Is Bahati and Diana married?

Kenyan gospel Singer Bahati tied the knot with his fiancé Diana Marua in a low key ceremony held on October 20th in Nairobi.

Is Bahati and Diana still together?

The reality TV show which debuted on Sunday, July 22, follows the life and times of the singer with his wife, daughter Heaven and Yvette Obura with whom he had his first daughter, Mueni. Bahati got married to Diana Marua in October 2017.

Who is Bahatis wife?

The relationship between gospel singer Weezdom and Bahati’s wife Diana Marua is on a new bend. This is after Marua took to Instagram to reveal that Weezdom, at one time, turned against her. Marua explained that the singer who is signed into her husband’s EMB records did not know her well enough to warrant his actions.

What is the age difference between Diana and Bahati?

The age difference between gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana is two years and not 10 as is believed on the social media circles. This is according to a revelation by Bahati to ViuSasa that he matured early and all he ever wanted was a woman who would not stress him out.

How old is Bahati’s wife Diana?

Diana Marua Husband The husband of Diana Marua, Bahati (Kevin Mbuvi) was born in 1994 and is six years younger than Diana who is 30 years old. Bahati is a popular Kenyan gospel artist who has released a number of hit songs and boasts of a large fan base in the country.

How many children do Diana Marua have?

Popular Kenyan singer Bahati is more than grateful to his wife Diana Marua for the love and care she has continued to show their kids without any form of discrimination despite not mothering two of their four children.

Where is Bahati’s new house located?

A tour of the house hosted by YouTuber Lilian Kahoi in May 2021 showed that the house is located at Kamakis along the Eastern Bypass. Its main entrance opens into a dining room which borders an open-plan kitchen with inbuilt appliances such as a dishwasher, oven, burners, and microwave.

Why Diana left Bahati?

She walked out 2 or 3 times, stabilizing a relationship takes time,” Bahati said on Mseto East Africa. He added that Diana’s main concern was that he did not dedicate enough time to their family. “I found it difficult to balance my music career and family. She also had a newborn.

Who is Michelle Ngoje?

Popular makeup artist and social media influencer Michelle Ngoje shared her experience of being addicted to drugs. The star, who happens to be Diana Marua’s sister, was sharing her experience on her YouTube channel.

How old is Yvette obura?

Musician Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura turned 29 years old on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

What is the average marriage age gap?

Although in 2014 the average age difference in US heterosexual relationships was a relatively small 2.3 years, many couples have a much wider gap. In Western countries, of male-female couples have an age-gap of 10 years or more, rising to 25% in male-male unions and 15% of female-female relationships.

Who is Mama mueni to Bahati?

Before taking responsibility for them, Bahati sought to establish that she was his daughter. They performed a DNA test whose results proved Mueni was his blood. This marked the change in the relationship between Yvette and Bahati to a cordial one.

How much does Diana Bahati earn from Youtube?

Bahati and Diana Marua are allegedly earning Ksh 3 million a month.

Where did Diana Marua grow up?

Her father worked in a private hospital in the city while her mother was a housewife. Her parents met through her father’s sister who was her mom’s friend and they got married and settled in Komarock estate, where Diana and her two sisters were raised. ‘Growing up was not exciting.

How many kids did Bahati adopt?

As you are all aware Bahati adopted Morgan from ABC Children’s Home and later adopted two more kids Purity and Rose as a way of giving back to the community. So 3 adopted kids plus his biological daughters Mueni and Heaven make him a father of 5 at just 24.

How many children did Bahati adopt?

The singer was responding to his wife Diana Marua who asked if they could have baby number three. The couple has two children of their own (Heaven and Majesty), an adopted son (Morgan Bahati) and a daughter from Bahati’s previous relationship (Mueni Bahati).

How many kids does Diana Marua and Bahati have?

Diana already has two children with husband Bahati; Heaven and Majesty Bahati.

How much does Bahatis house cost?

The price of the house has finally been revealed. According to a video by real estate YouTuber, Lillian Kahoi, the house was up for sale for only Kshs 27.5 million, and it seems the lucky people to take it off the market were the Bahatis.

How much does Bahati new house cost?

Gospel singer Bahati claims his new house cost KSh 10 million.

Is Yvette obura married?

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura calls off engagement, says dating in Nairobi is scam. Singer Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura has revealed that she recently lost her engagement ring saying that she is now single.

Who is Yvette obura?

Yvette Obura. Kenyan singer Kevin Kioko alias Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura, has found herself a new man five years after splitting with the singer.

Why is Size 8 in hospital?

Gospel singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 reborn was on Wednesday evening admitted to hospital following a health issue. Speaking to Standard Entertainment, Size 8’s sister Mary Munyali confirmed that the Afadhali Yesu singer’s blood pressure was high but doctors were working round the clock to stabilize her.

Is it true that Size 8 is pregnant?

Gospel singer Size 8 has lost her five-month pregnancy. Size 8 underwent surgery after her blood pressure shoot high. Speaking on their YouTube channel, her husband DJ Mo said that the doctors decided to terminate the pregnancy due to his wife’s Size 8 health.

When did Size 8 get saved?

The Pale Pale hit maker got saved in 2015. She revealed this through the song Mateke that received numerous criticism from her fans. Size 8 says the decision to get saved was a big risk for her for it meant giving up so much money in terms of contracts in performances who wanted to work with her as a secular artiste.

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