At what age Artika Shukla became IAS?

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Artika Shukla Wiki: Her Biography as a Pediatrician to the Posting of An IAS Officer. In 2015 she cracked the exam in her first attempt at age 25 and secured All India Rank four in the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Who is the husband of Artika Shukla?

Artika Shukla, IAS (AGMUT:2016) is hereby transferred from AGMUT Cadre to Rajasthan cadre on the grounds of marriage to Shri Jasmeet Singh Sandhu, IAS (RJ:2016). Tel. No. 2309 2688 To The Chief Secretary, Govt.

What is the rank of Artika Shukla?

Dr Artika Shukla secured a commendable All-India rank of 4 in the civil services exam 2015. What makes this UPSC success story amazing is that this was Artika’s first attempt.

When did Artika Shukla started preparing for UPSC?

And began serious preparation from dec,2014. At that time I was as clueless as a newborn. All I knew was that the only thing I could now try my hand at was civil services 2015 and that I had to give it all I got. I did not join any classroom coaching.

Who is the youngest DM in India?

Ansar Shaikh The Youngest IAS Officer Of India At The Age Of 21 years.

Where is Artika Shukla posted?

Smt Artika Shukla IAS (Rajasthan 2016) presently Additional Commissioner, Commercial Taxes (AE) Department, Rajasthan, Jaipur, has been transferred and posted as Secretary, Urban Improvement Trust (UIT), Alwar, Rajasthan . Indian Bureaucracy Dot Com wishes Smt Artika Shukla the very best.

Who cleared UPSC in 6 months?

IAS officer Nidhi Siwach is one such person as she kept herself locked in a room for 6 months and devoted her time to studies in order to clear the UPSC exam. Nidhi Siwach’s hard work paid off as she managed to clear the UPSC exam in the third attempt in 2018 and secured 83rd All India Rank.

Is Ankit Pannu married?

Currently posted as Assistant Collector in Junagarh, Gujarat Cadre, this young IAS is not married yet.

Who became IAS by self study?

Through self study, Sarjana Yadav qualified for UPSC by securing AIR 126th in 2019.

Who is Saumya Pandey?

IAS Saumya Pandey: Early and Current Postings From September 24, 2019, to October 14, 2020, she served as a Joint Magistrate in Ghaziabad. She has been appointed as the Chief Development Officer in Kanpur Dehat since October 14, 2020.

Who is the Banaras IAS?

Lucknow, July 29 :The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has transferred 13 IAS and 20 PCS officers. The transfer list includes the name of Varanasi District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma who has now been posted as Commissioner Prayagraj. The new District Magistrate is S. Rajalingam.

Is monthly current affairs enough for UPSC?

In my experience, ideally one should finish reading day’s current affairs under 2 hours. 3-4 hours for everyday current affairs is an overkill. Referring to a monthly compilation (choose any institute material for this) — at the end of the month.

Who is Jasmeet Singh Sandhu?

The Delhi-based Jasmeet Singh Sandhu UPSC Topper, an Indian Revenue Service officer is one among the UPSC toppers and was ranked three in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2015.

Is 6 months enough for IAS preparation?

UPSC 180 Days Strategy A 6 months long period is neither sufficient nor insufficient for UPSC prelims, it all depends upon the aspirant’s dedication and willingness to make it work.

At what age Tina Dabi become IAS?

In the 2015 UPSC exam, the first rank went to Delhi-girl Tina Dabi. This was Tina’s first attempt, and she was only 22 when she cracked the IAS exam. In this article, you can read more about IAS topper Tina Dabi’s success strategy for UPSC, optional subject and also get her IAS preparation time table.

What is the salary of Tina Dabi now?

Tina Dabi’s Monthly Income is approx 56100 Per Month Rupees INR. Her Net worth is approx 8 Lakh+ Rupees INR. Tina Dabi is Now 29 Years old according to 2022. Her Bodyweight is approx 56 Kg & her Body Height is approx 5’4″ feet.

Can Upsc be cleared in 1 year?

Contrary to what many think, it is possible to crack the UPSC IAS exam with one year of preparation.

Is self study enough for IAS?

Go for self-study if you are the disciplined type. Clearing the UPSC exam requires single-minded focus and hard work. If you have these qualities, you don’t need any external coaching. The self-study might also work out for you if you are a working professional.

Can I clear IAS in first attempt?

Clearing the IAS Prelims in the first attempt is considered close to impossible by majority of the candidates. But according to a reliable report, 42 percent of the Top 200 candidates of the IAS exam in 2014 have cleared the exam in their first attempt. This 42 percent includes 4 from the Top 10.

Who became IAS at the age of 35?

Meet IAS officer Aparna Ramesh, who secured AIR 35 in UPSC exam with a full-time job.

How many hours study for UPSC?

The UPSC civil services exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. And, because of this, a lot of people recommend studying for about 15 hours per day during the IAS exam preparation time.

Who is the most handsome IAS officer in India?

‘Why so handsome’: Athar Khan picture on Instagram makes girls skip a beat; IAS officer gets hundreds of marriage proposals. Photo posted on Instagram by Athar Aamir Khan. If Athar Aamir Khan’s fans had a way, they would have crowned him the “most handsome IAS officer” ever.

Can IAS cracked without coaching?

Yes. There are many instances of candidates who cracked IAS without going any coaching – without spending sleepless nights and truckload of money at any coaching institutes. Go through our UPSC toppers interview section. You can read the testimonials of toppers.

Can a poor boy crack UPSC?

Gopala Krishna Ronanki, the son of a poor farmer from Andhra Pradesh’s Srikakulam district, cracked the UPSC CSE 2016.

Who is Saumya Pandey husband?

Nitin Gaur was married to IAS Officer Saumya Pandey in 2018.

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