How do you appreciate photos on Facebook?

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  1. Such a super cute pic this is.
  2. Looking so great. Stay cool.
  3. That’s how a real gentleman looks.
  4. You’re doing such a noble work, so proud of you.
  5. This pic is lit.
  6. Never knew about your hidden talents.
  7. You’re one of the best people I know on Facebook.
  8. Very fit and fine-looking.

How do you write a testimonial for a wedding photographer?

  1. What concerns, unique to you, did the photographer address? How did the experience feel?
  2. How was the photographer’s communication with you? How was the process of working together?
  3. What did the photographer do that sticks out in your mind? What did you think of the finished photos?

How do I say thank you to my wedding photographer?

Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photographs of the best day of our lives. You captured the day perfectly and it was a pleasure to have you as part of it all. We’re so pleased with the results and the lasting memories we now have through imagery of our guests.

What are some good photography quotes?

  • “Always shoot from the shadow side.” – Ted Grant.
  • “Light makes photography. Embrace light.
  • “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” – Karl Lagerfeld.
  • “The artist’s world is limitless.
  • “God creates the beauty.

How do I give feedback to my photography?

  1. Try to identify what the photograph is trying to capture or express.
  2. Begin by communicating what works and what is strong.
  3. Then, identify the elements that could be stronger, are unclear, distracting.
  4. Try not to repeat what’s already been said.

How would you describe a good photographer?

A good photographer is passionate about photography and willing to learn and improve continuously. Acquiring technical skills is just the beginning. A good photographer also needs an artistic vision and storytelling skills. All these take time to develop, but they will become your second nature soon.

How do you describe a beautiful picture?

What are good short quotes?

  • You can totally do this. Click to tweet.
  • Don’t tell people your plans.
  • No pressure, no diamonds.
  • We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.
  • Stay foolish to stay sane.
  • When nothing goes right, go left.
  • Try Again.
  • Impossible is for the unwilling.

What is another way to say nice picture?

  1. nice picture. n.
  2. good photo. n.
  3. good picture. n.
  4. beautiful picture. n.
  5. great picture. n.
  6. great shot. n.
  7. great photo. n.
  8. pretty picture. n.

How do you rate a photo?

  1. 1 Star: “Snapshot”
  2. 2 Stars: “Needs Work”
  3. 3 Stars: “Solid”
  4. 4 Stars: “Excellent”
  5. 5 Stars: “World Class”

What are some words that describe photography?

  • black-and-white. adjective. a black-and-white photograph, film, or television shows pictures in black, white, and grey but not in colour.
  • camera-shy. adjective.
  • candid. adjective.
  • colour. adjective.
  • grainy. adjective.
  • halftone. noun.
  • photobombing. noun.
  • photocall. noun.

How would you describe photography?

Photography is the art, application, and practice of creating durable images by recording light, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

What can I say instead of gorgeous?

  • elegant,
  • exquisite,
  • glorious,
  • Junoesque,
  • magnificent,
  • resplendent,
  • splendid,
  • statuesque,

What are some 3 word quotes?

  • “I’ll be there.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “Maybe you’re right.”
  • “I trust you.”
  • “Go for it.”
  • “Got your back.”
  • “How are you?”
  • “I want you.”

What are the 5 positive quotes?

  • “The best is yet to be.” –
  • “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” –
  • “Do good and good will come to you.” –
  • “A positive mindset brings positive things.” –
  • “Positivity always wins…
  • “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” –
  • “Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.” –
  • “Keep looking up…

What are 3 positive quotes?

  • “Do the best you can.
  • “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ―Theodore Roosevelt.
  • ‘It’s never too late to be what you might’ve been.” ―George Eliot.
  • “If you can dream it, you can do it.” ―Walt Disney.
  • “Trust yourself that you can do it and get it.” ―Baz Luhrmann.

How can I praise a beautiful picture?

  1. Your beauty has no boundaries.
  2. I’m in love.
  3. I would want to wake up next to you every day.
  4. I love how expressive your eyes are.

How do you say amazing picture?

  1. pretty sight. n.
  2. amazing look.
  3. amazing perspective.
  4. amazing scene.
  5. amazing scenery.
  6. amazing view.
  7. amazing views.
  8. astonishing look.

How do you compliment a photographer on Instagram?

Thank you so much for your great work. #22 We loved your portfolio from the very start, and yet you went above and beyond our expectations. You have a remarkable ability to interpret what you see into a photograph that has great depth and meaning. #23 Your care and expertise have made me look so good in every photo!

How do you comment on a beautiful family picture?

  1. Always better together.
  2. Best family ever!
  3. Blooming and growing.
  4. Cherish every moment.
  5. Crazy family!
  6. Crazy. Loud. Loving.
  7. Creating family memories.
  8. Don’t forget to remember.

What is an image review?

Image Review is a Task Type that presents the participant with an image to be evaluated on a scale and / or marked-up using markers that are placed directly on the image. Any number of markers can be defined for each Image Review (e.g. Like and Dislike).

What is a photo rating?

For most photographers a simple Star Rating system of assigning 1 to 5 stars seem to be the most common form of rating, with no stars left for unrated or un-judged photographs, 5 stars reserved for the very best or portfolio quality images, and star rating in-between for images of varying quality.

How do you write a positive review for a baby photographer?

I just love your photographs and how you make the photography session so relaxed and fun. Thanks for everything! We just love the photography you did of our newborn baby! You made everyone feel very relaxed and we really enjoyed the photography session.

What should be in a photo caption?

They should be complete sentences that present the who, what, where, when and (sometimes) why without necessarily stating the obvious (i.e., he sits, she waves, they clap). Captions give photos context, telling viewers what’s going on in a photo so they don’t have to guess or jump to conclusions.

What are the golden rules of photography?

What is the Golden Ratio in Photography? The golden ratio is a ratio of approximately 1.618 to 1. Artists have used this ratio for centuries to create works of art from paintings to architecture.

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