Are Chloe and Chris still married?

Ready for forever! Siesta Key’s Chloe Trautman and Chris Long are married following their November 2021 engagement.

Who was at Chloe’s wedding Siesta Key?

Cast members Madisson Hausburg, 27, and Ish Soto, 48, tied the knot during a sunset ceremony on Oct. 21 which Chloe attended along with co-stars Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter.

What does Chloe’s husband from Siesta Keys do for a living?

Being a motivational speaker and health expert, he provides wellness and health-related hack through his social media handles. He also shares his motivational quotes on his Instagram account. Apart from this, Long is also a professional musician. He has also performed at various events.

Is Chloe Trautman married?

Time to “freak out” in the best possible way — Chloe Trautman and Chris Long are married! The Siesta Key star wed her “soulmate” over the weekend in a gorgeous ceremony, following a four-month engagement. “Mrs. Long💍,” Mrs.

Are Juliette and Sam still together 2022?

Sam confirmed his and Juliette’s split in August 2021 after less than two years of dating.

Is Kelsey and Max still together?

Luckily, Kelsey and Max are still going strong, and the Siesta Key star revealed on Instagram that she plans to stay in Florida for her own happiness.

How much is Juliette from Siesta Key Worth?

Juliette Porter As one of the most popular cast members of Siesta Key, it’s no surprise that Juliette is allegedly worth $400,000. Juliette got her start in fashion when she started working at Blend Fashion House. She now owns her own clothing company called JMP.

What is Sam’s net worth on Siesta Key?

Sam Logan is a reality star and social media personality famous for his role on Siesta Key. He has an estimated net worth of around $1 million, per RealityTidbit.

What happened to Juliette and Sam?

“Sam and I just came from two different worlds and our lifestyles just weren’t really fitting together,” Juliette tells ET. “And we just wanted different things and I think that he wanted me to live his life and I didn’t want that. And it ultimately just caused so much tension.

How long have Chloe Trautman and Chris Long been together?

The couple first went Instagram official in May of 2021 and Long popped the question six months later while hiking the Fairyland trail in Utah. “Yesterday I said YES to my soulmate in Fairyland,” Trautman wrote on Instagram to announce the engagement.

How much is Alex from Siesta keys worth?

So, is Alex the richest of his friends? According to The Things, he may have some competition. Alex himself has an estimated net worth of around $2 million — but he’s not alone. Kelsey amassed a ton of money thanks to her time on the show and her modeling career, and she also has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

How much does ish from Siesta Key make?

Ish Soto is currently worth $2.5 million. His experience – and various business ventures – in the producing industry has allowed him to accumulate a net worth of millions. He is also paying the whole mortgage for his and Madisson’s home.

Did Madisson and Ish have their baby?

Madisson Hausburg is continuing to mourn the loss of her baby boy. On Thursday’s season finale of Siesta Key, Hausburg opens up on camera for the first time about the heartbreaking stillbirth of her and her husband Ish Soto’s son, Elliot. She first announced the tragic news on Instagram in December.

Where is Alex Kompo?

Since getting axed from the MTV reality show, Alex has taken a step back and is focusing on his girlfriend and one-year-old daughter. Both fans and Alex’s family seem to have benefitted from Alex’s departure from Siesta Key.

Is Juliette still with Clark?

However, fans believe this time Clark may be the one. Siesta Key season 4 aired in 2021 with evident cracks in Juliette and Sam’s relationship, which resulted in their breakup.

Did Kelsey get fired from Siesta Key?

Kelsey Owens, who has been on the show since the premiere of the first season in 2017, shared on Instagram early Friday that she just found out she will be “cut” from the show moving forward and received no warning ahead of time.

Are Kelsey and Juliette still friends 2022?

Last fans heard Kelsey and Juliette were not on good terms. In an interview promoting part two of the show’s fourth season, Juliette said that she always feels awkward when she’s in the same room as Kelsey. A few months later, Kelsey’s boyfriend confirmed to fans that the two are not friends.

What does Sam Logan do for a living?

Sam Logan (born 3 July 1991, Age: 30 Years) is a famous American businessman, social media influencer, television personality, investor, reality TV star, and entrepreneur from Florida, United States. Sam is very popular in the country as the cast of MTV’s reality TV show named Siesta Key.

Are Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter still friends?

The two struggled to reconcile, and when Juliette hit Kelsey while on a tropical vacation with the Siesta Key cast, their friendship seemed pretty irreparable. However, recently it seems the two have buried the hatchet and are back to being close friends, even though Kelsey has sadly been let go from Siesta Key.

What does Kelsey Owens do for a living?

Kelsey Owens According to Kelsey’s LinkedIn, she signed with Wilhelmina Models around the time Siesta Key started and has her job title listed as reality TV personality, model and social media influencer.

Is Madison on Siesta Key pregnant?

Haussburg and the producer, 48, announced in August 2021 that they were expecting their first baby together ahead of their wedding. “We are beyond excited to finally share the news of our baby, due January 1,” the pair said in a statement at the time.

How much is Alex Kompo dad worth?

Alex Siesta Key is Following his Father’s Footsteps As he is following his dad’s footsteps, he still has a lot of catch up to do. Gary Kompothecras’s net worth is set to be around $10 million. Gary is a chiropractor who founded ASK-GARY, a legal/medical hotline people can call to ask questions.

How does Sam from Siesta Key have money?

When it comes to how Sam makes money, he has been a main cast member on Siesta Key since season 4 and he owns shares in his parents’ companies. Life and Style Mag writes that Sam has “a 10 per cent owner in Scripps Networks, which means he makes money when the company profits”.

What does Mike from Siesta Key do for a living?

What does Mike Vasquez do for a living? Mike has openly talked about “how crypto is” on Siesta Key, which shows that he mainly works in the currency industry to make money. Alongside being a cast member on the MTV series, he is also a musician, as per his Instagram bio.

Why did canvas leave Siesta Key?

While they didn’t end up hooking up, Canvas was the one to break the news to Madisson that Brandon had cheated on her with a random girl after one of their shows. Ouch. But, after a brief flirtation with Madisson’s sister Paige Hausburg, Canvas was never seen in Sarasota again and is now on OnlyFans.

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