How is Kerala wedding celebrated?

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A traditional engagement is a part of the Kerala wedding ceremonies over here becomes the Nischayam. The two families celebrate the happy occasion by exchanging the bride and groom’s matched and approved horoscopes. After this, a Mothiram Maattal takes place, which is a traditional name for the ring ceremony.

What happens in a Malayali wedding?

In the Nair ceremony, the ‘Kanyadaan’ is followed by ‘Pudamuri,’ where the groom gifts his bride a saree and blouse on a platter, signifying that he will provide for her for the rest of her life. The couple exchange garlands and are blessed with gifts as the bride’s father officially hands her over to the groom.

What should I wear in Malayalam wedding?

For The Bride Kerala dress code for the bride consists of the famous Kasavu saree which is an all plain-white saree with golden border. Kasavu saree is considered as the most auspicious form of Kerala dress that woman also wear for special occasions apart from adorning it on every Hindu new year.

What happens in a Gujarati wedding?

Unlike most Hindu weddings, Gujarati weddings have 4 pheras rather than 7. The priest chants the mantras, while the couple takes rounds around the sacred fire. They take seven steps together that are known as the saptapadi. The married couple then seeks the blessings of all their elders.

What happens in a Tamil wedding?

The first two knots of the Thaali are put in by the groom, while the third and the final one is put in by the groom’s sister. The bride and the groom hold hands and take seven steps around the holy fire while the priest chants Vedic mantras in Saptapadi, one of the most important rituals in a Hindu marriage.

What is a Manthrakodi?

Manthrakodi(literally meaning blessed new cloth) is the special name given to the sari which the bride is given just after the groom ties the Minnu(synonymous to thali in Hindu weddings) and normally after her death, she will be buried wearing this sari or it will be just wrapped around her body.

What is a Madhuramveppu?

The Madhuram Veppu is a tradition in Kerala. It happens for both the groom and bride where their respective families gather to celebrate and kick-off the wedding festivities as a single family before two are joined to become one.

What do you wear to a south Indian wedding?

If you want to stand out at a South Indian wedding, wear a lehenga; if you want to fit in, wear a sari. Take your pick. A silk sari will work across the board, at all types of Southern ceremonies. You can take a call on how ornate the garment is.

Why do Gujaratis have 4 Pheras?

The four pheras each signify “Dharma”, “Artha”, “Kama” and “Moksha” respectively and are the four pillars of a happy married life. After every round, the brother of the bride hands them puffed rice to be offered to sacred fire (similar to Khoi fela in a Bengali wedding).

What happens during Vidhi?

The Vidhi is comprised of a series of pooja’s (prayers) inviting Ganesh to the PARTY and a haldi (turmeric) ceremony which preps your skin to be dewy and glowy ahead of the of the wedding ceremony. To think, we even included facials for the bride and groom as part of the wedding festivities!

Why is there only 4 Pheres in Hindu marriage?

In a Sindhi wedding ceremony, the groom leads the first three rounds while the bride leads the fourth. However, every Hindu wedding has at least four pheras. These pheras signify the four main aims of life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

What do the 7 steps in a Hindu wedding mean?

Saptapadi- The Seven Steps The Saptapadi involves the couple walking seven steps in a clockwise direction around the Angi near the Mandap. Each of the steps is called a ‘Phere’, and each Phere stands for the seven promises and principles made by the couple to each other during the exchange of vows.

Why do Indian brides carry a coconut?

A coconut was placed in Padma’s hands; her father then held her hands and, together, they handed the fruit to Joe. The coconut was a divine offering to ensure the marriage was blessed, Padma explained to me later. Coconuts are considered a symbol of prosperity in Hinduism.

Can we change Thali after marriage?

But if you’re unable to visit the temple, you can follow the same ritual at home by inviting an elderly married woman to bless the new thali string for you. The string should be changed by afternoon, and it is also important to get your husband’s blessing on this day.

What is Pudava Kodukkal?

Pudava Koda Pudava Kodukkal is an integral part of a Hindu marriage in Kerala. It is a ritual in which the groom presents the Pudava, a traditional cloth worn by Kerala women, to the bride. This is regarded as a sacred moment that symbolizes a lifetime of love and commitment between the bride and the groom.

What is Minnu?

In Kerala (Malayalee Christian), every Christian bride has a Minnu. The Minnu is a pendant with a cross, a symbol of Christianity, on a gold medallion shaped like a heart. The heart symbolises the concept of love. The cross represents the relationship a husband and wife must follow.

What is a Minnu Thali?

The minnu or thali, as is referred to in Indian customs, is a pendant strung on a chain made by intertwining 21 threads taken from the Manthrakodi in 7 sets using three each. These 7 sets stand for the parents of the groom and bride, the groom, the bride and the Church or the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What is chandam Charthal?

The groom’s ceremony is “Antham Charthal” which is now most commonly known as Chandam Charthal. The name signifies the end or last day of the bachelor life of the boy as well as beautifying the boy. The village barber arrives at the pandal and requests permission to shave the groom three times.

Who pays for south Indian wedding?

Who pays for an Indian wedding? It’s mostly split between the couple and their parents, 50/50. Sometimes however, if one side is insisting on more guests or extra fanfare, then those costs are adjusted.

How much money do you give for an Indian wedding?

The amount of Indian wedding gift money should be an “auspicious” number ending in 1, regardless of what the currency is. As to a reasonable amount, it mostly depends on how much you can afford and how close you’re to the bride and the groom.

Why do South Indian weddings happen in the morning?

symbolic of rise in prosperity. This is auspicious. Hence its usually done in the morning before noon. However in places like Telangana a state which has some north indian customs also weddings are at night.

Do Punjabis take 4 Pheras?

The priest conducting the marriage reads four stanzas or lavaans from the Guru Granth Sahib. After the first stanza, the bride and groom walk in a clockwise direction around the holy book. They don’t sit but stand and take a phera after each laavan. Unlike Hindu ceremonies, Sikh ceremonies have only 4 pheras.

Can we take 4 Pheras instead of 7?

The seventh phere binds them and promises to be loyal to each other. But if we look at Grihya Sutras, the rituals need 4 rounds that the couples have to take. Those 4 rounds are known as Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. While most sub-cultures take seven phere, Gujarati and Sindhi take four phere around the fire.

What are the 7 vows of marriage?

Alternately, each partner can recite the traditional vows. “I, _____, take you, _____, to be my (wife/husband), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish always.”

Why do Hindu marriages happen at night?

According to Hinduism, sun signifies power, fire and the immortal world of Lord Brahma. But, Moon signifies cool and calmness, an indicator of general well being. It is believed that to have a calm and soulful relationship between the couple, marriages are generally conducted at night in north India.

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