How do Basotho get married?

A Basotho woman who has gone through initiation is eligible for marriage. Arranged marriages used to be common among Basotho leaders and chief’s children, ancestry and kinship connections were important to regulate social and legal relations. The boy’s father usually proposed by approaching the girl’s parents.

How do Sotho celebrate weddings?

Today many marriages occur after “shobela” (eloping); when the man and his friends take away his bride to his home. The bride is then received with an animal slaughtered to celebrate, as if a wedding had already taken place. Her belongings are then sent after her.

What is lobola in Sotho?

Lobola can also be referred to as mahadi or magadi in Southern Sotho, Pedi and Tswana respectively or bride price in English. These words will therefore be used interchangeably throughout the article, whether the word lobola or mahadi is used, the essence is still the same.

What is the Sotho dance called?

The most common dances are the mokorotlo, the mohobelo and the mokhibo. The mokorotlo is performed by men for the chief on important occasions, such as political meetings, or when the chief and his followers go on a tour of inspection.

What does Mahlabiso mean?

MAHLABISO. Known in some cultures as Ukuvuma Abakhwenyana or ho gorosa ngwetsi. This is a celebration marriage according to the different cultures.

What are the Sotho beliefs?

The Sotho traditionally believed that the evils of our world were the result of the malevolent actions of sorcerers and witches. Today, Christianity in one form or another is accepted by most Sotho-speaking people. Most people in Lesotho are Catholics, but there are also many Protestant denominations.

What is Sotho traditional food?

Lesotho’s food culture features likhobe (a stew with beans, berries, and sorghum), meat, and vegetables. Corn-based dishes include papa and motoho (fermented sorghum porridge). Basotho cuisine includes sauces, generally less spicy than other African countries. Beetroot and carrot salads are common side dishes.

What is interesting about Basotho culture?

The Basotho people have developed a unique culture. As one of the few African tribes living in a mountainous environment, they have made many adaptations to their conditions. The Basotho blanket is one example. All around the country you will see people dressed in woollen blankets, often with beautiful patterns.

What comes first lobola or engagement?

For those who prefer that the lobola negotiations come first, it could be because it is believed that, that is how one asks for a person’s hand in marriage before proposing. So, in essence, the cows come home before anyone gets down on one knee.

Can lobola be paid back?

Lobola often takes the form of payment in the form of giving cattle to the family of the lady. The RCMA is silent as to whether lobola can be refunded or not (just like it is silent as to whether it must be paid in the first place).

What happens after lobola is paid?

Once the final lobola price has been agreed on, the groom’s uncles meets with the bride’s family, and arrangements for the payment is made. Once the lobola has been paid, the groom is now a part of the bride’s family, and a celebration is held.

What are the Sotho clan names?

The Basotho clans include the Maphetla, the Mapolane, Baphuthing, Bakgolokwe, Basia, Batlokwa, Bafokeng, Bakwena, Batloung, Bahlakwana, Dihoja, Bataung, Batshweneng, and, as said before, tribes from the Nguni and San as well as few Griquas and Korannas.

Where do Basotho originally come from?

The Basotho, also known as Sotho speakers, are said to have originated from the north of Southern Africa. The Basotho made their way down as various tribes settled in different parts of the country. Some groups settled in the west, while others settled in the east and further south.

What is the Basotho blanket called?

Kharetsa: named after the aloe which is indigenous to the Maloti Mountains of Lesotho. Sefate and Morena: are used by the Basotho people as an everyday wearing blanket.

What is Umembeso in Sotho?

Umembeso is the ceremony that is carried out at the brides family to welcome the groom and his family. Usually, people take up to 3 weeks to plan the ceremony at the groom’s family.

What is Umkhehlo?

UMKHEHLO is a Zulu tradition pre-wedding ceremony. The ceremony is done for a woman who is about to get married and takes place after Lobola has been paid. Through this ceremony, she is basically saying “goodbye” to her family.

What is Membezo?

Umembeso is a Zulu traditional ceremony that forms part of the lobola negotiations where the groom gives gifts to bride’s parents and family before the wedding. The ceremony comes after the rapper confirmed his engagement to the mother of his child on the Metro FM Awards black carpet earlier this year.

What do Sotho girls wear?

Women usually wear long dresses and skirts in vibrant colors and patterns with blankets around their waists, and for special occasions (like church or weddings) they wear a traditional Basotho dress called the seshoeshoe. Seshoeshoe are worn in endless varieties of designs, patterns and colours.

Why do Basotho wear blankets?

A still-birth is wrapped in a blanket. Basotho also clothe an individual to express his achievement of a status. For example, prisoners in modern-day Lesotho are clothed in a red blanket which remains with them for the duration of their imprisonment. This blanket represents the new person.

Are Sotho and Tswana related?

The Tswana are part of the Sotho, with three broad divisions — Basotho – Southern Sotho, Pedi – Northern Sotho, and Tswana – Western Sotho. The Tswana historically lived on the Highveld, with the Basotho.

How do Basotho worship?

The Basotho tribe gather at a traditional ceremony. The body is temporal and subject to death and decay, but the spirit is indestructible and immortal. During life the spirit lives in the body, some believe it is in the heart, others in the head, but the more general view is that it suffuses the whole body.

What is Mangangajane?

Mangangajane are sundried vegetables with a long-lasting, intense flavour. The spice sekokomogane, made by grinding marula seeds, is another unique addition to meals. TThe most famous meat dish is slow-cooked oxtail stew. This is served with dumplings, a mix of vegetables and beetroot salad.

What is a person from Lesotho called?

A person from Lesotho is called a Mosotho. Citizens of Lesotho are collectively Basotho, and Lesotho’s native language is Sesotho.

Who is the founder of Basotho?

Moshoeshoe, also spelled Mshweshwe, Moshweshwe, or Moshesh, original name Lepoqo, (born c. 1786, near the upper Caledon River, northern Basutoland [now in Lesotho]—died March 11, 1870, Thaba Bosiu, Basutoland), founder and first paramount chief of the Sotho (Basuto, Basotho) nation.

Can you be engaged while still married?

You can get engaged while you’re still married. That’s because unlike a divorce, an engagement is not a legally binding agreement between two people. You also don’t have to obtain a license to get engaged. However, in most cases, you must get divorced before you remarry.

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