How much does it cost to get married at Castaway Cay?

Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding packages on Castaway Cay start at $4,000 for a party of 8 guests plus the couple. The charge for additional guests is $20 per person 3 years and older.

Is the Black Pearl at Castaway Cay?

it was actually the Flying Dutchman that once graced the waters of Castaway Cay. Alas, the ship and her crew charted a new course and sailed off to find treasure. But it means that there is an unobstructed view of your Disney Cruise Line ship in all its glory from the Castaway Family Beach.

Is Castaway Cay abandoned?

The island is still largely undeveloped as only 55 of the 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) are being used. Castaway Cay now has approximately 140 Disney Cruise Line permanent residents who keep the island running daily.

What country owns Castaway Cay?

Many people incorrectly think that Disney owns Castaway Cay. The island is actually owned by The Bahamas. Disney took a 99 year lease of Castaway Cay in 1997.

How much is a Disney wedding 2022?

The minimum cost for a Disneyland wedding is actually $10,000; your ceremony venue fee and any Disney Weddings Service elements such as florals, decor, food, beverage, and entertainment will all go toward your minimum.

What’s included in a Disney wedding?

The package includes a one-hour ceremony, a photographer for couple and group photos, an officiant, a guitarist or ukulele player, bottled water for everyone and a signature wedding gift. A lei, bouquet or boutonniere is also included.

Are there sharks at Castaway Cay?

There are sharks at Castaway Cay If you swim at Serenity Bay you may sometimes see sharks up to six feet in length. You don’t need to worry though because the sharks at Castaway Cay are nurse sharks that are harmless to humans. You can swim with nurse sharks without any problems.

Is the Flying Dutchman still at Castaway Cay?

The Flying Dutchman, the ship prop used for the filming of Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, was on display at Cay Lagoon. As of November 2010, the Flying Dutchman is no longer at Castaway Cay. According to Disney, the Dutchman was removed and taken to another location on the island, where it was being dismantled.

How deep is the water at Castaway Cay?

Disney took it upon themselves to build a dock so that guests could easily walk off the ship and onto the island (removing the need for a tender boat) and a 1,700-foot channel that’s around 35 feet deep and between 200 and 400 feet wide so that ships could reach the aforementioned dock.

Does anyone live on Castaway Cay?

Yes, over 100 people live at Castaway Cay. As the cruise ship of the day pulls away around 5 p.m., workers continue prepping the island for the next set of guests. The island has a team of maintenance, horticulture and other departments who keep the island looking perfect for the next set of guests coming in.

Do you pay for food on Castaway Cay?

Meals are included on the ship on your Disney Cruise Line vacation, and food is also included on your day at Castaway Cay. From about 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., a beach barbecue buffet is served at three different locations: Cookie’s BBQ, Cookie’s Too BBQ and Serenity BBQ.

Is Castaway Cay nice?

Castaway cay was absolutely beautiful, we we’re on the Disney Dream ship which was another perfect, and beautiful experience. The weather was nice, the beach (Serenity bay) was stunning and relaxing for adults. Disney’s staff os always on point and so friendly and helpful.

Why is Castaway Cay pronounced key?

A cay (also spelled key; both pronounced alike as “key” how to say: /kiː/) is a small, low island consisting mostly of sand or coral and situated on top of a coral reef. The English word cay comes from the Spanish word cayo and this from the Taíno word cayo meaning “small island”.

How much did Disney spend on Castaway Cay?

It took the Walt Disney Company 18 months to develop the island. The total cost was $25 million. Although the island is 1,000 acres large, only 55 acres are developed and used by Disney. The island is 3.1 miles long and 2.2 miles wide.

Do you need a passport to go to Castaway Cay?

All that you and your family will need for a cruise to the Bahamas are an original or copy of a state-issued birth certificate AND government-issued photo ID (like a driver’s license) for those 16 and up. No passport is necessary for this itinerary (although you can bring one if you prefer).

How much does it cost to get married in Cinderella’s Castle?

Events begin 2 or 3 hours after the closing of Magic Kingdom park. There is a $30,000 ceremony fee for this location. Disney chartered transportation is required for this venue.

How long does it take to plan a Disney wedding?

As McFann tells us, a Disney wedding can be pulled off in as little as three weeks depending on availability. “We can begin the planning process anywhere between 16 months and three weeks ahead of a couple’s anticipated wedding date,” she says. To get your preferred date, reach out about a year in advance.

How much is a typical Disney wedding?

The parks offer a range of prices. A small-scale ceremony, with up to four guests, is $2,500 to $4,500; a ceremony-only occasion for up to 18 guests is $5,000 to $9,000; and customized ceremonies for more than 18 guests start at $12,500.

Can you take wedding pictures at Disney?

Yes, You Can Take Wedding Photos at Disney, and Stops Include the Castle and Haunted Mansion. For Disney fanatics, there’s no better way to celebrate your love than with an official Disney wedding at the parks.

Who shut down Disney World for a wedding?

On March 14, Lindsey Metselaar, a TikToker and podcast host, posted a video with an on-screen caption that read, “My friend shut down Disney World for her wedding afterparty and it was the best thing ever.” The video has been viewed over 4.3 million times.

Can you get married in Cinderella’s Castle?

Walt Disney World is now offering packages to tie the knot at Cinderella’s Castle. However, if you want the best, you have to be willing to pay for it. The venue fee starts at $2,500, according to The Tampa Bay Times, and custom experiences begin at $12,000.

How long do you spend on Castaway Cay?

You can spend the whole day on Disney’s Castaway Cay simply relaxing on the beach, but there are also many activities on the island to keep you occupied. Some of the activities are free such as Pelican Plunge on the Family Beach. This is a 2,400 square foot floating platform that has slides and water canons.

What time is lunch on Castaway Cay?

We’ll cover those items in just a bit. Lunchtime begins on Castaway Cay day at 11:30am and runs until 2pm. The meal, soft drinks, and soft-serve ice cream are included in the cost of the cruise.

Can you swim at Castaway Cay in January?

It is in the low 80’s in January and higher 80’s in April. You will be able to get your swimming in and be sad when you need to leave. My family loves Castaway Cay! over a year ago.

Who was the real captain of the Flying Dutchman?

In real life the Flying Dutchman was a 17th century Dutch merchantman, captained by Captain Hendrick Van Der Decken, a skilled seaman but one of few scruples, and in 1680 was proceeding from Amsterdam to Batavia in the Dutch East Indies.

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