Is Chelsea’s wedding on Teen Mom 2?

Finally! After tying the knot last year, Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer at last got the fairy-tale wedding of their dreams. And judging by photos from the nuptials, it certainly looks like it was worth the wait!

Does Chelsea Houska have stretch marks?

“I do have a little bit of loose skin and some stretch marks on my front, but I would say most of my stretch marks are on my side,” Chelsea said in a video, while showing off her stomach area and reflecting on her past pregnancies. She clarified, “I got them when I had Aubree, they didn’t get worse with each baby.”

Are Kailyn and Vee still friends?

Though she believes she’s made personal growth and doesn’t “react the same way” she used to with difficult situations, Lowry feels he still treats her “like I’m the Kail from years ago.” She added that it’s “hard” to keep a friendship with his wife Vee, with whom she records the podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, but they’re …

How old was Aubree when Chelsea met Cole?

Cole was soon introduced to Teen Mom 2 viewers and he moved in with Chelsea and her daughter Aubree, now 12, in 2015. His first appearance on the show took place during a season 6 episode, which was filmed after the couple had already been dating for a few months. 🍼 Follow all our latest news & stories on Teen Mom.

Was Chelsea pregnant at her wedding?

The couple officially tied the knot on Oct. 1, 2016, according to Us Weekly, in a super intimate ceremony all while Houska was pregnant with the couple’s first child. But this wedding ceremony was small, with only the couple’s parents, siblings, and Aubree in attendance, according to Us Weekly.

Where is Kieffer now?

He agreed to serve 18 to 36 months in a state correctional institution with three years probation. But only six days after completing his sentence, he was arrested in February 2020 on an outstanding warrant for jumping bail in New Jersey.

How many acres did Chelsea and Cole buy?

TEEN Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is raising her three young children in a country-style home on six acres of land! Chelsea, 28, and her husband Cole DeBoer, 31, purchased their South Dakota home in July 2018 for $418,000. The Teen Mom 2 stars got a good deal for the abode, as it was listed for sale for $435,000.

Why did Adam and Chelsea break up?

His seemingly fleeting interest in their daughter, Aubree’s life is a constant source of stress and worry to Chelsea as she wrestles with her feelings for him and the need to provide Aubree with a stable family life. Chelsea eventually makes the decision to break things off with Adam for good.

Why did Chelsea leave Teen Mom?

Those frustrated fans are referring to Chelsea leaving Teen Mom 2 in 2020 in order to protect her family’s “privacy,” especially her 12-year-old daughter Aubree.

What did V do to Kailyn?

The gal pals recently got into a rift after Vee admitted she leaked her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-host Kailyn’s pregnancy news with her son Lux, four. While the pair seemed to have made up since the confession, the MTV star made a dig at her friend during an episode of her new podcast, Vibin’ & Kinda Thivin’.

Is Vee still with Joe?

Though the couple split soon after Isaac’s birth in 2010, Kailyn and Jo remain friends, and Jo is currently married to Vee Torres.

How much is Jo Rivera worth?

Kailyn, 29, shares son Isaac, 11, with her ex-boyfriend Jo, who is also dad to daughter Vivi, 6, with his wife Vee, 30. 🍼 Follow all our latest news & stories on Teen Mom. The Sun can exclusively reveal Jo, 29, has a real estate empire worth $1,020,250.

How much does Jenelle Evans make per episode?

After years of controversy, Jenelle was fired from MTV in 2019. Prior to that, CheatSheet reported she was making a similar salary to her Teen Mom 2 costars at a whopping $300,000 per season.

Do Chelsea and Layne have the same birthday?

TEEN Mom star Chelsea Houska and her daughter celebrated their join birthday by throwing a party together. Chelsea, who turned 30, decided to do a joint party with her daughter Layne as the pair were both born on the same day and share a birthday.

Did Chelsea finish hair school?

Aubree’s mama finally got the test results — and good news — she’d been waiting for. Chelsea’s hard work paid off on this week’s “Teen Mom 2” episode: She finally got her esthetician license.

Who designed Chelsea Houska wedding dress?

She purchased the gown from L’atelier Couture bridal shop. The mom of four revealed that she would be wearing ivory or nude on her wedding day. She told Life & Style of her day: “We’re having a rustic wedding in South Dakota.” Her dress, which she showed off after the fact, reflected the theme.

How long has Chelsea and Cole been married?

Chelsea and Cole met in 2014 and wed by October 2016. They have three children together, son Watson and daughters Layne and Walker.

What kind of car does Chelsea Houska drive?

Chelsea Houska just picked out a new Land Rover as her “mom car,” and took to Instagram to show off her shiny new vehicle.

Is Chelsea still an esthetician?

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Ditched Her Job as an Esthetician to Be a Full-Time Mama.

What happened to Janelle?

After she filed for divorce in October of 2019 (which some fans believe was a last-ditch effort to get back on Teen Mom 2), Jenelle officially reconciled with David Eason. She moved back to North Carolina after spending time renting an apartment in Tennessee, and she is still yearning for full custody of Jace.

Where is Kieffer now 2022?

Kieffer Stays Out of the Limelight Now In the years after speaking candidly to fans about his sobriety journey, Kieffer maintained a low-profile on social media. In 2022, he still had his Instagram account on “private” mode. However, he uses his Twitter account from time to time.

Is Kieffer from Teen Mom 2 in jail?

The deal had him agree to serve 18 to 36 months in a state correctional facility in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Just one week after his release in February 2020, the New Jersey native was picked up once again, this time for an outstanding warrant after jumping bail.

Did Adam give up rights to Aubree?

What is this? While Adam no longer has parental rights for Paislee, he has retained those rights for Aubree, despite being quite inconsistent when it comes to his involvement in Aubree’s life – both physically and financially.

How much is Chelsea Houska new house worth?

The parents of four listed their home for $600,000 on June 2, according to Realtor. The Sun can exclusively reveal the home sold on July 16 for $555,000, as real estate records just became available.

Where do Cole and Chelsea live?

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and husband Cole DeBoer had quite a journey building their dream farmhouse in South Dakota from the ground up. Of course, it turned out to be absolutely stunning and is a perfect fit for their busy family.

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