Can you get married on Lanikai Beach?

Lanikai Beach offers a Stunning Hawaii Wedding Location Your Hawaii Wedding on Lanikai beach offers you a stunning Hawaiian wedding location 40 minutes out of Waikiki. This beach is ideal if you are planning a simple wedding ceremony for just the two of you.

Can you get married on Kailua Beach?

Kailua beach is known for its white sandy beach that stretches for miles, listed as one of the islands most beautiful beaches. Let us help you create the ultimate beach wedding that will be an experience of a lifetime. Without worrying about the time, you can celebrate your special day.

Do you need a permit to have a wedding on the beach in Hawaii?

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) §13-221-35 requires persons conducting commercial activities on State unencumbered land to obtain a permit from the Department. Commercial activity for which a permit is required would include a beach wedding, a baby christening, or a memorial service, as possible examples.

How much is a beach wedding permit in Hawaii?

Like all the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu requires a permit from the State of Hawaii to marry on a beach. We can apply for and pick up the permit for your event. At the time of writing, a Hawaii beach wedding or vow renewal permit costs $50.

How do I get a beach wedding permit in Hawaii?

The State of Hawaii requires all individuals who wish to be married on a beach to obtain a Right of Entry permit. There are many permissible locations within Hawaii State, which can all be learned by visiting: and clicking on Wiki Permit Beach Locations.

How much is a wedding permit in Hawaii?

Permit – The State of Hawaii requires permits for ceremonies in public areas. We meet the requirements and have the necessary liability insurance to obtain the permits on your behalf. Permit fees are $50 per location as of the time of writing (May 2022).

How quickly can I get married in Hawaii?

There is no waiting period before the ceremony can take place. The license is only valid within the State of Hawaii. If the ceremony is not performed within the 30-day period, the license is null and void.

What documents do you need to get married in Hawaii?

Determine If You’re Eligible to Marry in Hawaii You do not need to be a resident of Hawaii or a U.S. citizen to marry. No blood tests are needed. Both applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must present proof of age—Usually a state-issued I.D. or driver’s license.

What is the best month to get married in Hawaii?

The peak wedding season is typically March-August during the “summer”. There is somewhat of a “winter’ from October – January which means slightly cooler temperatures and more frequent rain. There is also a peak in tourism in the middle of the summer as well as around the holidays, so the islands are much busier.

How can I plan a cheap wedding in Hawaii?

Elope. A romantic ceremony for two is the most budget-conscious wedding option. Many resorts and wedding coordinators have “Just The Two of You” wedding packages that are extremely affordable. Start by checking out the major hotels and resorts for wedding packages, and go from there.

How much does the average wedding cost in Hawaii?

Cost Information for Real Weddings in Hawaii The average cost for a Hawaii wedding in 2019 was $32,900 ($1,000 less than the national average of $33,900). On average, couples spent $26,800 on their ceremony and venue last year, making it the 17th most expensive place to get married.

Which Hawaiian island is best to get married?

Oahu and Maui are both wildly popular destinations for tourists, and trendy beaches like Waikiki Beach can see as many as six wedding ceremonies within 50 ft of each other happening at a given time.

Do you need a permit to get married in a park in Hawaii?

If you are having your wedding and/or reception at a Hawaii State Beach or Park it is strongly recommended to acquire the required permit for your event, especially if you are inviting guests which will attract attention. If you are caught without a permit there is a $5,000 fine.

Do I need a permit to get married on the beach in Maui?

For instance, a permit is required for a ceremony taking place on the beach, and no alcohol is allowed on Hawaii’s beaches…so hold off on sipping that champagne toast until your feet are no longer touching the sand!

Is Hawaii marriage license valid in California?

Bradley Drew Hochberg. CA honors legal marriages in Hawaii and other states and countries. Symbolic marriage in HA required issuance of marriage license within 30 days of the symbolic marriage to be valid marriage. If you complied with both parts of HA law, your marriage is valid in both CA and HA..

What do you do with marriage license after wedding?

After your wedding, you need to make sure that your Certificate of Marriage is duly submitted to the Local Civil Registrar’s office (LCR) for proper registration and endorsement to the PSA. After that, you wait until a PSA-certified copy of your marriage certificate is made available for you and your spouse.

What is a traditional Hawaiian wedding?

In a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony, the local minister, often called a kahuna pule or kahu (Hawaiian holy man), would bind the couple’s hands together with a maile lei (more on that later). Brides often wear several strands of pink and white pikake, which can be entwined with orchids or rosebuds.

Do I need witnesses to get married in Hawaii?

A marriage in Hawaii is legally recognized all over the globe*, and the only thing a happy couple needs is a marriage license. A witness is not required, so eloping in Hawaii couldn’t be easier!

Can anyone officiate a wedding in Hawaii?

Yes, anyone can become an officiant in the State of Hawaii and perform a marriage legally.

What is a quick wedding called?

Elopement is a term which is used in reference to a marriage which is conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one’s place of residence together with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married without parental approval.

Can I get married in Hawaii if I live in another state?

There are no residency restrictions in the state of Hawaii. Couples who reside in another state may hold a ceremony in this state with no legal limitations.

Can cousins marry in Hawaii?

Marriage between second cousins is legal in Hawaii. Other cousin relationships, such as first and third cousins, are also allowed to marry in the state.

What time should a beach wedding start?

Just as important as covering for rainy weather, you’ll need to keep in mind that outdoor environments usually mean guests will be exposed to the elements. Especially in hot climates, ensure you keep everyone cool by scheduling your ceremony at a time when the sun is most mild – morning or late afternoon is best.

What is the best time of day to get married in Hawaii?

Morning Ceremonies – 8am-10:30am Although it’s a non-traditional time to have a wedding, this is a great time for a wedding for many of our couples. Generally, the morning will be the least busy time of day in terms of beach population. It can also be a few degrees cooler in temperature so can be more comfortable.

What do you wear to a Hawaiian wedding?

Women are expected to wear a suit, dress, or jumpsuit. Men can wear a classic long-sleeved shirt with a jacket or a suit paired with trousers. Beach semi-formal – can also be classified as beach cocktail attire. In addition to what is permitted in beach formal attire, women can also wear a romper.

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