How To Reset Reolink Camera? Learn the Easy Steps Here!

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Have you ever had trouble with your Reolink camera and needed to reset it? Resetting your device can help resolve any issues you may be experiencing, such as poor image quality or connectivity. However, if you’re unsure about how to go about resetting your Reolink camera, don’t stress – we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on resetting your Reolink camera. You don’t need to be a tech expert to carry out the steps! With our instructions, you’ll have your camera up and running again in no time.

“Sometimes electronic devices require a reset to function at their best. Follow these simple steps to reset your Reolink camera today!”

From checking your firmware version to carrying out a hard reset, we’ll cover everything that you need to know about how to reset your Reolink camera. Whether you have a specific issue that needs resolving or just want to give your device a fresh start, our step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process seamlessly.

Don’t waste time troubleshooting your camera when a simple reset could do the trick. Keep reading to learn how to reset your Reolink camera with ease!

Understanding the need for resetting a Reolink camera

Reolink cameras are known for their reliability and efficiency in providing you with 24/7 surveillance of your property. However, there may be instances when you need to reset your Reolink camera, such as when you experience technical problems or if you want to sell or give away your device.

Resetting your Reolink camera can help resolve many common issues that users face when operating these devices. It’s also an excellent way to ensure that all sensitive data captured by the device is wiped out before selling or giving it away.

When to reset a Reolink camera

You should reset your Reolink camera under specific circumstances:

  • If you’re experiencing connectivity issues: If you’re unable to connect to your Reolink camera through your smartphone app or web interface, try resetting it to see if this resolves the problem. Often, connection problems arise due to minor software glitches that a reset can fix.
  • If you’ve forgotten your password: Sometimes users forget their passwords and get locked out of their Reolink cameras. In this case, resetting the device will allow you to create new login credentials and regain access to your surveillance system.
  • If you’re experiencing image quality issues: If the images or videos recorded by your Reolink camera appear blurry or distorted, resetting the device can help restore them to their original quality. This is especially true if the problem arose after a firmware update.

The benefits of resetting a Reolink camera

Resetting a Reolink camera offers several significant advantages, including:

  • Fixing software glitches: Many issues that arise when using Reolink cameras are often due to minor software bugs. By resetting the device, you can resolve these problems without having to commit a lot of time and effort.
  • Optimizing performance: Over time, Reolink cameras may gather unnecessary data or settings, making them slower and less efficient. A reset clears out any junk and allows your camera to operate more optimally and quickly.
  • Enhancing security: Resetting your Reolink camera ensures that all sensitive data captured by the device is wiped clean. This is vital if you’re selling or disposing of your surveillance system as it helps protect your privacy from malicious individuals who may try to capitalize on the information.

The potential risks of resetting a Reolink camera

While resetting a Reolink camera has many advantages, there are also some potential risks involved, including:

  • Losing stored information: If you haven’t backed up the data stored in your Reolink camera before performing a reset, all recorded videos and images will be deleted. This can be problematic if you need access to this data in the future.
  • Disrupting firmware upgrades: If you reset your Reolink camera while a firmware update is ongoing, it may cause severe damage to your device’s internal systems. Always ensure that no updates are running before proceeding with a reset.
  • Malfunctioning hardware: Sometimes, resetting a Reolink camera can expose previously unnoticed hardware defects. In such instances, users may have to replace their devices rather than continue using a defective product that won’t perform to their expectations.
“It’s always advisable to weigh the pros and cons of resetting your Reolink camera before proceeding with the reset. Always back up crucial data before committing to any reset.” -Reolink support team.

Checking the Reolink camera’s reset button and port location

Locating the reset button on a Reolink camera

If you’re having trouble with your Reolink camera or experiencing connectivity issues, resetting it could be an effective solution. But before you can reset your camera, you need to know where its reset button is located.

The location of the reset button varies depending on the model of the Reolink camera that you have. However, in most cases, the reset button is found at the back of the camera and can easily be identified by its small size and the word “reset” written right beside it.

Once you’ve located the reset button, use a pointed object such as a paperclip or pin to press down on it and hold for about 5-10 seconds. You’ll know it has been successfully reset if you hear a clicking sound from the camera.

Identifying the port location on a Reolink camera

Aside from the reset button, another important feature that you need to locate on your Reolink camera is the port. The port is what allows you to connect cables to your camera, whether it is for power supply or network connection.

Again, the location of the ports will vary depending on the specific Reolink camera model. In most cases, however, cameras usually come with two types of ports – Ethernet port and Micro USB port.

  • Ethernet port: This port is used for wired internet connection. It looks like a wider version of a phone jack.
  • Micro USB port: This port is used for powering up the camera through a USB cable. It looks like a smaller version of the regular USB port found on a computer.

Having trouble finding the port? Check your camera’s manual or search online for a diagram of your specific model. It should help you identify where the different ports are located on your Reolink camera.

“It is important to locate both the reset button and the port to ensure proper functionality of your Reolink camera.” -TechJunkie

If you’re wondering how to reset a Reolink camera, the process starts with locating its reset button. It is usually found at the back of the camera and marked with “reset”. After pressing and holding down on this button for 5-10 seconds, you’ll hear a clicking sound to indicate that it has been successfully reset.

You should also know where the ports are located so you can properly connect cables to your Reolink camera to supply power or network connection. Refer to the user manual or check online for diagrams of your specific model if you have difficulty identifying the locations of these two features on your camera.

Resetting the Reolink camera using the reset button

Reolink cameras are known for their high-quality images and ease of use. However, there may be times when you need to reset your camera back to its default settings, such as when it’s not connecting to your Wi-Fi or when you forget your login credentials. The good news is that resetting a Reolink camera is easy by using its reset button.

Pressing the reset button on a Reolink camera

The reset button on a Reolink camera is usually located at the bottom of the device, near the power port. To access the reset button:

  • Locate the small hole near the power port at the bottom of the camera.
  • Insert a paper clip or pin into the hole and press the reset button inside.
  • You should feel a slight click sound once the button is pressed.

Note: Do not insert any tools other than a paper clip or pin, as this could damage the reset button or camera.

How long to hold the reset button on a Reolink camera

After pressing the reset button, you will need to hold it down for a specific amount of time depending on the model of your Reolink camera. Follow these general guidelines:

  • For Reolink Keen, Argus, Argus 2, and Go cameras, hold the reset button down for 5 seconds until the LED light flashes red and blue.
  • For Reolink RLC-410 series and D400 cameras, hold the reset button down for 10 to 15 seconds and wait for the system to reboot itself.

It’s important to note that resetting your Reolink camera will erase all of its current settings, including any recorded footage and login information. Before resetting the device, be sure to back up any valuable data or documentation you may need in the future.

“Resetting a Reolink camera is a straightforward process but can vary depending on the model of the device. Always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for optimal results.” -Reolink Support Team

Additionally, make sure to check your camera’s user manual or online support resources for specific instructions as procedures can differ slightly from one model to another. With proper knowledge of how to reset your Reolink camera using the reset button, you’ll always be ready to troubleshoot any problems that arise with your device without seeking professional help.

Resetting the Reolink camera using the Reolink app

If you’re having issues with your Reolink camera, resetting it may be necessary at some point. This is a straightforward process that can easily resolve various problems you might have encountered with the device. To reset your Reolink camera, you can use the Reolink app on your smartphone or tablet.

Accessing the camera settings in the Reolink app

To access the settings of your Reolink camera through the app, you must ensure first that your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the camera. Once both are connected, open the Reolink app and locate your camera’s name under Devices. Tap the three-dot icon next to its name, then tap Settings.

Selecting the reset option in the Reolink app

In the Settings menu, scroll down until you see the “Device Management” section. Here, you will find the “Reset” option – select this option.

Confirming the reset in the Reolink app

After tapping “Reset,” a message box will appear warning you that resetting will erase all data and restore the default settings of your camera. Confirm this action by clicking “OK.”

“It’s a good practice to always back up important footage from your security cameras before attempting any kind of reset.” -Reolink Support Team

Restarting the Reolink camera after resetting through the app

The final step to resetting your Reolink camera is restarting it. After confirming the reset, the camera automatically shuts off. Wait for a minute or two before pressing the power button again to turn it back on. The LED light should start blinking, indicating that the camera is ready for use.

If you face any issues with resetting your Reolink camera through the app or encounter problems after restarting it, contact the manufacturer’s technical support for assistance.

Troubleshooting common issues after resetting a Reolink camera

Resetting your Reolink camera can sometimes help resolve connectivity, configuration, or performance problems. However, it may also cause new issues if not done correctly or without proper precautions to backup the settings and update the firmware. In this article, we will go over some of the common issues that could occur after resetting a Reolink camera and how to troubleshoot them.

Connection issues after resetting a Reolink camera

If you experience connection issues after resetting a Reolink camera, make sure to check the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check power source and cable: Ensure that your camera is properly powered on and the Ethernet or Wi-Fi cable connected to the network. Try using a different port on the switch/router or replacing the cable with a known working one.
  • Verify IP address: If you had set up a static IP for the camera before resetting it, make sure to assign the right IP address and subnet mask in the router’s DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) settings or reinstall the app or software to detect the device automatically.
  • Update firmware: Go to the Reolink website and download the latest firmware version for your camera model. Follow the instructions for updating the firmware via the web browser or client software. Sometimes, outdated firmware can prevent the camera from connecting to the network or performing optimally.

Reconfiguring the camera settings after resetting a Reolink camera

After resetting a Reolink camera, you may need to reconfigure its settings such as resolution, frame rate, motion detection, video quality, storage options, etc. Here are some tips to avoid common errors or troubles:

  • Backup settings: Before resetting the camera, export the current settings to a file on your computer or SD card. This will allow you to restore them quickly in case of any issues or mistakes during reconfiguration.
  • Default password: Most Reolink cameras come with a default username and password (admin/admin) that should be changed immediately for security reasons. If you forget the new password after resetting the camera, refer to the manual or contact customer support for assistance.
  • Network protocols: Make sure that the camera’s network protocol (TCP/IP or UDP) matches that of your router. Otherwise, the camera may not connect or stream video properly. Also, configure port forwarding (port triggering or DMZ) if needed to access the camera from external devices or apps.
  • Advanced configurations: If you want to enable advanced features such as email alerts, FTP upload, RTSP streaming, remote access, or ONVIF compatibility, make sure to follow the recommended settings and read the corresponding manuals or tutorials carefully. You can also seek help from online forums or tech support.
“The most important thing about technology is its impact on people.” -Mike Schutte

Resetting a Reolink camera can be an effective way to fix problems but requires attention to details and caution when handling the settings or firmware updates. By following the above steps to troubleshoot connection issues and reconfigure the camera settings, you can ensure a smooth and secure surveillance experience from your Reolink camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Reolink camera to factory settings?

To reset your Reolink camera to factory settings, locate the reset button on the camera and hold it down for 10 seconds. The camera will reboot and reset to its original factory settings. You can then set up the camera again from scratch.

What should I do if my Reolink camera isn’t responding after a reset?

If your Reolink camera is not responding after a reset, try power cycling the camera by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, check the network connection and make sure the camera is properly connected. You may also need to reset the camera again or contact Reolink support for further assistance.

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