Did Chelsea and Cole have a big wedding?

(DeBoer even adorably asked Houska’s seven-year-old daughter, Aubree, for permission to marry her mom!) But after getting pregnant with their first child together, the couple decided to put their large wedding on hold until after their child was born.

How long has Chelsea DeBoer been married?

Chelsea began dating Cole DeBoer in 2014. He moved into her South Dakota home as seen in season six of the show. The two married on October 1st 2016. On January 25 2017 their son Watson Cole DeBoer was born.!

How old was Aubree when Cole met Chelsea?

Cole was soon introduced to Teen Mom 2 viewers and he moved in with Chelsea and her daughter Aubree, now 12, in 2015. His first appearance on the show took place during a season 6 episode, which was filmed after the couple had already been dating for a few months. 🍼 Follow all our latest news & stories on Teen Mom.

What does Chelsea and Cole do for a living?

All of these men have at least a supplemental income thanks to MTV — but child support isn’t going to pay itself! For example, Chelsea Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer works as a traffic control specialist, which means he deals with the roads and highways for the state of South Dakota.

Was Chelsea pregnant at her wedding?

The couple officially tied the knot on Oct. 1, 2016, according to Us Weekly, in a super intimate ceremony all while Houska was pregnant with the couple’s first child. But this wedding ceremony was small, with only the couple’s parents, siblings, and Aubree in attendance, according to Us Weekly.

Did Chelsea and Cole break up?

Not long after, Chelsea shared her own confirmation of the news on November 10, 2020. “After much thought and discussion with my family and friends, Cole and I have decided that this season will be our last,” she said. Keep scrolling to see Chelsea and Cole’s picture-perfect relationship timeline.

Why did Chelsea leave Teen Mom?

Those frustrated fans are referring to Chelsea leaving Teen Mom 2 in 2020 in order to protect her family’s “privacy,” especially her 12-year-old daughter Aubree.

Where is Kieffer Delp now?

Kieffer was later sentenced to serve 18 to 26 months in prison but was arrested six days after his release for a parole violation and again later in October of 2020. He completed his sentence in March and appears to now live in New Jersey.

Why does Chelsea Houska look different?

CHELSEA Houska looks completely unrecognizable in a new photo with her husband Cole DeBoer – as fans have said “her face totally changed.” The Teen Mom star was previously slammed for her seemingly altered appearance as fans accused her of getting lip fillers and darkening her skin tone.

What does Chelsea dad Randy do for a living?

General dentist providing cosmetic and implant dentistry. Was oddly present on MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

Why are Chelsea and Megan not friends anymore?

Chelsea and Megan reportedly had a fall out roughly around the same time as Chelsea decided to move in with Adam. “I hate him. I’m not mad at you, I just don’t like the situation. I want to be [friends], but it’s going to take a long time if you and Adam are together,” Megan told Chelsea in a crucial scene.

How much was Chelsea Deboers new house?

TEEN Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is raising her three young children in a country-style home on six acres of land! Chelsea, 28, and her husband Cole DeBoer, 31, purchased their South Dakota home in July 2018 for $418,000.

Are Ashley and bar still together 2022?

Are you not together?” Ashley reveals: “We’re married,” which further shocked Cheyenne. She went on to explain: “We’re married but not together,” adding that she “decided this.” “I have a lot of anger built up with Bar.

Who designed Chelsea Houska wedding dress?

She purchased the gown from L’atelier Couture bridal shop. The mom of four revealed that she would be wearing ivory or nude on her wedding day. She told Life & Style of her day: “We’re having a rustic wedding in South Dakota.” Her dress, which she showed off after the fact, reflected the theme.

Does Chelsea get married on Teen Mom?

TEEN Mom star Chelsea Houska referred to her husband Cole DeBoer as a “DILF,” just weeks after she gave birth to their youngest daughter, Walker. The couple, who got married in 2016, are in the midst of fighting a $3 million lawsuit. 🍼 Follow all our latest news & stories on Teen Mom.

What are Chelsea and Cole doing now?

According to People, Chelsea and Cole are set to return to television as the stars of HGTV’s newest home renovation show. The limited series, which is currently titled Farmhouse Fabulous, will feature six episodes, with a premiere date of spring 2023.

How much do the 16 and Pregnant get paid?

16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are meant to show the hardships of being a young parent but they get paid like $70K per episode… what hardships? Catelynn Baltierra, who started off in 16 and Pregnant with now-husband Tyler Baltierra, reportedly makes $500,000 per season on Teen Mom OG.

What does Chelsea Houska do now?

The 30-year-old is a native of South Dakota, where she now lives on a farm with her husband and children. According to her Instagram profile, Chelsea is the co-founder of Aubree Says, a home decor company.

Why did kailyn leave the reunion?

After over a decade in the spotlight, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry announced her exit from the hit show on Wednesday. “I think I need to move on and do my own thing,” she said during MTV’s reunion. “I think I’m ready.”

What happened to Janelle?

After she filed for divorce in October of 2019 (which some fans believe was a last-ditch effort to get back on Teen Mom 2), Jenelle officially reconciled with David Eason. She moved back to North Carolina after spending time renting an apartment in Tennessee, and she is still yearning for full custody of Jace.

Where is Kieffer now 2022?

Kieffer Stays Out of the Limelight Now In the years after speaking candidly to fans about his sobriety journey, Kieffer maintained a low-profile on social media. In 2022, he still had his Instagram account on “private” mode. However, he uses his Twitter account from time to time.

Are Leah and Corey still married?

After he and Leah called it quits for good in 2011, Corey later married Miranda Patterson in June 2013. In addition to coparenting his and Leah’s twins, he also shares daughter Remington Simms with Miranda. The couple appear to still be together in 2022.

Did Chelsea Houska have work done?

Chelsea Houska has three older siblings — and they’re all sisters. Although Teen Mom 2 fans have been introduced to Chelsea’s mom, Mary, and her dad, Randy, they wouldn’t have known that she actually has three older siblings — Melissa, Angie, and Emily — because they have rarely appeared on the MTV reality show.

When was Aubree Lind born?

Born in Portal, North Dakota, Chelsea had a difficult pregnancy and gives birth to Aubree five weeks early on September 7, 2009 on her first day of her senior year of high school.

Is Chelsea Randy’s only child?

What is this? While Adam no longer has parental rights for Paislee, he has retained those rights for Aubree, despite being quite inconsistent when it comes to his involvement in Aubree’s life – both physically and financially.

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