How do you use the Gary Fong Lightsphere?

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What happened to Gary Fong?

Amazon has settled with us regarding propagation of counterfeit merchandise (including the closure of nearly 120 Amazon stores that sold counterfeit Gary Fong products). With our help, we took the counterfeiters down, and now we are the exclusive merchants of official Gary Fong Merchandise.

Where is Gary Fong from?

Seattle, Washington, U.S.

What does a mag mod do?

Is Gary Fong Lightsphere worth it?

Conclusion : Overall, the Gary Fong GFLSC01 Lightsphere Collapsible Flash Diffuser works great. It’s definitely better than those cheap plastic diffusers that constantly fall off.

How do you use a dome diffuser?

What is a mag bounce?

The MagBounce is a gorgeous bounce modifier that has been stripped down to its simplest, most functional form. We designed it carefully to be both beautiful and calculated to deliver the softest light with the highest output. Product variants.

What is a MagSphere?

The MagSphere is a beautiful, omni-directional flash diffuser that gives you the best looking light possible. With efficient diffusion that saves battery power and has an integrated gel slot which allows you to color correct your flash – no flash diffuser has ever been this awesome! Product variants.

What is the MagGrid used for?

The MagGrid is exactly what it sounds like. It is a silicone grid that attaches to your MagGrip. The purpose of the grid is to focus the light that is coming off of your speedlight. Normally there is a certain angle of dispersion from your flash, designed to spread out in a pattern to light X amount of space.

What is a Gary Fong Lightsphere?

The Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible with Speed Mount diffuses the light from your on-camera shoe-mounted flash. It features a strap with hook-and-loop fasteners that is compatible with most flashes, including larger more powerful units, for quickly attaching and removing the diffuser.

What does a diffuser do for photography?

To put it simply, a light diffuser is a semi-transmittant piece of material placed in between a light source and a subject to diffuse the light as it passes through the material. This material does not solely block or cut light, but redirects light as it passes through for a diffused light spread on a subject.

What is dome diffuser?

A diffusion dome is a piece of plastic that attaches to the flash head and produces omnidirectional light. The dome diffuses the light and scatters it around 360 degrees, softening the light as it’s reflected around the room.

What is a flash Dome?

How do I connect my Magmod to flash?

Is the MagMod worth it?

Having a versatile set, and affordable, is definitely unbeatable. I would highly recommend MagMod. It’s portable, versatile, fun, and all around practical. I could see myself using each modifier on and off camera for many different purposes.

How good is MagMod?

Conclusion. We’re going to give the MagMod a 4/5 stars. It is a great lighting modifier that definitely belongs in your lighting bag if you are into flash photography. Were it priced a bit more attractively, we would have given it 5/5 stars and would say it belong in everyone’s lighting bags.

How do you use MagMod Magbeam?

What is the difference between a reflector and a diffuser?

Diffusers soften harsh light that passes through them for a more pleasing effect. Reflectors, which are available in white, gold and silver surfaces, bounce light onto a subject to fill in shadows and can add highlights and contrast to a subject.

How do you make a diffuser for photography?

Simply attach a frosted shower curtain to a C-stand (a multi-functional stand used to mount diffusers, lights, shotgun microphones, and cameras), then place the stand a few feet in front of the light source to create a soft lighting effect. The closer the light source is to the subject, the softer the light will look.

What can I use as a reflector for photography?

  • The Walls and Ceiling.
  • A White Sheet.
  • A Small Mirror.
  • A Wall Mirror.
  • Kitchen Foil.
  • A White Shirt.
  • White Cardboard or Paper.
  • A Tupperware Lid.

How do you get rid of light shadows?

Does Aria diffuser have Bluetooth?

We took your favorite Aria™ Diffuser and made it mini! This limited-edition glass and walnut-stained diffuser comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers for your smartphone, so you can play h… What is a Loyalty Order?

What is bounce diffuser?

Bounce flash diffusers provide a different approach to softening the light. Instead of shooting the strobe forward towards the subject, they “bounce” the light away from the scene. Bounce diffusers tend to lose more light than a sphere or softbox.

How can I make my flash less harsh?

Grab a tissue or thin paper napkin and hold it over the flash, point and shoot. It works best if you use a double layer tissue or fold it in two. This softens the light of your flash in your photos, even though the light is still direct.

How do you use fill flash outdoor portrait?

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