Are Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates still married?

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Two children and three decades later, they’re still going strong.

What is the age difference between Phoebe Cates and her husband?

The Gremlins’ actress Phoebe Cates met Kevin Kline in 1983 while auditioning for the movie Te Big Chill. And now the couple is Happily Married even with an age gap of 16 years!

How long have Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates been together?

Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates have been married since 1989. You probably know Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline best for their status as 1980s Hollywood darlings.

Is Kevin Kline a nice guy?

Kevin Kline is not only polite, cooperative, unassuming, debonair, charming, talented and handsome, he has a fabulous sense of humor, too. None of that big-star ego – he makes fun of himself more than anyone. This has got to be the least affected, most likable, most well-adjusted actor in the business.

How old was Jennifer Jason Leigh when she made Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

Jennifer Jason Leigh was 20 years old when she made her appearance in the film. She is currently 58 years old. Judge Reinhold was 25 years old in the film and she is now 63 years old. Robert Romanus was 26 years old and is 64 years old now.

What does Phoebe Cates do now?

Cates is now a store owner. Cates opened her Madison Avenue store Blue Tree in 2005. She wrote on the shop’s website that her dream was “to have it be like a general store but according to me.” The store sells unique clothing, accessories, jewelry, and homewares.

How old was Phoebe Cates when filming paradise?

Phoebe Cates’ film debut. Cates was 17 years of age when she starred in this movie and did the nude scenes. The film was of two movies that Cates starred in 1982, the other was Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982).

Why did Phoebe Cates leave Hollywood?

Cates seemingly left Hollywood to focus on motherhood. Cates’ departure from acting aligned with the birth of her second child, Greta Kline, in 1994. Cates has two children—Greta and Owen Kline, born in 1991—with theater and film actor Kevin Kline. The couple has been married since 1989.

Was Kevin Kline in Jaws?

Kline talked himself out of a role in Jaws when he tried to convince Spielberg to cast his friend instead. When director Steven Spielberg was casting for Matt Hooper, the intrepid oceanographer in Jaws, he met with Kline.

Who does Mr Fischoeder voice on Bob’s Burgers?

Fischoeder is voiced by actor Kevin Kline, who has won an Academy Award and 3 Tony Awards. He is the only performer to have won either award to voice a character on Bob’s Burgers.

How did Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline meet?

In 1983, during her audition for a role (awarded to Meg Tilly) in The Big Chill, Cates met actor Kevin Kline. They were both dating other people at the time, but became romantically involved two years later. In 1989, they married, and she changed her name to Phoebe Cates Kline.

Was Nicolas Cage an extra in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

Nicolas Cage had an extremely small part in the 1982 teen classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but he almost got Judge Reinhold’s role early on.

Who got Stacy pregnant in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

The storyline in question follows 15-year-old sophomore Stacy Hamilton (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who starts off the school year as a virgin, only to become impregnated by fellow classmate Mike Damone (Robert Romanus).

Was Nicolas Cage in Fast Times?

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) – Nicolas Cage as Brad’s Bud – IMDb.

Why did Jennifer Jason Leigh change her name?

Leigh’s birth name was Jennifer Leigh Morrow. She changed her surname early in her acting career, taking the middle name “Jason” in honor of actor Jason Robards, a family friend.

Where was Paradise filmed?

Filmmakers used the town of McClellanville, South Carolina, to double for Paradise. Additional filming was done in other areas around Charleston. Released on video in 1992.

Did Phoebe Cates date Willie Aames?

Cates then reportedly dated her “Paradise” co-star Willie Aames for a year, according to Who’s Dating Who, before meeting Kline in 1983 when auditioning for “The Big Chill” (via Country Living). “When I first met Phoebe, I remember thinking, ‘She’s too happy to be with me,'” Kline told Entertainment Weekly.

Where was Paradise 1982 filmed?

The film was shot on location at various settings in Israel including Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

How rich is Jamie Lee Curtis?

Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress, producer, and author who has a net worth of $60 million.

How much is Sigourney Weaver?

Sigourney has a total net worth of $60 million as of 2022. While she earns around $8 million per year.

Who owns Blue Tree in New York?

It’s all the work of owner Federico de Vera who travels around the globe hand-picking and then arranging every single item for his two Manhattan stores. Nothing comes with a label, but should you want the backstory on any object, the staff are expert antiquarians and design connoisseurs. The other location is in Soho.

Who are the twins in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

Douglas Brian Martin: Angry Twin.

Which Phoebe has starred in the films Paradise gremlins and Drop Dead Fred?

Who is Phoebe Cates? Phoebe Cates was born July 16 1963 in New York City and starred in 16 films over 12 years, from teen comedies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High to 1991’s Drop Dead Fred.

What beach was Jaws filmed on?

Though the film takes place in the fictional town of Amity Island in New York, it was actually filmed throughout Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Were any sharks killed in the making of Jaws?

Footage of real sharks was shot by Ron and Valerie Taylor in the waters off Dangerous Reef in South Australia, with a short actor in a miniature shark cage to create the illusion that the sharks were enormous. During the Taylors’ shoot, a great white attacked the boat and cage.

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