purity activist. Born into a family of eight and brought up in Lagos, Toyo hails from Ipokia Local Council of Ogun State.

What did toyosi do?

A lady identified as Toyosi on Thursday “voluntarily presented” herself at a police station after raising an alarm on social media that some men had kidnapped and raped her. Benjamin Hundeyin, the police spokesperson in Lagos, said via his Twitter handle that the lady is in their custody and is being questioned.

Why did FALZ leave jenifa’s diary?

According to the singer in an interview with Inkblot’s Meet & Greet, he stopped being on the show due to the schedule, and timing of shooting. He said, “If I could be on the show every single episode, I would but it’s just schedule, timing, shooting, ah!

Who is jenifa husband?

The marriage between popular Nigerian actress and movie producer, Funke Akindele, a.k.a Jenifa and musician Abdulrasheed Bello known as JJC Skillz, has crashed as the husband has officially confirmed the rumour which has been going on for months. They were married for six years.

How many wife did Segun Ogungbe marry?

Segun Ogungbe is happily married to two beautiful wives. The actor has revealed that even though he is a polygamist, his home is very peaceful contrary to what the public thinks. Segun Ogungbe is the proud husband of two wives named Atinuke Ogungbe and Omowunmi Ajiboye.

Is Laide Bakare still married?

Laide Bakare got married to Mutairu in 2012 in a secret marriage and the union produced two sons. The couple however separated after he was alleged to be involved in fraudulent activities which made the EFCC declare him wanted in 2014.

What is Kemi Afolabi suffering from?

She… Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi announced that she has begun treatment for lupus at John Hopkins Hospital. In early 2022, she disclosed that she was battling the autoimmune disease.

Is Kemi Afolabi related with Murphy Afolabi?

Murphy Afolabi And Kemi Afolabi are not related. Even though they share the same surnames they are just colleague I’m the industry.

Which state is Kemi Afolabi from?

Kemi Afolabi Early Life & Education Kemi was born on the twenty eighth of April 1978 in Lagos, Nigeria, which is 42years previous Now. Her dad and mom hail from Ogun State and She’s the primary of three children with two youthful brothers.

How old is Ibrahim Chatta now?

How Old Is Ibrahim Chatta? The Yoruba actor legend was born in 1970, October 13 which makes him at present 51 years outdated as he can be clocking 52 on the thirteenth of October, 2022.

What is the relationship between Odunlade adekola and Lateef Adedimeji?

Between Me and Odunlade Adekola Many have seen him as rival to another leading Yoruba act, Odunlade Adekola. Though many admit that Adekola is his senior in the industry, Lateef is seen as the one that will take over that ‘slot’ in Yoruba movie hierarchy. But Lateef says they get along very well.

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