Is Dillish Mathews married?

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Big Brother Africa Winner, Beautiful Dillish Mathews got married to her beau, today in Namibia.

How much did Dillish Mathews win from Big Brother?

Namibian beauty, Dillish Mathews’ life changed for the better when she emerged winner of the 2013 edition of the Big Brother Africa competition. That win made her $300,000 richer and turned her to a celebrity of sorts in her home country.

How old is Dillish Mathews?

Dillish Mathews Age She was born on 16 September 1990 and she is 31 years old. She is the eldest among her 5 siblings with one brother and one sister.

How much did Dillish Mathews win in Namibian dollars?

Last night Africa watched in anticipation as I.K announced this years Big Brother Africa winner and to many’s surpize it was Namibia’s Dillish Mathews who scooped up a very cool $300,000 from the 90 day competition. Dillish welcome to ZAlebs, you’re now $300,000 richer!

How old is Maria Nepembe?

Maria Nepembe Age Maria was born on October 4 in 1988. She is 32-years-old.

What is the meaning of Dillish?

A submission from Nigeria says the name Dillish means “Delicious,Happiness,talented” and is of Malayalam origin.

Is Dillish still dating Adebayor?

Adebayor and Dilish’s relationship ended abruptly in 2019 which sparked rumours of infidelity from one partner. Recently, Dillish Mathews posted the meanings of the words “Narcissist” and “obsessed” of her Instagram story, subtly subbing the football player.

Who is Dillish Mathews father?

Big Brother Africa winner Namibian Dellish Matthews has finally found her biological father, a Kenyan man named Abdi Guyo.

Which year did Dillish Mathews win Big Brother Africa?

Everything Dillish does always turns gold and she is also respected for her fashion skills. Dillish gained popularity in 2013 when she won the Big Brother Africa The Chase competition. She has since managed to make a name for herself in the industry.

Did delish win Big Brother?

Namibian beauty Dillish Matthews has emerged winner of the reality TV show Big Brother Africa.

Did Maria Nepembe get married?

And while the posts that have followed have done nothing to confirm that she actually did get married, we can only hope that she will formally confirm this news to her fans soon enough. On her most recent posts on her Instagram she has no wedding ring on which makes the whole thing all the more confusing.

Who is Meriam Kaxuxwena?

Meriam is amongst the top international models from Namibia who proves to the world just how beautiful Namibian women are. Kaxuxwena, who started her modeling career at a very young age, has walked on international platforms, made a name for herself and Namibia, won awards, and made money.

Who is Betty Davids?

Betty Davids is a Namibian socialite and influencer who is known for her eye-catching content on social media. Her real name is Beata Siteketa and not much is known about her early life, her parents and her siblings.

Is Adebayor married?

Personal life. Adebayor is married and has a daughter named Kendra (born June 2010).

Did Big Brother Africa have two houses?

Format. In this season, there were twenty-eight housemates who lived in two houses – The Ruby House and The Diamond House. Each week, two housemates would swap houses for the upcoming week until the merge was reached. The housemates were competing for US $300,000.

Where is Maria Nepembe from?

Mariah Nepembe become famous as a model, appearing on billboards, and taking centre stage on the runway. She established herself among the top most recognised and in-demand runway models in Namibia. Born on 4 October 1988, Mariah hails from Ondangwa in northern Namibia.

How old is Maria Kaxuxwena?

She is a catwalk model who participates in pageants, and commercial shoots and does photography modelling. She was born on 29 October 1992 in a small town called Helao Nafidi in the Northern part of Namibia. Meriam Kaxuxwena will be turning 29 years old. She is 1.77m tall.

What does Betty Davids do for a living?

Betty Davids is a Financial officer at a German Non-Profit Organisation called GIZ. She has a Master of Law from UNAM, Master of Law in Commercial Law from the University of Cape Town among many other qualifications. She recently shared a snap from her graduation ceremony and fans congratulated her.

Is Betty Davids married?

After months of postponing the wedding, Betty Davids finally tied the knot with Shapwa Kanyama. Of course, having just one day of celebrations would not be enough for the beauty influencer; she had celebrated her special union with family and friends for two days this past weekend.

How much was Betty Davids wedding cost?

Businessman Shapwa Kamanya sold his wedding tie to himself for N$150 000 at his extravagant wedding to Betty Davids in northern Namibia last weekend. Businessman Shapwa Kamanya sold his wedding tie to himself for N$150 000 at his extravagant wedding to Betty Davids in northern Namibia last weekend.

Where is Emmanuel Eboue now?

Thank you for subscribing! Former Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue has launched his own football academy in the Ivory Coast. The Gunners cult hero officially announced his retirement from football in October 2020 and has since spent time working with the Galatasaray academy in Turkey.

Why was Big Brother Africa Cancelled?

Organisers of the TV reality show have stated that this year’s show was cancelled due to cash constraints and lack of sponsorship.

Who owns Big Brother South Africa?

Big Brother Mzansi, formerly known as Big Brother South Africa, is a television series in South Africa produced by M-Net and Endemol. As of 2022, it has had a total of six seasons.

Who was the first Nigerian to win Big Brother Africa?

Kevin Chuwang Pam was the first Nigerian to win the television reality show; it was also the same year that IK Osakioduwa took over anchoring the show and, this time, instead of the initial $100,000, Kevin walked away with $200,000 and found love in a fellow housemate who he eventually married, Tanzanian-born Elizabeth …

Who is Big Brother in person?

Since Channel Seven’s reboot of the series, voice actor Chris Coucouvinis has been revealed to be the new Big Brother, replacing Murray.

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