Did Nicole Franzel get married?

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Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel from season 18 are married. During season 20, Arroyo proposed to Franzel on a special episode of “Big Brother.”

Are Nicole and Victor still married?

Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo She said yes! In 2019, the couple also competed on The Amazing Race where they made the finals. In March 2021, the couple got married and announced the arrival of their first child in July 2021.

Where do Victor and Nicole live?

Big Brother veterans Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo just became the proud owners of a new house in Michigan. The Big Brother: All-Stars alum, 29, shared the news via Instagram on Wednesday, October 20. “IT’S OFFICIAL 🏡🥰 we just bought the house on the hill on 10 acres with the ginormous pond,” she wrote.

Is Nicole and Danny still together?

In a recent interview with USA Insider, Nicole confirmed she and Danny broke up shortly after the show ended.

Are Tyler and Angela from bb20 still together?

Tyler and Angela launched their ocean-inspired jewelry line Naut & Chain in 2019. Tyler returned for Big Brother: All-Stars in 2020, where he made it to the final six before his eviction. He later told Us that he regretted not bringing Angela into the game with him. The couple got engaged in January 2021.

Are Hayley and fessy still together?

Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher — Season 20 “It’s the real deal,” Fessy proudly revealed on the finale, to which Haleigh replied, “It is indeed.” They dated for two years before splitting in July 2020.

Are Shane and Danielle still together love is blind?

Nearly a year after filming began, they’re still together — and, as they mention in the reunion, they’ve even gone to therapy together. “We’re doing good these days,” Nick tells Tudum. “We’ve moved in together, we’ve brought our dog and cat under the same roof. We’ve got some trips that we’ve done.”

Are jessica and Cody from Big Brother still dating?

Jessica and Cody met on the set of season 19 of Big Brother in 2017 before going on to win season 30 of The Amazing Race. The following year, they tied the knot and began building their family. In March 2019, the pair welcomed their first daughter Maverick, 3, and in 2020, they welcomed their second daughter Carter, 1.

Where is Nicole Franzel from?

Nicole Ann Franzel-Arroyo (born June 30, 1992) is an American television personality who was born in Ubly, Michigan. She graduated from college as an ER nurse in 2014. She is best known for her appearance on Big Brother 16 in 2014, winning Big Brother 18 in 2016 and placing third on Big Brother 22: All Stars in 2020.

Where is Nicole Franzel now?

Nicole Franzel (Season 18) Together, the couple host a podcast titled “Coco Caliente.” Franzel returned to the Big Brother house in 2020 to play as an all-star. Franzel and Arroyo tied the knot in March 2021 and later welcomed their first child.

Where did Nicole Franzel get married?

Big Brother’s Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo have tied the knot, a source confirms to PEOPLE. The pair, who are expecting their first child together, got married on Tuesday in a small ceremony in Orange Lake, Florida, according to Us Weekly, which published a photo from the wedding. “It feels amazing!

Who was the fan favorite on Big Brother?

Cody Nickson (Season 19) Cody, the BB19 Battle Back Showdown champion and the man with the most serious resting face, has won America’s Favorite Houseguest!

Who attended Nicole’s wedding?

Fellow Big Brother alums Josh Martinez, Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott were in attendance, as were Amazing Race costars Leo Temory and Bret LaBelle. The wedding was originally supposed to take place in mid-2020 before being pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What does Danny bochicchio do for a living?

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Daniel has a passion for the work he does. This translates into an executable plan for his clients based on each buyer’s or seller’s needs, against the backdrop of market trends.

Is Nicole and Daniel together in real life?

In an exclusive, candid interview with E! News, Nicole revealed that she and Daniel are no longer together. “A little over a month after filming, he officially broke up with me,” Nicole said. “I was heartbroken.

Who does miss Remy end up with?

When Nicole Rémy concluded her journey on “The Courtship” and chose her final suitor, it was a magical moment. Just like Nicole hoped, the man she chose — Mr. Daniel Bochicchio (often nicknamed Danny B on the show) — got down on one knee to propose to her, which she excitedly accepted.

Are James and Sarah from bb6 still together?

Today, the power couple are now a married couple!

Is Jeff and Jordan still together?

Status: Married Jeff and Jordan are one of the most beloved couples in Big Brother history. Jordan won their season while Jeff won America’s Favorite Houseguest. The two, who later returned for season 13 and competed on season 16 of The Amazing Race, are now married with two sons, Lawson and Layton.

Did bayleigh AND Swaggy get married?

Swaggy C and Bayleigh married in February 2019 She became the first juror of the season, and she reported to have discovered her first pregnancy in the jury house. At the reunion, he proposed to her. The pair later married in February 2019 without a formal ceremony.

Are Hayden and Kristen still dating?

They proved just how strong their connection was in 2018 when they went on to win season 30 of The Amazing Race. The pair are now married.

Are Matt and Raven still together?

Matthew Clines and Raven Walton – Season 19 After filming wrapped, they continued dating but later split.

Is Deepti and Kyle together?

See what she told E! News about their relationship. Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams just can’t help but keep us guessing. Romance rumors have surrounded the Love Is Blind season two alums for months, but despite some pretty solid evidence, the pair has yet to confirm their relationship status.

Is Deepti and shake together?

Although she said yes, the former couple didn’t make it to the altar, and they called it quits, primarily over differences in their religious beliefs.

Did Barnett cheat on Amber?

One of the three girls Barnett got to reject.) and Mark hooked up. He also cheated on her while they were dating with his current baby mamma. Later, at the party, Amber weirdly gets very defensive of Mark, but it really just seems like an excuse to make L.C., a kinda-sorta maybe ex of her husband’s, feel bad.

Is Rachel from Big Brother still married?

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly – Season 12 They returned during season 13 and she won the $500,000. They went on to compete in The Amazing Race seasons 20 and 24. They’re now married with a daughter, Adora. She announced she is expecting again in May 2020.

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