Are Ant Anstead and Renée Zellweger still together?

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Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead might have seemed like an unlikely match when they were first linked, but the two are still going strong over a year later. The couple first met while filming Anstead’s Discovery+ show Celebrity IOU Joyride. Soon after, PEOPLE confirmed Zellweger and Anstead were dating in June 2021.

Who was Renée Zellweger married to?

Zellweger has also been married once before, wedding country star Kenny Chesney in 2005 and divorcing the same year. Prior to Anstead, she was linked to musician Doyle Bramhall II from 2012 to 2019. — Sign up for “The Buyline” to receive a curated list of fashion, books, and beauty buys in one weekly newsletter.

How did Ant Anstead meet Renée Zellweger?

Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead first met in June 2021 while filming an episode of Anstead’s Discovery+ show, “Celebrity IOU: Joyride.” Zellweger, a guest on the show, wanted to renovate cars for twin brothers and nurses who took care of her friend and former publicist Nanci Ryder.

Did Renée Zellweger gain weight Pam?

The two-time Oscar winner chose prosthetics this time rather than to gain weight because her character is a real person whose looks, Zellweger believes, factored in to why she was initially not a suspect.

Why did Ant Anstead and Christina split?

Well, the couple “just grew apart,” an insider previously told Life & Style in September 2020. “No one saw this coming. I’m hearing that Christina and Ant just grew apart,” the source exclusively explained. “They’re very different people from totally different backgrounds, and that definitely played a factor.

What is the age difference between Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead?

Zellweger, 52, and Anstead, 42, have been dating since summer 2021 after meeting on the set of “Celebrity IOU: Joyride.”

Where is Pam Hupp today?

In a Missouri correctional facility, Pamela Hupp is serving a life sentence for the murder of a disabled man named Louis Gumpenberger.

Is Pam Hupp still married?

In October 2020, Mark filed for divorce from Pam and cited that their marriage was “irretrievably broken,” a report from KSDK stated at the time.

Is The Thing About Pam a true story?

The NBC limited series—based on real-life crimes committed by the victim’s best friend, Pam Hupp—has been fictionalized to make good TV. The Thing About Pam is based on the real-life crimes committed by a woman named Pam Hupp.

Are Tarek and Christina still friends?

“They usually remain distant from each other.” According to the source, Christina—who also shares 11-year-old daughter Taylor with Tarek—typically communicates with her ex-husband about their kids due to her “animosity” toward Heather.

Who is Christina dating now?

Far from a flop! Christina Haack and Joshua Hall’s sweet love story has captivated fans since they first announced their relationship in July 2021.

Is Tarek still married to Heather?

Tarek and Haack’s divorce was finalized in January 2018, and he went on to star on “Flipping 101” solo. “Flip or Flop” ended in 2022.

Who narrates The Thing About Pam?

Yes, it’s Keith Morrison. The investigative series’ longtime correspondent lent his voice to the true-crime drama, serving as a nod to the show’s Dateline connection. The journalist first covered the mystery surrounding the murder of Betsy Faria—and Pam Hupp’s involvement—in a 2016 episode of Dateline.

Why did Christina quit Flip or Flop?

The co-stars left the series on their terms, and a source told People that Flip or Flop had become “too intimate of a setting” for the exes. “Tarek and Christina are generally cordial. They’re co-parenting and nothing gets in the way of that,” the source shared.

What happened to Tarek and Christina’s contractor israel?

After two years of temporarily leaving, Izzy is back to become the HGTV series’ featured contractor again. Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa have moved on from their divorce, and are now loved-up in completely new relationships, which includes separate marriages and engagements.

How rich is Tarek El Moussa?

Tarek el Moussa is an American real estate agent and reality television personality. Tarek el Moussa has a net worth of $15 million. Tarek is an Orange County, California-based real estate agent and house flipper.

What autoimmune disease does Christina on the Coast have?

The HGTV star announced the pair had split via an Instagram post in September. Christina Anstead has officially filed for divorce from her husband of less than two years, Ant Anstead, the HGTV star’s publicist and best friend Cassie Zebisch confirms to PEOPLE.

What happened to Christina on the coast marriage?

Unfortunately, no. The show was always intended as a limited series, so six episodes are all we’ll get.

Is there a season 2 of the thing about Pam?

If you have a valid cable login, you can watch Dateline’s “The Real Thing About Pam” live on the NBC website or NBC app (available on iOS, Roku, Amazon, Android, and more).

How do I watch the thing about Pam Dateline?

On Friday, April 15 at 9 p.m. ET, “Dateline” will release a new episode looking into the Betsy Faria murder case, which is depicted in “The Thing About Pam.” Fittingly, the episode will be called “The Real Thing About Pam.”

Is there a Dateline episode about Pam Hupp?

Who was the ‘Flip or Flop’ contractor who died? His name was Frank Miller. Frank Miller was such a beloved presence on Flip or Flop that fans of the show still talk about him to this day.

Who was the contractor on Flip or Flop that died?

After 10 years, famed house flippers Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack have ended “Flip or Flop.” It’s is a shame, because the show’s final flip was their most profitable.

Is Tarek still going to flip houses?

In the early seasons of the show, Christina and Tarek earned a relatively paltry $10,000 per episode total. That worked out to around $130,000 for the season. By season three, their pay per episode was raised to $40,000 total, roughly $600,000 per season.

How much do Tarek and Christina make per episode?

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Tarek caught Christina sending explicit text messages to a contractor, Gary Anderson, who had been previously employed by the couple. This betrayal sent Tarek into a spiral that caused him to pack his handgun in a backpack and storm out into the nearby mountainside.

What contractor was Christina sleeping with?

Do homeowners on HGTV shows get to keep the furniture? Speaking of inside the home, many viewers swoon over the final layouts. But here’s the kicker: More often than not, the homes are staged, meaning the homeowners don’t get to keep the furniture and decor that’s shown on TV.

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