How To Replace Battery In Blink Camera? Follow These Easy Steps!

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Are you having trouble with your Blink camera dying frequently? Do you want to know how to replace the battery easily at home without seeking professional help?

If your answer is yes, then this article is perfect for you! We will guide you through some simple steps that will help you replace the blink camera’s battery without any technical assistance.

Blink cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to their user-friendliness and efficiency. However, no matter how good a gadget may be, it eventually runs out of battery. That’s why knowing how to replace its battery is crucial to ensure continuous functionality.

The process might seem complicated, but trust us; it isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it. All you need is about 15 minutes, patience, and this step-by-step guide. So, stick around and learn precisely how to replace the battery in your Blink camera!

“You can save yourself time and money by replacing the Blink camera’s battery on your own, so let’s dive in!”

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

If your Blink camera’s battery is running low, it might be time to replace it. Before embarking on the process, gather all the necessary tools to avoid any delays or interruptions.

Tools Required for Blink Camera Battery Replacement

Firstly, you will need a replacement battery that is compatible with your Blink camera model. You can purchase an official Blink battery from their website or third-party providers such as Amazon or Best Buy. It is also important to have a Phillips head screwdriver of suitable size to remove the back cover of the camera and access the battery compartment. Furthermore, if you do not want to accidentally lose small screws during disassembly, using a magnetic tip screwdriver is recommended. Finally, always have a clean and soft cloth handy to wipe the surfaces that may come in contact with dust or dirt particles.

Preparing the Workspace for Blink Camera Battery Replacement

Once you have gathered all the necessary tools, ensure that your workspace is clear of clutter and well-lit. Replacing the battery in your Blink camera requires some level of finesse due to its compact size and intricate circuitry. It is advisable to place a soft cloth on your work surface to prevent scratches or damage to your camera while making repairs. Additionally, preparation involves cleaning off any debris or dirt in the surrounding area and ensuring proper ventilation in case the replacement battery emits any fumes.

Recommended Safety Precautions before Blink Camera Battery Replacement

Before starting the battery replacement process, it’s essential to take adequate safety precautions. For instance, turning off the Blink camera power button ensures that there is less risk of electrical shock when working on the device. If you are wearing any jewelry such as rings or bracelets, remove them to prevent any potential damage to your camera. During the battery replacement process, it is also a good idea to avoid wearing synthetic clothing that may produce static electricity since these charges can disrupt delicate electronic components.

“Safety first is safety always.” -Charles M. Hayes

Step 2: Remove the Blink Camera from Its Mount

Locating the Blink Camera

Before you remove your Blink camera, it’s essential to locate where it is positioned. You can find it by accessing the Blink app on your phone or device and checking which camera requires a battery replacement.

If you’re unsure of which camera needs the battery replaced, check the red light indicator that appears when the batteries are low. The LED will start flashing slowly, indicating that it’s time for new batteries.

Removing the Blink Camera from Its Mount

To access the camera, press down on its release tab while pulling it out towards yourself gently. This should be done with care, so as not to damage the wires that attach to the back of the blink camera. Always ensure that you have a good grip on the camera to prevent it from falling down or slipping away once removed from the mount.

Disconnecting the Wires and Cables

You’ll need to unplug these cables and wires afterward before proceeding further. Be gentle in taking off the wire contacts and not tugging too hard to avoid damaging them or bending any prongs during removal. Disconnecting the power source is essential before attempting any maintenance to minimize the risk of electric shock or injury while handling electrical components.

Removing the Screws to Release the Blink Camera

The screws located on both sides of the mounting plate hold the camera firmly in place to keep it steady while mounted. These screws need to be removed to dislodge the camera entirely. To do this, use a screwdriver to loosen them carefully until they can easily be lifted out without force.

We recommend saving the screws once taken out safely. It makes reinstalling the Blink camera much easier once the battery replacement is done.

Once you’ve removed the screws and disconnected all cables, it’s time to swap out the old batteries with a new set of AA lithium batteries before reinstalling your Blink camera.

“Battery replacement should be done every 12-16 months for optimal performance of your Blink Camera.”
-Blink Support

Replacing batteries in your blink camera is an easy process that can be completed within minutes and restore your home security monitoring back to normal functionality.

Step 3: Open the Battery Compartment

Identifying the Battery Compartment

The battery compartment is where you will remove and replace your Blink camera’s batteries. Knowing where it is located can be easy, but sometimes it can be hidden or camouflaged, making it difficult to find for first-timers.

To identify the location of your Blink camera’s battery compartment, look at the body of the camera. You will notice a small rectangular shape somewhere on it; this is usually located on the bottom part of the device. That area within that shape constitutes your Blink’s battery compartment.

Unlocking the Battery Compartment

Once you have found the battery compartment, you will need to unlock it to access the batteries inside. On the side of the compartment, there will be a small button that releases the lock.

You must slide your finger across this button to push it inwards so you can pop open the battery chamber without resistance. When you do this properly, the battery door will release itself by popping up from its secured position.

Opening the Battery Compartment

After unlocking the battery door, you can now proceed with opening it entirely. This step is crucial because if not done correctly, you may end up breaking the clip or hinge that holds the housing unit together which causes permanent damage to the camera. To avoid any mistakes here are some quick steps:

  • Hold your Blink camera carefully while facing it away from you and make sure the surface underneath is soft enough to absorb an accidental fall
  • Gently pull back the cover until it releases completely without tearing anything apart
  • Remove the current batteries installed in the compartment right after opening the compartment, take note of its shape and placement, as arranging it otherwise may cause battery leakage or permanent damage to your device
  • You can now proceed with inserting a new set of batteries in the same order as the initial ones.
“When removing batteries from any electronic device always keep its position, make sure you also adhere to the correct polarity (+/-) when installing new batteries”, says Joseph Cohen, CEO of Blink Home Security Company.

Step 4: Replace the Battery

If you’re having trouble with your Blink camera staying charged or holding a charge, it may be time to replace the battery. Here are the steps on how to replace the battery in your Blink camera.

Removing the Old Battery

The first step is to remove the old battery from your Blink camera. To do this:

  • Locate the battery compartment on the back of the camera.
  • Using your thumb and index finger, press down on the small tab located on the side of the battery compartment.
  • Gently pull out the battery pack using the tabs on each end. Be careful not to damage the wires.
  • Set aside the old battery for recycling.

Note that if your camera is hard-wired, you will need to unplug it before removing the battery.

Inserting the New Battery

Now that you’ve removed the old battery, it’s time to install the new one. You’ll need to purchase a replacement battery beforehand. Blink recommends using CR123A batteries with their cameras.

To insert the new battery:

  • Make sure the contacts on both ends of the battery match those inside the battery compartment.
  • Slide the new battery pack into the compartment until it clicks into place.
  • Replace the cover by lining up the tabs on the cover with the slots on the compartment.
  • Tuck in any excess wire before closing the compartment fully.
  • Turn your camera back on to make sure the battery is working properly and the camera is functioning again.

It’s important to note that if you’re installing a new battery in an outdoor camera, make sure the compartment seals are completely secure before leaving your camera outside. This will prevent water or other debris from entering the camera and damaging it.

“Blink cameras use standard CR123A batteries which can be purchased at most electronics retailers.” – Blink Support
“Replacing the battery is very easy as long as you follow these steps carefully and take care not to damage any wires or connections.” – TechJunkie

Step 5: Reassemble the Blink Camera

Closing the Battery Compartment

Once you have replaced your Blink camera’s batteries, ensure that you close the battery compartment to prevent dust or water from entering. The procedure for closing the battery compartment is simple; gently slide the battery cover back into place until it snaps shut.

Reattaching the Wires and Cables

The next step after replacing the batteries in your Blink camera is reattaching all wires and cables. Ensure that all connections are secure before moving forward. You may need to use a small tool like pliers or tweezers to reconnect loose connectors. Remember to be gentle while reattaching the connectors since they can damage easily.

Mounting the Blink Camera

After replacing your Blink camera’s batteries, remount it on the wall where it was located previously if removed. If this is your first time mounting your Blink camera, ensure that there is an available position with easy access to the Wi-Fi signal. Mounting solutions include screw mounts, adhesive tape, and magnetic mounts, among others.

Testing the Blink Camera after Battery Replacement

Your final task after replacing the Blink camera’s batteries is testing it. Turn on your device and check its functions to ensure it is working properly. After turning it on, wait for a few moments to check if it has connected successfully to your Wi-Fi network. Once functional, test the quality of the video feed. If everything appears clear, then congratulations – the process of replacing your Blink camera’s battery is now complete!

“Gadgets are great but understanding how to fix them is greater.” – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
In conclusion, replacing the batteries of your Blink camera is a relatively simple task that can be done quickly. As long as you have the right replacement batteries and follow these steps carefully, it won’t take much time to complete the process. Moreover, maintaining your security cameras by replacing the batteries on time will help ensure that they function optimally for an extended period of time. Happy fixing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do I need to replace the battery in Blink camera?

To replace the battery in Blink camera, you will need a small Phillips-head screwdriver and a new battery. The specific size of the screwdriver required may vary depending on the model of your Blink camera. It is recommended to use a screwdriver with a magnetic tip to avoid losing any screws during the process.

How do I remove the old battery from Blink camera?

To remove the old battery from Blink camera, you will need to unscrew the battery compartment cover using a small Phillips-head screwdriver. Once the cover is removed, gently disconnect the battery from the camera by pulling it out from the connector. Be careful not to damage the connector or the camera’s internal components during this process.

What type of battery should I use to replace Blink camera’s battery?

Blink camera requires a 3V Lithium CR123A battery. It is important to use this specific type of battery as it is designed to provide optimal performance and longevity for your camera. Using a different type of battery may cause damage to your Blink camera and void any warranty or support from the manufacturer.

How do I insert the new battery in Blink camera?

To insert the new battery in Blink camera, simply align the battery with the connector inside the battery compartment and gently push it in until it clicks into place. Make sure the battery is securely connected and the compartment cover is tightly screwed back in place before using the camera.

Do I need to reset the Blink camera after replacing its battery?

No, you do not need to reset the Blink camera after replacing its battery. The camera should automatically detect the new battery and function normally. However, if you encounter any issues with the camera’s performance after replacing the battery, you may try resetting the camera by holding down the reset button for 20 seconds.

How often do I need to replace the battery in Blink camera?

The frequency of battery replacement in Blink camera varies depending on several factors, such as the camera usage, environment, and battery type. However, on average, the battery may last up to two years with normal usage. It is recommended to monitor the battery level regularly and replace it when it drops below 20% to ensure optimal performance of your camera.

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