Can you get married in Alnwick Castle?

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The Castle itself presents a suitably splendid backdrop to a momentous occasion. The Castle banqueting hall, with its carved stone archways and beamed roof, offers magnificent surroundings for a marriage and can accommodate up to 200 guests for ceremonies and 160 for wedding breakfasts.

Who owns Alnwick?

The garden now belongs to a charitable trust, which is separate from Northumberland Estates, although the 12th Duke of Northumberland donated the 42-acre (17 ha) site and contributed £9 million towards redevelopment costs.

Who built the treehouse at Alnwick?

Napper Architects were commissioned on behalf of Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland to design a treehouse that would provide a unique treetop experience to the Garden visitors and provide facilities for education, playing, dining & shopping.

When was Alnwick Treehouse built?

Construction began in November 2003 and it opened to the public in 2005.

Can you get married at the Hogwarts Castle?

Technically, weddings are not allowed at the Wizarding World, so they had to do it guerrilla-style (having a wedding while not booking the public venue). To get it done on the sly, they met behind The Three Broomsticks for a super quick and really small ceremony with a handfasting and personal vows.

How do I incorporate Harry Potter into my wedding?

  1. Enlist the Sorting Hat. Courtesy of PrintznThingz.
  2. Use Candles. Photo by Nirav Patel Photography.
  3. Create a Wizard-Friendly Exit.
  4. Use a Ring Box.
  5. Have a Harry Potter-themed Bachelorette.
  6. Channel Sirius Black.
  7. Serve a Signature Cocktail.
  8. Decorate Your Treats.

Where is the deadliest garden in the world?

The Poison Garden located on the grounds of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England is the deadliest garden in the world.

Are dogs allowed in Alnwick gardens?

At The Alnwick Garden we want all our visitors to enjoy their time with us. For the safety of all our guests, only assistance dogs are allowed into The Garden.

Is parking free at Alnwick gardens?

The Alnwick Garden is off the A1 to the North of Alnwick, and is well signposted. The Alnwick Garden and Alnwick Castle car park is off Denwick Lane (B1340). The postcode for the car park is NE66 1YU (parking charge is £3.00 per car per day).

Where is the largest treehouse in the world?

The largest tree house in the world is in Crossville, Tennessee (USA). The owner, Horace Burgess claims that God personally gave him the contract to build the house. It is also known as “The Minister’s Tree House”.

Are dogs allowed in treehouse restaurant Alnwick?

Are dogs allowed in the Alnwick Treehouse? Only assistant dogs are permitted inside.

How long has Alnwick Gardens been open?

The first thing to greet you on your Alnwick Garden adventure and arguably one the most iconic features within our 45 acres, the Grand Cascade was one of the original features of the garden. Officially opening in 2001, a wealth of guests have since been dazzled by its beauty or soaked by the catapulting water jets.

How much did Alnwick Treehouse cost?

The main attraction of the British town of Alnwick is a park with the same name, on the territory of which you can see many interesting objects. Among them, is the largest Treehouse in the world. The cost of the huge construction is 3.3 million pounds sterling.

Can you get married inside Cinderella’s Castle?

A Disney representative broke that down further for To have your ceremony in front of the castle, which allows for just 100 people and a ceremony time of 9:30 a.m. sharp, there is a $25,000 minimum fee. That’s excluding food and beverage and other expenditure minimums, which total the $75,000.

Can I get married at Universal Studios?

Weddings. Let the Universal Hollywood Special Events team transform your vision into a wedding celebration worthy of a blockbuster film.

Can you get married at Volcano Bay?

It’s not really clear why weddings in Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, or Volcano Bay aren’t available at this time, but today, we’re here to convince you (and hopefully Universal Orlando) that it’s a truly spectacular idea.

What do you write in a Harry Potter wedding card?

  1. “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
  2. “You are protected, in short, by your ability to love!”
  3. “There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other.”
  4. “The ones we love never leave us, we can find them in here.”

What are wedding theme ideas?

  • CLASSIC WEDDING. A Soft Color Scheme. …
  • BOHEMIAN WEDDING. Airy dresses…
  • FAIRYTALE WEDDING. Cinderella bridal gown…
  • GARDEN WEDDING. Floral wedding invitations. …

What are wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts given out to wedding guests by the bride and groom, as a little “thank you” for attending the wedding and celebrating with the couple. Favours don’t need to be large, expensive, or elaborate – but they can still be fun and meaningful, and are always appreciated.

Where is the most poisonous garden in England?

The Poison Garden at the Alnwick Garden in Northumberland, England, is home to more than 100 toxic, intoxicating and narcotic plants. And it’s open to public. The sign on the black iron gate says, “These plants can kill”, and it’s emblazoned with a skull and crossbones for good measure.

Are Alnwick Castle and gardens separate?

The Alnwick Garden is a separate visitor attraction with its own events, admission policies and visiting arrangements. Please visit to arrange a visit.

Does Alnwick Castle have a Poison Garden?

The Alnwick Garden plays host to the small but deadly Poison Garden—filled exclusively with around 100 toxic, intoxicating, and narcotic plants. The boundaries of the Poison Garden are kept behind black iron gates, only open on guided tours.

How long does it take to do Alnwick gardens?

The water features vary and there is time between each “performance” of each one and the gardens are extensive. All in all, with a 20 minute stop in the cafe for stamina, I would allow 3 hours and really enjoy yourself.

Is Alnwick Castle and gardens the same thing?

The Alnwick Garden is a separate visitor attraction with its own admission policies and arrangements.

Do you have to pay to walk around Alnwick Castle?

This is FREE to and do and you don’t need entry to the Gardens to do it. The woodland walk is a circular walk and takes you down by the river, providing spectacular views of the Castle.

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