Did Eric and Jordan Staal play together?

At different times different Staal brothers have been teammates with one another, with Jordan, Eric, and Jared spending time together in Carolina, while Marc and Eric were briefly teammates with the Rangers.

Who did the pens get for Jordan Staal?

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Carolina Hurricanes made the first blockbuster trade of the 2012 NHL draft on Friday, with the Penguins trading Jordan Staal for center Brandon Sutter, defenseman Brian Dumoulin and the No. 8 overall pick.

Why did Jordan Staal leave Penguins?

Staal wanted a different role, more of a scoring line center with more offensive usage, and that wasn’t available in Pittsburgh where he slotted in on a third line behind centers Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

Are the Staal brothers triplets?

The Staal brothers are four brothers from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, all of whom have had NHL contracts. Marc Staal and Jordan Staal still play in NHL, and all but Marc Staal have played for the Carolina Hurricanes. The brothers were born to Dutch-Canadian sod farmers Henry and Linda Staal.

Are the Sedins married?

Personal life. Henrik is married to Johanna Sedin; they have two sons: Valter, who was born in 2007 in Vancouver and Harry, who was born on 12 May 2010. They live together in the city’s Yaletown neighbourhood, and return to Sweden during the off-season.

How long is Jordan Staal contract?

Current Contract Jordan Staal signed a 10 year / $60,000,000 contract with the Carolina Hurricanes, including $60,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $6,000,000. In 2022-23, Staal will earn a base salary of $6,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $6,000,000.

What happened to Jordan Staal?

ANAHEIM – Carolina Hurricanes center Jordan Staal has been diagnosed with a concussion, according to head coach Rod Brind’Amour. Staal left Wednesday’s game in San Jose midway through the third period and did not return. He did not practice with the team on Thursday and will not dress for Friday’s game in Anaheim.

When did Jordan Staal leave Pittsburgh?

The Pittsburgh Penguins had traded rising star center Jordan Staal to the Carolina Hurricanes for fellow young centerman Brandon Sutter, defensive prospect Brian Dumoulin, and the eighth-overall pick in the 2012 Draft, which ended up being defenseman Derrick Pouliot.

Did Jordan Staal play for penguins?

Pittsburgh Penguins (2006–2012) Staal was signed to a three-year, entry-level contract by the Penguins on October 2, 2006, and made the immediate jump from junior to the NHL in 2006–07 at the age of 18.

What family had the most NHL players?

The Sutter family has had the largest number of family members – nine – play, coach and manage in the NHL. The original six brothers (Brent, Brian, Darryl, Duane, Rich, and Ron) and three of their sons (cousins Brandon, Brett, and Brody) result in multiple brother/father-son/uncle-nephew/cousin combinations.

Which brothers have the most points in NHL history?

Well Wayne and Brent hold the NHL record for most points scored by a pair of brothers—2,857 by Wayne, four by Brent.

Who was the best Staal brother?

Eric Staal and it’s really not close. In his prime he wasn’t that far behind Jordan for his defensive ability and his offense and leadership are far better. Eric was a captain for many years and had a 45 goal 100 point season the same year the Canes won the cup.

Will Eric Staal retire?

Eric Staal is building a retirement home in Minnesota. It’s the city where he expected to finish out his NHL career and live with his family when his playing days were done.

How can you tell Sedins apart?

“Yeah, no problem!” Most Canucks fans have figured out how to tell the two apart after 13 seasons in Vancouver based on the shape of their head and face. From Sports illustrated: Henrik has a broader forehead, a higher hairline; Daniel has a more angular face.

What happened to the Sedin twins?

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Daniel and Henrik Sedin are returning to the Vancouver Canucks to work in the front office. Three years after their retirement, the Swedish twins joined the Canucks’ hockey operations department with the title of special adviser to the general manager, Jim Benning.

What Happened to Frederick Andersen?

Andersen has been dealing with a lower-body injury that he suffered in a game against the Avalanche on April 16. Andersen began skating again last Sunday, May 1. He has not played at all this postseason. However, a return for Andersen could be coming soon.

Is Jordan Staal good?

Over a 209-game stretch from 2017 to 2020, Staal scored six power-play goals. In 53 games in 2021, he scored seven, which was tied with Sebastian Aho and Vincent Trocheck for the most on the team. His six power-play points per 60 were a point and a half more than his previous career-high.

What is Staal?

Staal is a Dutch surname, cognate to German Stahl, meaning “steel”. Though possibly also of patronymic origin, it may be a metonymic occupational surname referring to a smith.

Has Jordan Staal won a Stanley Cup?

Jordan Staal Bio Those goals came against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Oct. 21, 2006, when Staal also became the youngest player to score on a penalty shot. Three years later, Staal won the Stanley Cup with the Penguins and scored nine points (four goals, five assists) in 24 games during the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

What line is Jordan Staal on?

That’s the combined total for the Carolina Hurricanes’ line of center Jordan Staal and wingers Nino Niederreiter and Jesper Fast. That’s a lot of time on ice, a lot of miles, as they say. There’s nothing overly fancy about the line’s play. It’s solid, it’s heavy, it’s effective.

Is Eric Staal a Hall of Famer?

TRAIKOS: Eric Staal adds another chapter to his Hall of Fame career with Olympics Back to video. “This was an opportunity that was just too good to pass up,” Staal said in a Zoom interview after being named to Canada’s 25-man Olympic roster.

What family has the most Stanley Cups?

The Geoffrion Family The first two members of the family were undoubtedly the most successful, winning a combined ten Stanley Cups, and both being induced into the HHOF.

How many sets of twins have played in the NHL?

Although siblings have played in the NHL, only a handful have been multiples… five to be exact. Three of the five sets are from Sweden, one is from Canada, and another from the United States.

How many goals did Gretzky score as a kid?

Wayne Gretzky became famous as a child for extraordinary feats of goal scoring. He began playing against older boys–at six he played against 10 year olds and scored just one goal–but he quickly became the best player even against much older competition. The phenom scored 378 goals at the Pee Wee level in Brantford.

How many NHL players did Gretzky play?

Wayne Gretzky played 20 seasons for 4 teams, including the Oilers and Kings.

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