Did Serena send the video on Blair’s wedding?

Yeah, Serena takes the blame for sending it, saying she was trying to find a way for Blair and Chuck to be together. But it turns out she didn’t send it…and neither did Chuck. Ruh-roh!

Does Blair find out Dan sent the video?

Surprised, Nate asks why he’s so happy. Chuck explains that he found out that Dan sent Gossip Girl the video of Blair confessing her love at the wedding, and assumes that once Blair finds out, Dan will be out of the picture. Nate is less quick to assume, and reminds Chuck of the contract that she must fulfill.

Who sent the tip to Gossip Girl about Blair and Chuck?

It all started when Chuck selfishly sent a tip to Gossip Girl revealing that Dan was the one who sent the video of Blair confessing her love to Chuck before the wedding. The tip got into the hands of Georgina’s husband because she left him responsible for the site, who revealed that Chuck sent the tip.

What did Serena tell Chuck at Blair’s wedding?

Before Blair and Louis’ “I do’s” Serena told Chuck the reason Blair didn’t call off the wedding weeks ago. However, that wasn’t enough for Chuck to yell “I DO” when the priest asked if anybody objected to their marriage.

Why did Chuck pay Blair’s dowry?

And that she did, but she wasn’t alone. She had the help of Blair’s ex/true love Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). Yes, that’s right Gossipers – Chuck paid Blair’s dowry! Exactly what she didn’t want him to do, but he did — selflessly — because he just wants her to be happy.

Who was sending Serena packages?

At the hotel Blair is at, Georgina snaps a photo of everyone and discovers Serena is the one who sent the video that ruined the wedding; although it’s later revealed Dan did.

How much money was Blair’s dowry?

Based on the costs of royal dowries in real life, one can assume that Blair’s dowry cost between $15 million and $50 million.

Why Bart Bass faked his death?

Bart reveals that he faked his death to save Chuck and Lily, and has been hiding from everyone for the past three years. The car crash actually happened, and that it was ordered by one of Bart’s enemies.

Does Blair find out Dan cheated on her?

Blair confronts Dan for cheating on her with Serena During Thanksgiving Dinner, Blair tries to convince Serena not to get back together with Dan because he’s bad news.

Who told Yale about Blair?

Blair learns from the headmistress that she will not be attending Yale. Apparently, an anonymous tip told the dean what Blair had done, and when he called the headmistress to confirm the story she couldn’t lie. Blair is obviously devastated. She believes that Nelly is the one who told on her, and she flips out on her.

Did the writers know who Gossip Girl was?

Yes, even when he was alone. But as it turns out, Joshua Safran, a writer and producer from the original show, revealed exactly which character was originally meant to be in Dan’s shoes as Gossip Girl.

Why did Gossip Girl end so suddenly?

Gossip Girl’s ratings and viewership were declining in its final seasons. Despite its massive success in its peak years, reports suggest that Gossip Girl wasn’t performing as well in its later seasons — which, according to CBR.com, likely contributed to the decision to end the show in 2012.

Why did the police come to Chuck and Blairs wedding?

Blair finds out that Chuck is the notorious Gossip Girl, and they plan a quickie wedding before he is arrested for invasion of privacy and slander.

Is Jack Chuck’s real dad?

Jack Bass is the younger and irresponsible brother of Bart Bass, and the uncle of Bart’s son, Chuck Bass.

Who sabotaged Nates car?

Tripp finally confesses that he was the one that damaged the car. He says that Max came up to him and told him they could help each other. Tripp paid Max to tamper with Nate’s car but Max played him so Tripp was the one that messed with the car.

How much money did Blair Waldorf have?

The Waldorfs: $550-700 million Everyone’s favourite Blair is thought to be a nod to the Astor family who created the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, who were once one of the richest families in America. Combined with Blair’s mother’s career as a fashion designer they definitely wouldn’t have been short of cash.

What happens to Blair and Louis baby?

In the fifth season, Blair is revealed to be pregnant with Prince of Monaco, Louis Grimaldi’s child. However the child later dies before birth after a car crash Blair and Chuck were in.

Did Serena and Chuck ever sleep together?

Novel Series. In the books, Serena and Chuck hook up for 3 weeks until gossip girl finds out and creates an eblast and Nate finds out.

What was on the video Georgina gave Serena?

And when Serena tries to force Georgina out of her life, Georgina blackmails her with a video. The video shows Serena with her friend Pete on the night he overdoses on cocaine, and Serena’s guilt makes her comply with Georgina’s blackmail. Then, at a family party, Georgina outs Eric, Serena’s brother, as gay.

What secret does Georgina have on Serena?

It is revealed that after Serena had sex with Nate at a wedding, Serena went to join Georgina and a boy named Pete Fairman at a hotel, who hid a video camera in the room to tape him and Serena having sex.

Who is Georgina’s baby daddy?

Milo Sparks (formerly Humphrey, birthright Ivanov) is the son of Georgina Sparks and Serge Ivanov, the stepson of Philip Becker, and the former legal son of Dan Humphrey. As a ten-year-old child, Milo is diabolical and inherited his mother intellectual brilliance, which he uses to his advantage.

Who is richer Blair or Serena?

Technically speaking, Blair is a tad wealthier than Serena, thanks to her family’s incredible connections, but Serena’s inheritance from her father’s side, which is the larger portion of her trust fund, is never fully explored, likely because she is not particularly close with her father.

Who is the richest family in Gossip Girl?

The Bass Family is one of the richest family on the show, as they are billionaires. They live on the Upper East Side. The members include Bart, Chuck, and Jack Bass. It also eventually includes Bart’s widowed wife Lily van der Woodsen, Chuck’s wife, Blair Waldorf, and his son, Henry Bass.

How much money does Serena van der Woodsen have?

She is worth $200 million today.

Is Chuck’s mom Elizabeth or Diana?

Elizabeth Fisher (formerly known as Evelyn Bass) was a recurring character on the television adaption of Gossip Girl. Elizabeth is the biological mother of Chuck Bass, and was presumed to be deceased until the third season. She is portrayed by Laura Harring.

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