Can I edit my WeddingWire review?

If you need to edit or remove a review response you’ve submitted, you’ll need to log into your account at and click the “Reviews” tab then “‘Reviews” in the left navigation. Scroll down to the review you’d like to update your response and click “Dispute” under the review content.

Why can’t I upload photos to the knot?

You cannot upload a photo that is larger than 30 MB into a photo album on your wedding website. If you received photos from your photographer, likely they are large files, intended for printing instead of uploading. You will want to save a copy of these files and resize the copy down before uploading to your site.

How do I become a vendor on WeddingWire?

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the requested information.
  3. Click ‘Get In Touch’

How do I edit my WeddingWire website?

  1. – Log in to your WeddingWire account.
  2. – Hover over ‘Planning Tools’ and click ‘Wedding Website’
  3. – Click ‘Edit Website’
  4. – Click the ‘Settings’ button.
  5. – Under ‘WEBSITE DOMAIN NAME’ click ‘Domain’
  6. – Under ‘URL’ click ‘Personalize’
  7. – Enter your desired URL.

How does WeddingWire make money?

The company makes money by charging vendors for premium placement on the site. And in recent years the firm has been adding more tools to help merchants reach and serve clients, whether by managing their social media presence or digitizing vendor contracts so they can be signed and stored online.

Can guests upload photos to the knot?

You and all your guests can automatically upload and share all of the photos and videos from your events.

Where can wedding guests upload photos?

Wedpics is a wedding photo sharing app that serves as a private place where your guests can upload and edit their pictures of your special day. With Wedpics you can share important wedding details with your guests, upload photos with filters and stickers and invite unlimited guests to your site with a custom URL.

How do you change your picture on the knot?

From there you should be able to click Add Cover Photo to add a new cover photo, select the image file you would like, then adjust the cropping if needed, then select Crop Photo. You should see your Cover Photo update immediately.

How do you post on WeddingWire?

  1. Start a discussion or find a discussion you want to comment on.
  2. Click on the video icon.
  3. Once you click on the icon, a pop-up window will appear! Paste the video link into the URL field and click Insert.
  4. You will see the video displayed within your post!

How do you use wedding wire?

  1. Create your album. Join or use your WeddingWire login to start collecting memories.
  2. Share your code. Share your album code with guests so they can easily add photos.
  3. Add photos and videos. Encourage guests to share their memories from your big day in the app so you can download all of the high-quality content.

How many reviews do you need for Best of knot?

  • The event professional must obtain a minimum of 5 reviews between January 1st and December 31st.
  • Of the event professionals that meet these requirements, those within the highest-ranking group will receive the award.

How do I organize my wedding website?

  1. Registry Details.
  2. Adults-Only Announcements.
  3. Dress Code Details.
  4. The Wedding Party.
  5. Transportation and Lodging.
  6. Your Love Story.
  7. Social Media Rules.
  8. Health & Safety Guidelines.

When should you create a wedding website?

You should begin creating your wedding website as soon as you set your wedding date and have booked your wedding venue. Publish it and make it live the same time you send save the dates (roughly 6-8 months before the wedding day) so guests can read more about the event and begin making travel plans.

Can you change the font of wedding website on the knot?

We offer a wide variety of themes to choose from when creating your wedding website, and each theme is created with a specific font assigned to match the aesthetic. At this time, that font cannot be changed/altered. We do encourage you to browse our themes to find the font of your preference.

How many reviews do you need on WeddingWire?

To be WeddingWire Rated, a wedding pro must have: At least 3 valid wedding reviews. At least 1 valid wedding review within the last 12 months.

Can vendors delete reviews on WeddingWire?

Wedding Wire helps vendors remove negative remarks. In case anyone is googling for reviews on Julia Rhodes specifically, they can see this.

Do you pay to be on WeddingWire?

As a vendor, you can choose to pay a monthly advertising fee to have an online “storefront” on WeddingWire. This means that your business will show up in the search results when our bride above starts looking for a wedding photographer.

Is the guest photo sharing app free?

Simply create an event, invite guests via phone number or email address, and The Guest does the rest— for free! As soon as an event begins, The Guest will start sharing photos and videos guests are taking with their iPhone cameras in real time as they take them.

How much does the guest photo app cost?

The Guest is an app that makes photo sharing as easy as possible. This app previously cost $100 to purchase, but The Knot waived the fee back in 2018. Score! The Guest takes the photos and videos that guests are taking on their phone cameras and auto-shares them within the app while the event is taking place.

How do I share photos at a party?

  1. Wedding Snap; iOS and Android; App is free for guests, but hosts must purchase a package to collect the images.
  2. Sharypic; iOS; Free.
  3. Bonfyre; iOS and Android; Free.
  4. Cluster; iOS; Free.
  5. FotoJelly; Windows Phone 8; Free.
  6. Napa; iOS; $0.99.

When should you share your wedding photos?

According to Gottsman, guests should never post pictures of the newlyweds until they get the go-ahead. Unless stated otherwise (for example, there’s a wedding hashtag sign encouraging guests to Instagram photos), it’s up to the couple to post the first picture, which also includes the wedding venue and fellow guests.

How do you use a QR code for wedding photos?

QR code for your wedding pictures Simply create a QR code for wedding pictures that links to a page where guests can download or print the photos taken at the wedding. If you have a photo booth at your event, you can also tie in your QR code to make it easy for guests to access their photos.

How do I add Google Drive photos to my wedding?

The Google photos app will automatically create an album for all your photos taken on your wedding day. All you have to do is select the album, give it a name and hit, ‘share’ to see the sharing options. Share the album with all your guests and ask them to upload their photos from your wedding to the album.

Can you upload your own design to The Knot?

Our customization tool allows you to change colors, fonts and layout all on your own. We recommend creating an account on The Knot before you start so you can save as you go. To begin customizing, click Personalize on the design of your choosing.

How do I edit my wedding party on The Knot?

To edit existing Wedding Party members, go to your Wedding Website > Manage Your Website, scroll down to the Wedding Party page section, then hover over the already created Wedding Party member, and click Edit Member. You will then be able to edit your party or your partner’s party.

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